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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Episode 27 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures by our guest writer
part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.

sean closed the heavy door behind him. He started towards the rows of seats ahead. He walked past various seats in the economy class flight. Kept walking. His seat is five seats ahead. He strode to the first seat. Second. Third. He half stopped when he got to the fourth seat. He looked over his shoulder, to the second row. His eyes met with a dark skinned, skinny lady. She looked away slowly, unsuspiciously.
He smiled. She just affirmed his instincts! He’d caught her staring many times. She’d glanced his seat number while at the Nigerian airport. The plane took off barely 50minutes ago, she’d spent half the time looking at him. He didn’t know her, she hadn’t fell in love at first sight neither was she a secret admirer. She is tailing him. He knew it, right from the airport.
Why is he followed? Who ordered her? How many are they?
These questions stormed his mind as he sat.
He raised his ipad above his chest level. Its screen was blank but reflective. He angled to device 45-degrees north-west.
He studied her reflection on the screen, looking out for any form of communication, synchronized movements. Team tactics.
“ladies and gentlemen. We have just been cleared to land at sheremetyvo international airport. Please make sure one last time your seat belt is securely fastened. The flight attendants are currently passing around the cabin to make a final compliance check and pick up any remaining cups and glasses. Thank you”
the chief flight attendant said.
Sean bagged his ipad.
The aircraft made its final touch down. It bounced. Bounced again. Rolled. Bounced once more then turned off the active runway. Taxiing to the shallow, open gate.
“welcome to sheremetyvo airport, Moscow, Russia” the same flight attendant said. This time, her lips creased a wide grin. Flew her hands in the air happily. She continued with the regular ‘wait for the unfasten your seatbelt’ and luggage instructions.
Seconds later passengers glided down the aisle in slow succession. Sean passed airport security checks, he held a brief case; his only luggage.
He saw reflections of the skinny lady through reflective surfaces as he walked.
He took a sharp left turn, headed for a narrow corridor.
Immigration, customs and other offices faced each other all through the long corridor.
The lady tailed him expertly. She saw him walking on a corridor corridor. He walked slowly, normally.
It happened suddenly, fast and profession. He sliped off her sight in milliseconds. He branched into the left path.
He lost his trail!
It can’t be!
She stepped up her pace in his direction. She stood in the interlocked junction. Wondering what way he took.
Sean saw the last limn of her black jacket. He stretched his hands over her face. His palms did a good job masking her mouth and nose. He drew her into the office he’d hid in.
She struck his shin with her boot. He plunched an elbow into her back. She reacted. He responed in same measure.
She threw a punch into his face he grabbed her fist in his palm. Twisted it. He swept her off her feet with a sweep kick.
He completed her fall by running his knee cap in her stomach. She fell with her back his knee in her abdomen. The skinny lady swung a fist in the air. Like the first, sean foiled its impact. He pressed the same hand across her neck. Her breath muffled.
“who are you taking orders from?”
he asked.
“i can’t tell you!”
“i’ll kill you!”
“you don’t have a gun” replied the lady.
Sean removed a pen knife from his pocket. He tapped its switch, unsheating the blade end.
He replaced the hand on her neck with the pen blade.
“no sane person moves about the airport with a gun. Now speak”
“hell, i won’t”
sean plunged the blade tip in her neck.
She yelled.
“as much as two newton force thd artery would cut. And you’ll bleed to death…”
“the CIA” she interrupted.
“the CIA asked me to follow you”
“i don’t know. I swear i don’t! Like you said, i’m obeying an order”
there was a creak from behind the door. Someone was coming.
Sean dragged to the wall. Blade still on her neck.
A middle aged man came in. The door covered sean and the CIA lady. He spent three minutes in the office then left with a document he picked from the desk.
Sean pushed her to the desk. He exited the office without a word.
sean stood at the taxi waiting area. Airport taxis, shuttle trains and buses flooded the area driving the arrived passangers to various destinations.
A taxi pulled over beside Sean. He sat in the backseat.
“hilton hotel”
sean said.
“ok sir”
The cab man drove for five minutes. .
“where are you taking me?”
sean asked when the driver made a turn in a different direction.
“to the boss”
“what boss?”
“you know as mtch as i do”
thd man replied as if he read a written script somewhere.
Perhaps, a hired cab driver
‘what are you talking about?’
“evgeni sent me” the man replied.
Sean was silent for several seconds.
“put him on the line” he said.
“are you testing me?”
“do it!”
tge man did as commanded. He dailed his phone spoke into it then gave it to sean.
“my boys are waiting with a helicopter. The driver would takd you there. Give them the package. ” Evgeni said.
“no. I’ll give yot in person” sean protested.
“i’m not around. Currently in the U.S i trust them”
“its too important . I can’t give them”
“kiss my! ”
“we’ll meet in U.S. Don’t change location ”
“are you ordering me?” Evgeni asked.
“i have what you want”
“Maldito idiota” Evgeni cursed in spanish.
Sean hung up.
He took another cab to a differdnt airport where he flew a shuttle plane to Boston.
He booked a hotel in boston, USA.
The day is almost spent. He would meet Evgeni tomorrow.
Sean took a cab to his childhood area.
Almost everything had changed. He took a long walk down the street. He stopped meters away from his old house. Alot of reformation had been done. It wasn’t exactly what Gabriel described. Apparently, the latter had spent a while out of boston.
Sean scrutinized for night clubs, violent car screeches all that point to crime. There was none! Pleased that his mum is at peace, he walked towards the house.
Ma’am madison drew open a hdavy glass door. She entered her bakery shop, situated beside the house.
Sean saw her. He also entered the shop
What's next?


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