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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Episode 25 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures
by our guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No
part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.

Letty’s mum had a successful surgical operation. She was moved from the operating room a day aftes. She remained unconscious for eight hours. She’d opened her eyes in the ninth hour. Not exactly as the doctor predicted, a little close.
Letty swamped with the joy of seeing her mother she couldn’t hide her excitement. It showed in her moves, smiles and occasional giggles. It was if the whole ocean of blessing was opened on her. Nathan also shared in her joy. They’d kept the patient company for three straight hours. Letty intended spending the night in the hospital, the nurse in charge threw a cold feet at this.
The old woman needs all the rest she can get. In absolute solitude.
They’d left the hospital on Nathan’s bike. They rode to his home. A two bedroom flat its exterior was chocolate painted while the inside is basically white, a dab of two blue stripe lines in the middle of the wall and crystal evoque tiles on the floor to match.
In totallity, it was too cute for a jobless bachelor.
The living room branched into three adjoining passages.
The one by the far right led to his bedroom, the passage by the left was a link to the dining and then the kitchen.
Faint thuds emanated from the moderately large kitchen. Nathan stood beside a cabinet he used a kitchen knive to shove the chopped onion aside.
He picked a fresh onion bulb, its outer skin had been taken out. He divided it into four unequal quadrats. He placed it nn a white board and began chopping it with the kitchen knife.
He did it like a pro he was done in 45seconds.
“here we go milady”
letty was seasoning the sauce in a pan on an electric oven. She turned to face him. A smile crept on her lips.
“you really are a fast learner. Next i’ll teach you how to make a whole sauce”
“what a joke. I started cooking when i was nine. I should be the one teaching you secrets of great dishes”
letty didn’t reply. She collected the chopped spices and emptied it in the cooking mixture.
She noticed a weal on his wrist. She wiped her hand with a towel then took his right hand into hers.
“what happened to your hand?”
“that? Its just a scratch”
“no, not really. I got got it from a duel with my punch bag”
“does it hurt?” she pressed it intentionally.
“ouch it does! Care to give it a soothing kiss?” he proposed with an enchanting smile.
She brought the hand up to her face, she bent her head to kiss it but her intention was different.
“a deep red weal. Couldn’t be gotten from a defenseless punch bag. You’re skilled in taekwondo, not your first encounter with a punch bag. So that completely rules out your point.”
she paused, raised her head.
“you were in a fight weren’t you?”
“wow! Just a few weeks at the criminal investigations and my girlfriend is a pro detective”
“the next you want to fight, atleast give me a notification?”
“yes ma’am” He replied sarcastically.
She was about releasing his hand, he held hers. He pulled her to him. She spinned on the floor like a dancer performing salsa. He quickly let go of that hand and grabbed the other. She whirled another 360 rotation. She held his chest for support. Nathan lapped his hands on her hip, just a little abover her sacral region. He tilted his head sideways and downward.
Letty’s heart beat increased tremendously. It was as if her heart would jump out anytime soon at the same time, the sensations coursing through her veins was heavenly.
His breath on her was getting hotter. She closed her eyes gently, awaiting his lips.
Their lips touched she parted hers and so did he.
Nathan bit her lower lip delicately. Shd felt a hot sensation moisturing her inner thigh. Her legs grew wobbly, she might lose balance in the nearest second. She held his shoulder tightly.
The kiss lasted for 1.5minutes. She got hold of herself and broke the kiss. Nathan smiled wryly.
“i applied for a job in a multi-national company” he quickly said before she dive back to the weal he’d sustained from a fight. He didn’t want her to know he’d fought a lady CEO!
“are you kidding me? What company?”
“glint glow international”
he wasn’t sure he would get the job. Considering the fact that he fought the chief executive officer
of same company.
It was worth a try, its the only channel he has to sort how Gabriel got the company and why he’s impersonating as late Michael.

Sean tapped the signet. He applied some pressure which made the signet move deeper beyond its ideal position. The ‘ring’ stretched, its curves straightened to what looked like a flat wrist watch.
He opened the signet he removed its bug then secured it in a silver plate.
The once folded flash on the device became obvious. Sean inserted it into his smart computer. He punched specified keypads on the computer he clicked on a file stored in the flash then waited two minutes for the file to launch.
“please input pass code to proceed”
said a voice command.
‘pass code?’ sean repeated in his subconscious. He didn’t know the file was protected with a pass code.
“hey bro whats up” Gabriel said. They were in the same large ultramodern room, sean sat on an elevated platform.
Gabriel took the first step, another, then the third.
Sean turned, he saw Gabriel coming. His eyes widened.
“don’t walk any step closer”
Gabriel was stubborn he leapt the newt step.
Sean stood abruptly.
