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Monday, 7 August 2017

Episode 34 | Undiluted Love ( Love Story)

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Eka wanted to tell Dr. Gerry her plan to move out of his house, but she found herself holding her breath. She did not know how to let ...
Episode 34
Eka wanted to tell Dr. Gerry her plan to move out of his house, but she found herself holding her breath. She did not know how to let him know that she had grown so fond of him that she was willing to let him have her at the slightest suggestion of it. “Are you there baby?” asked Dr. Gerry. “Yes I am.” “You haven’t said a thing about when you are coming back. Please tell me, I want to know.” “I would love to be with you at this moment, but the problem is I am in Calabar and their something about my coming back which I would like to discuss with you.” “Okay, go ahead with it; I will like to have the discussion with you right now.” “No baby, not over the phone, I would be around in your house tomorrow before you get back from work. Make sure you leave the key for me at the usual place.” Sounding very excited Dr. Gerry asked, “Are you really going to be around by tomorrow?” “Yes, I will.” “Oh my world! I can’t wait to see you. Please don’t forget to get me a list of every man that ogled at you all this while you have been away from me.” “What do you need it for?” “I want to gorge out their eyes for looking at my angel without my permission.” “In that case you are going to gorge out a lot of eyes. Even as I speak, lots of men at looking at me. Anyway I will bring you the list you asked for.” “Oh God!” “What is it baby?” “Tomorrow is suddenly looking like many years. Are you sure I can wait that long to see you?” “Stop saying that Dr. Gerry; you are turning my head, which is already loose, much further. You just don’t know how much I am fighting to keep my head in place. If you want to hear it, I am madly in love with you.”

“Eka, I am incurably in love with you. Your going to visit with your parents has made me realize how much part of my life you have taken.” “No baby, the way I see it, I have taken everything and not just a part of your life. However if there is a part left which I have not taken, I am coming back to grab it.” “Why did I find you when I would have to wait for years to make you my wife?” “I have the same question as well. I wish I was all grown up, ready to walk down the aisle with you and say, “I do”. Dr. Gerry had to go back to his work, but the effort it required to say goodbye to Eka was far too much for him to easily muster. He ended up blowing endless kisses to her. Each kiss he blew to her felt like a million kisses to Eka and at that moment she wished she was with him. Eka had to whisper to him over the phone, “Baby, please stop the kisses, my head is no longer on my shoulder. It is on the road, running after you.” “I don’t know how to say goodbye to you and go back to work.” “No way, we don’t say goodbye. We say ‘I love you’.” “I love you Ekaette Effiong.” “I love you Gerald Chambers.” At this point the phone conversation ended abruptly. Simbi had grabbed the phone from Eka and turned it off. “You are never going to have your emotions in check if you keep spending this length of time on the phone with him saying romantic things with each other. If a man I love said to me half the things you two have said to each other since I was here, I am sure I would find it near impossible to resist any sexual advances he might make toward me. You have got to put the brakes on Eka!”
With her eyes rolling dreamily Eka said, “Love is wicked. I want to be with him right now and yet I cannot.” “Don’t you ever say another word to me about you finding it difficult resisting him. You are the one; in fact the both of you are fanning the flames of sexual passion. How could you have taken that number of kisses and still be standing on your feet?” Eka sunk into the chair next to her and said, “Look at me, I am not on my feet.” The day went by too sluggishly; Eka could not wait for the next day so she could go see Dr. Gerry. After having witnessed how her friend malfunctioned in handling herself emotionally, Simbi decided she would accompany Eka to Dr. Gerry’s house. Eka was glad she volunteered to go with her. “You know what Simbi, you are a lifesaver! I just don’t know what I would have done without you. Thanks for coming to my rescue once again. If I had gone alone to see Dr. Gerry, I do not know what I might do.” Springing from the chair wherein she lounged, she took a position like an actress on a stage and waved her right hand before breaking into an ode of some sort to Dr. Gerry, “This my prince of whom we have spoken volumes about; I mean my Gerry. He is the fairest of all princes. He makes a damsel’s heart pulsate. His face glows brighter than the sun and would make the moon pale in beauty when compared to him. His heart is like pure gold, he stands tall in goodness amongst many princes. Blame me not for having falling in love with him hopelessly. If by selling fruits and by being thrown out by ones parents, princes like him are found, in my next life, may I sell fruits abundantly and be thrown out by my guardians.” She squeezed her eye shut and hugged herself.
“Indeed my friend, what you have is pure and lovely, but you must take heed that you poison it not by making now decisions which would be sweeter in the future. We are women; we are gentle, soft and fragile especially in matters of the heart. If you love this prince of yours whom you speak highly of and who I have come to believe is of noble character, then let him not your treasure taste at this time, for the time for that is much and ahead. Such hasty decisions often come with poison at their tails like asps.” “Your words are full of wisdom and weigh heavily on my heart. I have let myself be taken like Eve through the subtlety of Satan. I shall now pray that I do not destroy him who the Lord has given me for good.” The two of them broke into laughter and went down to the floor. Simbi’s cousin who had witnessed their brief dramatized conversation asked, “Please where was that from? Are you two in some drama group?” “We were; the group has scattered. Back then we had the best drama director in our entire church district. He had us act everything he could use to pass a message to his audience,” replied Simbi. “I can tell you too had a swell time back then for you to use it effortlessly at present. “Oh how I loved those days! I have a confession to make…” Simbi said and covered her face with both hands. Eka and Simbi’s cousin raised their ears like rabbits listening for the sound of a predator lurking around. Simbi continued, “…the reason I enjoyed acting drama back then was that I had a crush on our drama director. Every night I dreamt of him. That was the reason I became ill for some time after he left…”

Eka began to giggle mischievously and said, “Since you have made your little secret known, I guess it is time to come clean with mine. Simbi you were not alone. I had a crush on him too. I would often feign sick when I arrive for drama rehearsal so he could pet me. I loved the feel of his voice and strong hands.” Simbi’s cousin swiped her hand at both of them and shouted, “Spoilt girls! At your age then, I did not dream of men. I was so scared of them that I thought even shaking hands with them would make a girl pregnant.” “I felt the same about men, but the difference was that I thought Uncle Essien was perfect,” said Eka. “He really was perfect. Till this day we have not heard of a single girl who was in the drama group tell of Uncle Essien taking advantage of her,” Simbi concurred. “You might not know what happened back then, so don’t say he was perfect,” Simbi’s cousin cautioned. Simbi and Eka yelled at her, “Don’t say that please!” “Uncle Essien was my prince in shining amour. He formed my first impression of men and love. Well that was until Dr. Gerry came along and showed me the real stuff,” Eka said rolling her eyes like she was airborne. “Can’t you go for a moment without bringing up Dr. Gerry?” asked Simbi. “Can you go a moment without breathing?” asked Eka. “Sometimes I do.” “Well I can’t. It is dangerous to my health to go for a moment without Dr. Gerry. I literally breathe him. I guess it is time to hook you up Simbi, so you would know how magical love is.” “What does that mean Eka? Are you passing a dig at me?” Simbi grabbed a text book next to her and went after her. Eka sprang to her feet, yelling as she ran out of the room.
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