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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Episode 22 | All For You (Season 2)


The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures by our guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No
part of it should
be reproduced
in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog Ceo.

Sean walked on the corridor in stealthy, rapid steps. The environment was serene and quite except for faint incomprehensible whispers. Windows and doors were shut. Thats unusual for a commercial centre. He knew something was up. There was no opening through which he could see the inside. Its dangerous and unwise to barge in without adequate knowledge of the interior. He walked down the corridor for 80 seconds. He came to a window, it was last on the row. ‘it wouldn’t be any different’ he said to himself.
The option left was to break in.
On a second thought, he squinted into the window. Hanging his hopes on a little twine of providence.
The window, like others was covered with an inner curtain albeit the curtain didn’t fully lap it, he got a narrow view of the exchange room.
Abu inserted the ring in his thumb. He motioned Nathan to seat, after they had a little conversation. Nathan obliged if he was scared he didn’t show it. Abu pointed his gun to the people in the exchange room. They all looked terrified. He grinned devilishly. He took backward steps towards the exit door while still pointing the gun to them.
sean saw the masked man approaching, he was with the ring. Sean stepped back, he hid behind the wall. The footsteps increased in pitch he knew the door would be opened soon, he braced himself for attack.
Abu shot the door behind him. He stood at the door for three seconds. His instincts told him he was being watched. He made quick optical scan of the area. No one was in view. He heaved a sigh. He leapt another calculative step. His gun went first. Just then he heard a loud noise. Sean jumped from the shadows he flipped in the air, in the process, got hold of Abu’s gun. He twisted it rapidly like he was out to yank it.
Abu eased his leg to gain more balance. He swerved the gun leftwards. Sean’s impact was stronger, the gun didn’t move as much as an inch.
Abu knew he would lose the gun soon so he pulled the trigger. He missed the shot, the gun’s nozzle was pointed towards the ceiling.
Sean thrusted a foot between Abu’s legs. He kicked a sensitive cartilage behind the ankle. Abu went off script. Sean capitalised on it he hit him three times, two punches on the face and a kick on his hand which sent the gun flying.
Abu staggard back he felt blood dripping from his cheek, he pulled down his mouth mask and wiped the blood with his index finger.
The gun on the floor. It defined their boundry.—Sean was on one end, Abu on the other end, the gun, in the middle.
For thirty seconds both men stood at the extreme, no conversation, no movement.
They just stared at each other.
Sean wasn’t surprised to know Abu was behind the mask. He’d thought as much.
Abu made the first move. He stepped a pace towards the gun, he then increased his steps.
Sean followed suit. He walked faster to match Abu’s pace.
They were about two steps away from the gun’ Abu stopped walking. He half turned and half stepped forth. He waited for Sean to get close enough, he removed a gun from his waist line. Sean saw it in time. He crouched and rolled on the floor. Abu missed his first shot but he was unrelentant. He kept shooting sparodically. Sean took cover behind a pillar. He brought out his gun, leaned on the pillar. He tilted his head, shot and resumed cover.
The fire exchange lasted for five minutes. Their covers was no longer secured after massive bullets invasion.
Abu was out of armour, an idea struck him. He shot the last bullet, he then ran towards a fence, he quickly climbed, jumping down in the other end.
Sean ran after him, he stopped when he saw Ciara coming.
“i was stuck in traffic” she tried explaining.
“Nathan is inshde. Lead him to safety”
he replied.
He also jumped to the other side which was a street.
Abu drove past him in a blue camry.
It’ll be a waste of time going to get a car. Sean thought to himself.
He ran after Abu on foot. He was a swift runner but he can’t match a speeding car.
He need mobility so badly.
A lady biker droue speedily across the road.
Sean reduced his speed to a jog.
As if on cue, the lady rode a kick distance from him. He pushed her off the bike, he stretched a leg to break her fall.
“i’m gonna need this baby”
he hopped on the bike, he reversed its direction expertly.
He could see Abu’s vehicle from afar. He topped the speed to its max.