“dammit brother! This platform is protected by motion sensoq lasers. Your next step would wake you in hell or heaven, maybe”
gabriel panicked. He stood under the mercy of one leg, the other was in the air. He dhdn’t know where to place it, he might step on the deadly laser.
“what do i do now? Step back?”
“no you can’t. Laser on the first three steps are activated two secs after sensing motion. At that instant, all lasers ahead, in your front, around you are activated.”
Gabriel recalled that Michael always walked diagonally to the seats on the platform. He’d thought it was a display of joke!
“i’m i gonna die?”
he asked in a shaky voice. His heart pounded brutally against his rib cage. The leg supporting his stand was getting weak.
“you may not. If you do as i say”
sean said. Gabriel swallowed hard.
“now picture this floor to be a wall clock. Each rtep you take would be in accordance to the time i give. Ready?”
“good. Your left leg is the minute hand, your right leg, the hour hand. 4:30!”
Gabriel’s left leg was on the floor. He left one tile gap then landed his right leg on the next tile, in four o’clock direction
‘laser security turn off in progress. Loading….75%”
displayed on the computer screen.
‘faster baby. Faster!’ sean said to computer. His fingers didn’t stop clicking the keyboard.
“whats next?” asked Gabriel.
“how i’m i supposed to reach that?”
“you can jump or wait a few minutes. I’m switching the laser off.”
“my legs won’t take that long”
Gabriel answered.
Sean turned to face him.
“nooo! You’re jumping in the wrong direction” he shouted but Gabriel already jumped.
Sean closed his eyes.
50secs later, he didn’t hear any groans he was surprised. He opened his eyes. He looked around, Gabriel wasn’t there. He looked behind. Gabriel sat legs crossed on a chair.
Sean heaved a sigh.
“you lied”
“i didn’t!” sean glanced his computer screen. The switch off was complete 90 jiffies to Gabriel’s landing.
“lets assume you didn’t. Why do you have to install lasers in a residential building.?”
“i protect all these with my life” sean pointed to the neatly arranged documents and rows of computers.
“sometimes, i woner if the michael i knew is still in there”
sean pointed a finger to his chest.
“the real michael is here. In my heart, protected from the outside world. Even from sean stunts” sean answered.
“i wonder how you were able to cope wearing my mask”
he quickly added.
“first, Jayden helped and then Katarina. Still yet, i didn’t find it easy, my quert for revenge swamped thosd weired feelings’
there was a moment of silence. Gabriel broke it.
“why don’t we leave this country, and start life all over again? We’re complete right?”
“this isn’t the perfect time. Jayden’s killer is still out there, we’re having issues with DHC. Who attempted killing me? Why was my identity changed? I’ve a feeling all these are linked. I don’t want my family dragged into this. Please be patient with me”
“but michael…”
“this conversation has ended”
sean swiveled to the computer that he’d inserted a flash. He wondered what the pass code was.
The best way to get info from people without them knowing is to think like them, act like them and be them.
The ring/flash passed through continents, dividing through different tribes and natives. Some are english speaking and others aren’t.
So, the pass code must be universial and easy to understand.
In cases like this, clues could be on the tiniest
He studied the ring, there war no words or markings.
The bug was a 6mm recon bug.
That is something.
It could be an encrypted message.
He drew patterns on his ipad. He opened a decryption software. It appeared like a database in rows & columns.
He inputed ‘recon’ under ‘words’ and ‘6’ in the row for ‘base’
the words spinned rapidly.
various words spinned on the screen for two minutes.
It finally stopped.
“time to kill’ showed boldly on the screen.
Too much for a pass code.
Sean inputed the word in the other computer. The file opened instantly.
Sean grinned.
blinked in red across the screen.
“wha…what is that?”
Gabriel asked.
“simply, it means don’t peep”
gabriel edged closer to take a clearer view.
“for your good. Don’t read anything ”
sean shove the laptop away from Gabriel’s view.
Ciara stood at the base of the platform. She held two cups of coffee.
Sean told her the laser was temporarily off so she walked straight to them. She gave sean and Gabriel the cups of hot coffee.
“my secretary called. Nathan applied a job at the company”
she tipped.
“schedule an interview for us”
sean replied
Episode 25 B
Section chief bankole was in his official uniform today. He wears it on rare occasions, mostly on official settings. He had no such appointments today, his five years old daughter had childishly told him to wear it and he did. Now he regret wearing it, the uniform had an affinity for heat, the weather isn’t solving problems either. He’d pulled the outer coat. He was now clad in a black shirt which had the symbol of nigerian coat of arms at the top left.
The shirt hugged him tightly eminent limns of his muscles strained through the thin cotton shirt.
List of companies and warehouses directly using plutonium in Abuja ran into hundreds. Quite much! Bankole narrowed to list to twenty. He’d shade off small establishments and companies situated in the outskirts of Abuja.
