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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Episode 28 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures by our guest writer 'INVINCIBLE
part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.

“born kassim Ali. Served in the military for 30years. In the interim he was part of the team sent to india on special training. He retired a colonel”
Gabriel read the information from a computer.
“nothing useful”
“i haven’t finished” he insisted, ” lost his first wife some six years ago. Since then he hadn’t remarried. The colonel has four children, three living abroad his last daughter resides in Imo state”
Gabriel paused for nearly half a minute.
“you are right nothing useful” his surrendered in a low toned voice.
“you said first wife. What have you got on the other wives?” Ciara asked.
“he had two wives. The second wife was childless. She died back then, in his active years. Reports say she suffered from a deadly disease. The ailment isn’t specified. Probably cancer or poisoned by the rival wife. You know how these women behave” Gabriel answered.
He sighed deeply.
“i don’t think its worth it. Thesd men are military men, i mean well guarded! Their families miles away from them. Practically all doors are shut!”
“think. Think outside the box. Dare the impossible. Break hinges. Its the only way to survive. Thats what makes a spy” Ciara replied.
“thanks. I’m not a spy, don’t wanna be one. Besides i’m kept in the dark. I know nothing about the ring” Gabriel said seriously.
“its information stashed”
“highly sensitive information. I know! What information? What are these secrets?'”
“unknown men are staging an underworld flow of military technology. Heavy duty weapons, explosives, deadly nukes, weapons of mass destruction you name it.
Nigeria is only a case, there are many more synergy of members across the globe”
“all these in the hands of bad guys? They could spring up a formidable terror organization” he interrupted.
“likely. The organization would sip through all continents. Completely circling the world like hydrospher. They would evoke terror, fight for power and position. world leaders would try to repel. By then, they’ar already nearly invincible. Conflicts would ensue…i mean tough fights. Most likely, we’re staring at world war III”
“blood of God!” Gabriel exclaimed. His heart pounded heavily, his fingers shaky. Fear surged through his pores. He was scared! He didn’t know why.
Michael’s words echoed in his mind. “for you own good, brother don’t look at this”
It was top secret. He shouldn’t have heard it or hear her analyse.
Which is better, denied the knowlege and wallow in curiosity or have the knowledgd and struggle with fear?
Ciara had said something. He didn’t catch, he heard the final part.
“….its like dark clouds forming in the sky. Sooner or later it’ll rain. Its effect would trip down to the unsuspecting populase. Someone has to stop them! Their plans must be foiled with immediate effect”
“report to the international community before its too late” Gabriel suggested.
She shoke her head in the negative.
“the reason is two-fold. First you wouldn’t wanna report to the wrong people. Second, some information is missing. Purposely hidden. It always happen, the vital points are stored in darkest of places, reachable to trusted members.
The members are classified. We know only two”
“i get it. So we spy both men and hope to get something useful” Gabriel said.
“exactly” she concured.
“the question now is how to get close to them”
silence roamed for about 20minutes. Both concentrated on computers.
Ciara broke the silence.
“i found something”
Gabriel smiled wryly. He edged nearer her computer screen.
The screen was divided by a long straight line. On the left were facial pictures of General dominic, his family and other info.
“Dominic again? That family is cursed. Abu, the first born is a dark horse. His father is not any better. I’m pretty sure others follow suite”
Gabriel sounded pissed.
“look beyond that. He has three children. Rita, the only daughter is killed. His last son, Jude is into wine and diamond business” ciara explained.
those words reverbrated in his head. He recalled the night at dominic’s warehouse; the night Jayden died. Dominic had mistook him for Michael. He’d threatened to revenge rita’s death.
Michael killed her!
“his company is unveiling a new brand of wine tonight. I’ll be there”
she said.
“how did you know all that?”
“its simple. He posted on his twitter handle. We chatted a while ago, col. Kassim would be there too”
“he told you all that?” Gabriel was utterly surprised.
“its easy these days. Hack into his friend’s account, check their chat history then abide by the chat flow. Easy peasy, get what you want and delete the chat”
“i’m coming with you”
“no you can’t DHC agents might be there. They know your face”
“dare the impossible. Those are your words. I’m coming with you. I might help somehow”
“you win” ciara replied.
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