There was acute silence in the car as they drove down the streets. The silence was overwhelming and intimidative. It was the same lady he threw a flower vase at that was driving. Nathan was scared she would take revenge. He felt uneasy, they’ve covered several kilometers driving, yet he had no idea where they were heading.
He tried asking but she didn’t reply.
He leaned on the backseat resigning to fate.
The events of today played in his subconscious. Today was his worst ever! He had too much to pull off.
First the lady CEO attempted taking his ring, ar if that wasn’t enough, a robber came after it. And then lots of gun battle. Oh god! To much for a day.
“here we are. Get a cab from here”
her voice jerked him to reality. He didn’t realise when the car stop moving.
He stole a glance at her. He forced a smile which she didn’t respond to.
“take this” she stretched her hand to give him a bunch of thousand naira notes.
Nathan was surprised.
“thanks but no thanks”
he stepped out and waved her goodbye. She smiled. She glanced her GPS tracker, she was a still distance away from sean.
“sniper status”
Abu spoke into the phone.
“in position, boss”
a voice came in.
“understood” he replied and dropped the phone.
He turned his head back, Michael was fast closing on him. He smiled satisfactorily.
“thats right! Ride into the net”
he whispered as if sean was there to listen.
He turned his head to focus on driving.
sean rode speedily past different vehicles. There was only two vehicles left between Abu and him –a vectra opel and a truck.
He was riding at a speed greater than the opel’s soon he overtook it. He was now left with the truck to overtake. The truck was moving at snail pace, it occupied bulk of the road, making maneuvering a tough job.
Without thinking, Sean switched to the next lane. Just then he heard a loud hoot from the back, a prado jeep was inches behind him, it was the jeep’s ideal lane. Sean knew it wouldn’t take long before they collide and Abu would escape. He eased his crouching position. He stood on the bike with both legs on its seat while the bike kept moving. It was a skill he mastered over time.
The prado jeep collided with his bike, by then sean had jumped on the truck’s tiny ladder. He climbed up the ladder swiftly soon he was at the top.
Abu’s car was moving ahead. Sean shot its tyres four times. Three missed but one didn’t.
Sean continued raining bullets. He shattered Abu’s back view mirror.
‘D--n!’ sean cursed. Abu alighted just when coast was clear for a headshot.
Abu headed for a narrow, untarred. By now the truck was near Abu’s car. Sean jumped on it he landed with a thud. He then jumped down and raced after Abu, though he didn’t see his back.
Sean plied the narrow path till he arrived a t-junction. He stood akimbo in the junction, stranded.
An idea struck him. He searched his pockets for his phone, he didn’t find it!
His eyes roamed the environment, Abu couldn’t have gone far. He sighted a building, looks like a depot, its surrounding was bushy. Sean advanced towards it’ taking gentle calculative steps. He got into the ‘depot. Surprisingly it looked clean in the inside. He stood at the door, watching for any movements.
“over here mike”
a voice tipped from an angle. Abu walked to the central facet, where sean was.
“so we meet again”
Abu said with a smile.
“best way to greet an old friend? Nice meeting you” sean replied.
“i’m impressed. So, i suppose its right my face would be the last you see” said Abu.
Sean scoffed.
“you know what i want, give it back if you don’t crave another bloody nose”
Abu stylishly looked up, beyound the stocked cocacola crates was a sniper.
The man was set. Abu winked, the man nodded.
“well, come for it” abu replied. He removed his shirt, leaving him clad in a white singlet.
Sean smiled. He tucked his gun under his waist. He half stretched his right hand and half withdrew his left hand. As if informed, Abu charged towards him. He swung a punch, sean grabbed his hand, he kicked his ribs.
Abu was resilient, he returned the attacks.
‘what a place. Yuck!” Ciara muttered. She advanced deeper into the depot, using her GPS as guid to locate sean.
A guard was on patrol. She crawled behind crates, he moved closer to her, she rose stealthily, grabbed his head and twisted his neck. She let him down and picked his gun.
Both men were sweating, following series of punch trading.
Abu laid on the ground, sean had a foot on his chest. He pointed a gun to Abu.
Abu grinned, he spat blood. He snapped his finger, the sniper understood.
He focused the crosshair on Sean’s head, his hand, on the trigger.
The ring fell from Abu’s thumb.
It rolled to the other end of the room.
Ciara ran towards it from the left. Katarina also ran after it from the right.
Ciara sighted the sniper, she pointed he gun to him.
His finger was on the trigger, just then, a gun shot was heard!

What next?


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