He believed the culprits are famhliar with Abuja. There are multiple water bodies within the city but the victim was dumped ina remote area, beyond the reach of street cameras. Bankole closed his eyes he imagined them throwing the body from a hilux car. It may be red, white black or any other colour. Black and daqk blue must have been more resourceful because its easily camouflaged in the dark.
Most company cars are white. Only big establishments can afford fleet of cars. Bankole reasoned silently. He shade off ‘Chibu & sons LTD, plasco enterprise too.
Eight companies and ten warehouses left. Bankole sipped his drink. Thats a progress.
‘officer Ebuka’
a tall, averagely toned man said.
He raised his i.d card to his chest level for the pawn broker to see.
She nodded affirmatively.
‘please seat’
‘thank you’ ebuke replied then sat on a metal chair.
‘so, you’re officer…”
the lady paused for some seconds with a wrinkled face as if try to recall the name.
thd officer tipped. He wondered how she forgot so easily. Hope this short memory of hers wouldn’t pose a stumbling block to his investigation?
Ebuka began, ‘i was here yesterday, you called off duty so i had to return today’
‘so i heard. Is it necessary that you investigate me too?’
‘you’re important in this case. You did the trading also, you witnessed everything’
‘not everything’
she hastily cut in.
‘they all said you did. So, where were you yesterday?’
‘i can’t tell you that’
she answered.
‘its personal’
ebuka heaved a sigh. She was reserved. He don’t like such ladies. He preferred being in control
“tell me all you know about the incidence. Leave no atom”
“a white man came to pawn a ring…”
“what does he look like?” ebuka interrupted.
“like an american. He’s about your height. ”
“anything unusual about him!”
“no he was like every other costumers. I pawned the jewel and gave him a cheque in accordance to what the ring is worth. He filled the required form. Just then we heard a gun shot. A masked man came in. The aura he commanded was intimidative. He seemed to know about the ring and forcefully collected it”
“he must have connived with the white man” Ebuke remarked.
“i don’t think so, he threatened to shoot the ring’ owner”
Ebuka was silent.
“he left after getting the ring. While he was outside, we heard more sounds of gunshots. Minutes later, it all died down”
officer Ebuka scribbled notes in his note pad.
“how much is the ring worth?”
the lady kept mute. she flipped a hard cover long note book to a specified page.
Rows and columns were drawned on both pages, each column contained names or numbers.
Ebuka rubbed his temples gently. The lady was delaying his time. The list was not long but she’s taking the whole time in the world!. Not all bad, she was being meticulous. He wouldn’t have to doubt what she come up with.
Common girl thats damñ slow. Speed up! speed up!
“5million” said as if on cte with his thoughts.
“officer we have costumers waiting. She needs to attend to them” a voice echoed from behind. Naturally, Ebuka turned. The words were from a short, grey haired, thin cheeked man. The officer recognized him as owner of the shop.
“few minutes please” ebuka said politely.
“make it snappy” the man replied. Afterwards he muttered incoherent words, obviously apologising to the costumers.
” do you think the money have been cashed?” Ebuka asked.
“yes. I got a bank notification earlier”
Ebuka grinned. No longer a fruitless day. He penned down Nathan’s bank information; he’d got it from the notification text. He shoke hands with her then took the exit.
While in the police van, he dailed Joe’s phone.
“get contact info from the account details i just sent. ” he said and hung up.
Sean stored a copy of the files he’d got from the ring in a USB flash drive.
He unplugged the drive from a USB port. Clicked a button on a silver desk. The computer let out a short ‘hiss’ a metal slip open automatically from beneath. He flung the blue USB drive in it. A gentle push, the slip locked itself.
“here. Its done” Ciara said.
She handed him a new signet, she created it herself. Similar to the original signet. There was no traceable difference between the two. Sean swapped the signets.
He also altered the ring flash. He didn’t change it entirely, he’d modified its inner components with stuxnet, a malicious software and other complex softwares used only by hackers in creating digital explosives.
“what are your plans mike. These explosives can set a house ablaze”
ciara said in a concern tone.
“also easy to scale airport security’ sean added, “i’ll be in Russia tomorrow”
Ciara shrugged. She got the message.
Sean’s phone rang. Evgeni was calling. He ignored it. As a second thought, he hit the answer option.
Evgeni spoke first. He had thick russian accent, “long time my friend”
“not exactly. We spoke two weeks ago ” sean replied.
“you got my package?”
“intact. You can’t wait to see me, i know. I’ll pay you a surprise visit tomorrow”
sean teased. His expression didn’t show he was joking.
“its no longer a surprise. You shouldn’t have told me”
“maybe not”
said sean.
sean stepped into the national library, hard copies section. He stood still for 25seconds. His eyes mechanically scanned the area within its coverage.
The library was ultra modern, towering into four storeys. The first and fourth floor are digital section, understandingly, it was dominated by youths.
