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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Episode 30 | All For You (Season 2)


The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures by our guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'
part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.

Michael opened his eyes slowly, allowing it to adjust to the bright room. Eyes completely opened he edged closer to the bed post. Rested his head on a silk white pillow. his stiches and the bandage on his waist were still very fresh. His body was on fire; set ablaze by crushing pains.
The last few days had been the worst of his life.
Doctors came regularty to check his vitals. He was not permitted a view beyond the four cornered room. Beside being chained to bed, two armed men guard him round the clock.
He’d fall into the hands of a deep organization. He didn’t know how or who they were but he knew its a crime organization. The ethics was crystal clear; he never see same face twice. The guards were always changed….except the doctors whom he guessed were paid handsomely for their job.
Who is behind this? Why do they want him alive? Oh Jesus!
Michael groaned loudly. He made noise stiring on the small sized bed.
As he predicted, one of the guards walked up to him.
“i want to use the rest room” Michael quickly said.
“его еще не раз” said the guard.
“i don’t speak russian”
sean lied feigning ignorance.
“its not yet time” the man translated. His intonation was poor.
Michael was silent for a moment. The guard mistook him for a russian. This meant something–he was on russian soil. How the hell?!
Michael sneezed on the guard. The man pouted his lips. His eyes red with anger.
“you don’t get an appology” michael said rudely.
The guard did not answer. He made hand signs to his partner.
A man came into view. He was dressed in khaki trouser, black tight fitted shirt. He appeared like a red neck.
The men communicated in russian. The red neck placed his gun on a desk he then proceeded to uncuff Michael. One after the other he uncuffed both hands from opposite side of the bed.
Michael got up slowly. The pain he felt was acute!
“i’ll take you there” said the man whose shirt was sneezed on.
“of course” michael replied politely. He shifted his gaze to a standing mirror beside the desk. What he saw was unbelievable. He’d seen it twice, each time he did, it looked unreal to him.
His face was changed. Without his consent! No permission was sort!
He touched his new face tenderly as raw anger surged through his veins. Whoever is responsible must pay!
“shall we, sir?” a guard asked interruptingly.
Michael could see a reflection of both guards. They stood several feets away. He swirled rapidly. He struck the armed guard a back kick while his hand reached for the gun on the desk.
There was a gun shot. It didn’t come from Michael. Michael had ducked in time. The bullet missed its target.
Crouching under the desk, he shot twice. Directing both shell to the armed guard. His bullets didn’t miss.
Michael rolled out. He looked around the unarmed man was out of view.
Just then a knife was thrown. It hit the wall behind Michael.
Michael shot in the direction the knife came from. The guard groaned loudly. The damage done! The man was taken out.
Michael breathed deeply. He stood motionless for two seconds. Calculating the next move.
He had no idea what awaited him outside. The anger and pains he felt pushed him into opening the exit door.
He met the unexpected. A team of soldiers stood in the next room. Guns all pointed to him.
“drop your weapon”
a soldier said.
Michael obeyed.
“i see you’re strong enough. Its time we have dinner”
a familiar voice echoed from behind the soldiers. It was Evgeni.
The dinner dish outnumbered its beneficiaries. Michael and Evgeni alone were seated for the three course meal. Other men in the room were guards.
Michael broke the unbearable silence,
“where am i?” he asked.
“i was thinking your first question would be ‘what happened'”
“i still have my memory. I know everything except how the hell i got this face” he said pointing to his face.
“plastic surgery” evgeni said “they wanted you dead. I spared you and gave you additional protection.
“protection?” michael paused and scoffed.
“why would someone like you give me protection?”
” you would thank me later. I want you to do something for me…get something from Nigeria”
“you think i’ll do that?”
“if you want to know the conspiracy behind the explosion”
“you were paid to kill me, you faked my death for your selfish ambition. I’ve thought about that” michael said.
“it roots deeper than that” Evgeni replied.
“i deserve an explanation!”
“not until you get my package. Its a ring, powerful one at that.
I’ll forward the details to your email. Is it still active?”
“i guess so”
‘sir’ a tap jolted Michael from his reverie.
‘sorry sir. You seem lost in thoughts.’ said the man that tapped him.
‘bad memories’ Michael breathed.
‘i bought the phone as instructed’ the bell boy said. He placed a new cell phone on the desk, close to Michael’s hand.
‘i inserted a new sim as instructed’ the bell boy elaborated.
‘you are most welcome sir’ the hotel bell boy said.
‘you can go. Keep the change’ sean said.
The bell boy left. Sean picked a piece of sourvenir from the desk. Memories of his mother flashed his mind as he rolled the small material in his palm. He’d bought it from his mum’s shop. He didn’t reveal his identity to her. It isn’t the right time.
He inserted the flat material in his wallet. He left the hotel with his brief case.
Evgeni had earlier on texted their meeting point.
Sean drove in a cab to the warehouse.
He paid the cab man and started towards the building.
He walked passed Evgeni’s men. Mentally countimg their number. A warm smile creept on Evgeni’s lips.
He inhaled his pipe and exhaled out a steam of smoke.
“do you have it?”
Michael replied with a gesture; he clenched his knuckle then raised it to his chest for Evgeni to see the ring.
The latter stretched his palm to the former.
‘not yet. We had a deal’ Michael said.
‘who is behind the bomb?’
‘the organization you last work for’
Evgeni replied.
‘who among them?’
‘all of them! The message was sent through a tall well muscled dude. I learnt his a top agent’
Michael removed the ring. He handed it to Evgeni who after exposing its flash end gave it to a computer operator. The young man inserted the flash in a designeted port on a laptop.
‘its authentic’ the operator said.
‘what are your plans’ Michael asked.
‘you better don’t know’
‘i insist’
‘you’ll be killed afterwards’ Evgeni said sternly.
Sean nodded.
‘we are unifying a major part of the world in military technology’
‘you forgot to include transfer of deadly chemical weapons.
‘ i fear what the world would be if you succeed’ sean said
‘of course we would.’
sean heaved a sigh.
‘our discussion ends here. If any one hears of it, you’re dead’ Evgeni threatened.
‘you won’t find me’ sean replied.
Evgeni chuckled.
‘ how well do you trust your girlfriend?’
‘i trust no one. Those Nigerian men are your partners, you could have got the ring without getting me involved’ sean said.
‘there was a change of plans’ Evgeni replied.
‘i hope this would be the last we meet’ sean
answered then started for the exit.
Few people walked through the corridor but none entered the particular ward Evgeni and his men were.
Now yards away from the ward, Sean tapped his digital wrist watch. He clicked ‘activate’
the laptop gave a warning beep as
‘digital bomb insertion’ blinked in red on its screen.
‘boss its a bomb’ the young operator cried
there was a loud explosion from behind. Sean turned his head to the back.
‘thats for my face’ he whispered.
He retrieved the new cell phone then dailed the local police and fire service. Informing both of the explosion.
He dumped the cellphone in a public trash can. He flagged down a cab which took him back to the hotel
To be continued!!


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