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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Episode 24 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures by our guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No
part of it should be
in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
President Alex just finished eating. A attendant had cleared the oak table except for a bottle of bailays and a wine glass. Today, Alex was two hours late for lunch. He’d been busy with personal works which he considered more important. Top members of the villa whom he usually dined with had eaten, he chose to eat in his private chamber.
He sat on an exquisitely carved gold upholstered chair its inner clothing was silvery it had an accent of british flag.
The chair was a birthday gift from queen of England.
His birthday coincidentally fell on the day both countries signed the human rights treaty. Queen Ashley II had come to Aso villa for the treaty. Queen Ashely II came down to Nigeria herself. She’d presented the gift after signing the agreement.
Alex heaved a sigh. He crossed his right leg on the other. He relaxed his back further into the chair he held a novel inches from his face and continued reading.
Barely five minutes later, his phone buzzed, vibrating dazzily on the table.
It was his blue phone, the one for less official purpose. Max of three guesses and he would place the caller.
There was no such need, her I.D displayed on the screen. He answered on the second ring.
“good afternoon Mr. President. Sylvester is here”
his private secretary relayed.
“let him in”
he replied. The line went dead. He dismantled his leg and stretched both. He stopped reading.
Ann was his private secretary and aide. She was the intermission between him and the public. Ann was in her middle forties. She appeared young and sexy for her age, no kids, no husband, no marriage records either. Thats all he knew of her, the rest was in the papers. He didn’t bother to dig.
Her intelligence quotient didn’t fail to top the list. She was brilliant and resourceful, skilled in multi-linquistics and deplomatic relations. Perfect for the job!
Alex shoke hands with sylvester and Ann. They muttered words of pleasantries then sat on black accent chairs opposite him.
“any new developments?”
Alex tossed his question to the grey haired man.
“not much, but a good leap further”
sylvester said. He tossed a brown envelop to the secretary.
She tore it open. She gave Alex its content which were nothing but pictures.
Sylvester was the director of presidential secret service (PSS).
A leading organization in the world of human, computer intelligence. Interestingly, its existence is known to only about 3% of Nigerians.
Alex scrutized the pictures for two minutes. The pictures captured different images, obviously highly related. Camera lens made them appear green.
“is there any difference between these and the previous ones?”
“these are much more clearer. Foreigners were guarding the ship. They look like Europeans maybe Germans or russians”
Alex nodded in affirmation. Its obvious from the pictures.
“this affirms our suspicion that the drugs were smuggled in by foreigners or Nigerians with foreign allies. Whats more?” asked Ann.
“ships these days are registered with licence agencies and they are traceable. My asset traced the licence agency to Russia-” sylvester paused to observe their countenance.
The president seemed piqued and excited. He couldn’t tell of Ann her expression was long and unreadable. Something he found ugly!
“sounds like a lead”
Said Alex.
“logically yes, realistically, no. The crime started from Russia. The ship was stolen. It sailed into Nigeria through the south. The next lead is the captian. Unfortunately he was found dead on philippine shore a month later.”
the president heaven a sigh. He recieved reports on Illegal smuggling 7months ago. He’d expected greater improvements with the investigations. The fact that large quantity of drugs maybe chemicals too was a threat to the face of the nation.
“for a service that never knew failure, isn’t it a little absurd that you have no major leads yet?”
“we haven’t failed. The perpetrators did a perfect job, left no trails. But i assure my team and i would nab them all” sylvester replied
What next?


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