The library had no elevators its floors ard connected by a ring of spiral stairs.
He didn’t see her. He moved further. Stooped beside a rack. He pretended to be picking a book while his eyes dilated sideways. He looks towards the left, she wasn’t there.
Maybe she hadn’t arrive. But why? He knew her well, if there’s any list of her principles, keeping to time would top the list. Maybe something came up and she couldn’t make it.
So tight that she didn’t call to tell him?
He looked rightways he caught a glimpse of her. She was seated on a red library chair in the fourth row.
He picked a book randomly from the stand. He strode on a mini path leading to her row. There was a vacant seat next to her. She’d secured it for him. He sat and flipped the novel to an unspecified page pretending to be reading.
The lady clad her thin frame in a black gown, he skin was chocolate. She wore a grey pashim shawl over her face. The lacy shawl extended below her neck. Adequately disquising her, at the same time, it appeared unsuspectible. She could plausibly be mistaken for an Iraeli, Arab or Indian woman.
“its raining in the north” sean said in what sounded like a whisper.
“run to the south for shelter”
she replied.
Theoritically it isn’t possible. Its a recognition code known only to the both of them.
“how did DHC know about the ring?” his voice was soft, slow.
He spoke as if he was conversing with his heart. The lady was attentive, so was he.
“Adewale had a deal with General dominic. Its dominic who brought DHC into the picture”
she tipped.
“what does Adewale know?”
“sorry i’m not certain about that. I think he know all there is to know.”
“you think so?”
“affirmative. Dominic invited him to their meeting today” she replied. All these while her gaze was fixed to the ceiling fan. A fundamental part of the rule: they shouldn’t look at each other, not even the most sensitive being on the planet should know they were talking.
“where is the meeting held?”
“Ifeanyi’s guest house, Asokoro.”
she paused, glanced her wrist watch then said “it should be over any moment”
“ok. I’ll go ahead” sean said. She nodded.
The mansion was one of the most talked off in the whole of Nigeria due to its classy appearance. It reeked riches all round. Gossips had it that its net cost was two hundred million us dollars.
Too much for a guest house, well its his money. His sources of income was obvious for all and sundry. Mr. Ifeanyi was the second richest man in the nation. He owned 45% of manufacturing companies in Nigeria. His products have trailed far and wide. His guest house was where he usually entertain foreign investors and partners. He had visitors today, they are rather, regular visitors.
General dominic stood on the poduim of the 5,000 capacity guest hall addressing members of the meeting.
“i hate to say this, but i can’t hide it from you. We lost the ring”
an uproar broke forth among the well respected citizens, elder state men, some law makers and others were in the military. In totality, they all had ties with the goverment. The vice president’s absent was understood. Adequate reports would be forwarded to him.
They were arguing and pointing accusing fingers like teenagers.
General dominic waved his hands. It didn’t calm them.
He continued waving till there was relative silence .
“thats not to mean all we’re working hard for is foiled. I can another copy of the plan from our international partners.
As a matter of urgency, we’re speeding up the plans. Thats why i brought another member. He’ll assist in making the missles” he pointed to Mr. Adewale who sat on a wheel chair
a man raised his hand. Dominic granted him the audience to speak.
“about the chemicals. When are we moving them it? The scientists are ready”
“we’ve got additional manpower. The trucks would move to manufacturing base by thursday”
soon the meeting came to a close. Dominic and Adewale drove in the third SUV that made the five cars convoy.
A biker rode speedily past the last two cars. It reduced speeding upon reaching the third car.
He waved his hand down. Motioning them to unwind the windows. Dominic hesitated but he eventually did.
The biker threw a disc in the car then drove off.
“slot in the player. Lets have a chat” Adewale read the incription on it loudly.
Both men stared at each other as if contemplating what to do.
“play the disc” Dominic said. He gave his driver the device.
“hope you had a successful meeting?” a teenage voice began, “are you not ashamed of yourself? Minister of defense driving with a criminal!”
“who are you?” asked dominic.
“i’m sean stunts. I know all your plans. The ring fell in the wrong hand” replied the teen voice.
“what do you want? Money? Just name it”
“you’re not scared, are you? What i want is to watch you confess your attrocities on national tv. Also nab the criminal beside you. Thats all i want”
the men looked at each other again.
“hide all you like. I’ll find and kill you”
Adewale said.
The voice chuckled.
“this message would self destruct in 20secs your car would burn to ashes.”
the car was still moving.
‘stop the car! Stop the car!’
‘sir, there’s no parking space’
“i said stop the car!!!”
Sean clicked a red button on the wireless control.
He stood in a company balcony across the road.
He watched as minister, Adewale and few guards ran to a nearby lawn.
He removed the voice modifier stuck under his jaw.
Sigh!! Too long right?


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