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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Episode 26 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures by our guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No

part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.

The sun was at its peak. Its hot rays descended mightily on the lonely street.
The street , as usual was quiet majorly because of its dense population of high class business personels, civil servants and politicians.
Most inhabitants had left for the day’s activity. Countable number of kids cycled through the interlocking roads.
A black lexus sedan with clear white glasses reflected sun rays as it drove down the street. It moved to a central junction. Took a rapid left turn. It glided at constant speed for three minutes. Its velocity reduced by half when it got to an electric gate.
The driver hooted.
The authomatic gate divided on the second hoot. One half of it creased inwards while the other half was few inches outside.
The car rolled into a huge compound. It cruised to a designated parking lot.
A big man clad in business suit, dark hawkers shade stepped out of the car. He opened the right back door. Few seconds after, general dominic hopped out. Gently. Slowly. Majestically.
A house attendant rushed to him. Her floppy skirt romancing the air as she strode.
“welcome general. They’re waiting in the upper chamber” she said.
“take me there”
“at your service sir”
she grabbed his brief case. Leapt a step ahead as instructed.
General dominic’s body guard followed closely. The general stopped. He made hand signs to the big man.
“stay here”
“understood sir”
they continued the walk to crystal. Dominic hadn’t been here before. He had no reason to.
A minister of defense shouldn’t move about anyhow, let alone visit criminal’s base.
Situations can turn around in split seconds, convictions could be changed and pride swallowed.
An important meeting is being held in crystal. Adewale was stubborn in shifting locations, the general had to play along. He drove undercover no one would spot his absence or rather his whereabout!
The attendant led him to a big metal door. An entrance to what appeared like a dome of its own self. She departed upon reaching the dome. She is never to step in. Her clearance level don’t permit it.
Attentions were concentrated on the thin digital screen plastered on the wall. Thd images it displayed was incomplete and somewhat meaningless.
A man stood beside the screen. He pointed a silver 60cm rod to it. Ready to explain.
IMAGE : male avatar
NAME: uncertain
CODE NAME: sean stunts
IDENTITY: up-to-date a myth
Those were the contents on the screen.
Roy began, ” sean stunts is an international criminal. Well known for his high profile thefts. He’d made appearances in 15 countries. Europe, north america, asia. He most recent appearance is in the middle east where he stole a missle code book, distorting the creation of a powerful nuke”
“he’s working for the united states then?” Abu interrupted with a question.
“malfunctioning the nuke was also in favour of Isreal. Its not certain who he works for. Call him a spy or a black agent, you wouldn’t be far from right” Roy replied.
“that rascal introduced himself as Sean stunts. Claimed to have the ring. Few days ago we lost the ring to Michael. This sean stunts is Michael” Abu said, seriously.
“we can’t jump into conclusions. Michael is the president of a multi national company. He used to be one of us. An international criminal can’t afford such freelance. He would have been captured already” Katarina defended blindly.
“That does not rule him out. If Michael is not who we think he is, the he’s certainly working for sean stunts” General Dominic said
“Michael is our ultimate lead to sean stunts. I propose a 24-hours surveillance on him” said a man who hadn’t spoke all this while .
“24-hours surveillance. Good. Correct” Katarina muttered. Concuring with Robin’s idea. He nodded appealingly.
Her next statement bursted his bubbles. She said, “how do you watch a man who shows up unannounced and vanishes like speeding wind?”
“you’re always countering every idea pertaining Michael. I wonder where your loyalty lies” Abu said, annoyance rigid on his countenance, flowing along with his words.
“its not about loyalty, Abu, its about reality” replied Katarina.
“sorry” He said bluntly. Realising he blurted out of jealousy.


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