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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Episode 29 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures by our guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.
part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.

Director sylvester pulled over on a shallow grass land in PSS87.
He started, by foot, towards a brownstone house brushing his finger tips through flowers on interlocked brittle trees.
PSS87 was nothing less of a modern forest. Its landscape was mainly trees. A single track tree lined cemented path led in and out of the street. PSS87 was outrightly out of ban. The brownstone house, pss operation base was the only erected building in the area.
PSS was a secret government organization. Files. Agents. Location. Activities. Everything is classified.
The balding grey haired man shut the door quietly. He leapt a step into the interior. The two seconds he’d spent in the house was long enough for covert xrays to scan his entire body. His images picked and relayed to several computer screens. The instant he touched the door knob his finger prints were taken and compared with those on PSS data base. It happened without his knowledge….but he expected it.
His prints were a match. Laser beams turned off.
Sylvester plied a flight of stairs to the upper compartment. He inserted an access card in a designated slot on a thick glass gate.
The gate was five inches thick. It could withstand shells from the most powerful machine guns.
The gate slide open revealing a neat compartment that had the setting of a large office, the outlook of serious work station. PSS agents working on the compartment rose to their feet. The muttered their welcome greeting in unison.
Sylvester angled his head to the south after seating. It was a rapid movement. Its message clearly understood.
There was awkward rumbling as the agents resumed their seat
“agent Jones. Go over what you said on the phone” Sylvester said.
“yes, sir” a female voice said “exactly zero-zero-thirty-hours ago, our transcievers detected a foreign radar. Sir, its source was traced to under water niger central.” jones explained.
Images of the water region sequenced the computer screen as an operator rolled a silver trackball between his thumb and index fingers.
“show me underneath photos” the director commanded.
“we can’t access it, sir. Top clearance is required” the words came from a male. He had ‘agent frank’ written on his chested badge.
“i believe there’s some kind of an underground safe with trucks in it” said agent Jones.
“its more than just believing. How’s that even possible?” agent frank argued vehemently.
“radars don’t lie!”
“frequencies can be altered”
“i’m sure of what i saw. Those frequencies are from truck radars” Jones said defending her point.
The director was silent all through. He sighed deeply. Inserted two fingers in his wallet. He handed a card he got from the wallet to bewildered agent Jones.
Thirty minutes ago she’d argued the director had no such clearance. The rectangular card of classy design with inscribed codes had gone a long way in proving her wrong.
The computer operator grabbed the card. He inputed the five digit clearance codes in a required box.
Code accepted. Minutes later they got connected to government under water cameras and ariel viewing devices. The computer screen was dark green Lighter limns of what appeared like big trucks well pronounced on the screen.
“affirmed. Get as much as you can about the foreign radar”
“piece of cake” the operative replied.
He spent ten minutes clicking keypads. Pausing. Waiting. Thinking.
“not so much of a cake” agent Frank teased.
“you spend time on cakes when they taste great” the operative said jokingly.
“back to business. The radar was first used eight months ago, max. Awkwardly it signals hibernated after the period. It was re-activated 45minutes ago”
” the illegal shipment from russia was hidden in the underground safe” Agent Jones suggested.
The director nodded.
“and they’re planning to take it out. After thinking the heat is cooled”
“do we have any asset it that area?”
“none, sir” frank answered.
“team blue get ready for interceptiom op. Team red, get the back ups. ” the director spoke into a hand held device.
“understood” Abu muttered into his phone then dropped it on a desk. He half turned, leaned his upper waist on same desk while facing his fellow agents.
“my father. His asset told him PSS have known about the trucks”
“how reliable is this asset?” asked katarina.
“as reliable as a loyal mole. PSS are heading for the trucks”
“we must to be faster. Get the trucks out first. They would do the clean up” Katarina said.
Robin raised his brows. Wrinkles strained boldly on his forehead.
“i’ve heard about them. The little i know, they don’t have faces but they’ar all over. They could be posing as riverine dwellers. This may be a trap.”
“it boils down to who gets there first. Relay to all. We’re on the move” Abu said.
pardon the late update, i’ve been busy all through the week
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