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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Episode 23 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures by our guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No

part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.

The sniper fell from the elevated top. His fall raised some grims accompanied by a loud thud.
Ciara turned the gun from him. She pointed it to Katarina.
“not an inch further”
Katarina took her words with a pinch of salt. She swept on the floor like an experienced footballe her left hand was on the floor to support her weight, her flat-buttom sandal greased the motion whild her body was inches from the floor. It happened within split seconds. She stretched her fingers to get the ring. Ciara shot a close paremeter round the ring. Katarina withdrew her hand a little just a little.
She was now lying on the floor. Her stretched legs were long enough for an impactful kick. She hit ciara hard.
Offscript and involuntary but calculative, Ciara stooped. She shot Katarina on the arm. She swiftly rolled twice she rose after picking the ring. Suddenly sharp, noisy sounds that could only come from an uproar emanated from behind. Alert and very conscious, she turned back. Men in black shirts and combat trousers invaded the place. About three approached her they held heavy duty guns while she had just a pistol. She looked around, there was no good cover. The men were shooting as they walked. The relative distance helped defecting their bullets that wouldn’t be the case if they move any closer. She saw a small opening by the wall situated in the far left. She made for it but Katarina obstructed with an unexpected punch followed by two hits. Cira responded with a kick, which katarina defended. She seemed stronger with a wounded arm, fact is, she was stalling time for the armed agents.
DHC agents opened fire simultaneously. Sean backflipped into an open-bunker-like-facet created by a ring of creats.
Abu wiped blood off his lip. He collected a gun from an agent. He did hand signs, the agents picked the message. They marched towards the ring of crates.
Sean squinted through a narrow opening on a crate
Ciara was in a fist battle. A man stood close to her, about to shoot. Sean rose, he shot twice. Two men fell behind her. The agents beside him also shot. He was faster to stoop inside the crates.
He did a quick analysis. They should be atleast ten. He had picked a pistol earlier so he had two loaded guns. He placed them on the floor he picked four empty bottles and threw it in the air.
The agents attention was divided. They aimed the bottles instead.
He jumped out immediately he finished them with both guns. More DHC agets were coming, he ran towards the exit.
In 5secs he was at the exit, he absorbed none of the bullets rained at him. Great! But Abu and his men were unrelentant. He headed for the t-junciton a black kia drove roughly beside him he opened the passenger seat and sat. He barely closed the door when ciara made a dangerous left turn. She stepped on the gas aggressively.
Sean sighed.
“the ring?”
“got it”
she tossed it and he grabbed. He pecked it delicately.
Its signet was partially opened thats why it was trackable for this long.
He covered it properly.
‘aaaarrrhh’ Abu screamed disappointedly. He flung his gun angriy.
He inserted a finger in his ear.
” a black kia would hit the road in seconds. Licenced plate number AGH142KK”
*pardon the late updates. Thing is, the story isn’t written. I post as i write…sometimes i just feel too lazy to write.
Am gonna adjust soon!!


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