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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Episode 4 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest
writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.EPISODE 4
Gabriel cruized in his grey hyundai sonata. Music blared from the car stereo, he was listening to a latest single by Tekno, a Nigerian artist. He drove down the street of Abuja for several minutes, nodding at intervals to the sensational melody.
He was enjoying his stay in Nigeria, as a matter of fact he had no plans of leaving anytime soon.
He was on his way to a bank, Nathan’s pester for money was becoming to much lately. He’d transfered some cash to him two months ago. Its high time the boy start working! He however couldn’t complain, he’d promised to make up for not attending Nathan’s graduation ceremony.
He really wished he made it. If wishes were horses, he would definitely have a sweet ride. No need crying over spilt milk, the event happened months ago. The only memories he had of it were the pictures and short videos Nathan forwarded via whatsapp chat.
Suddenly, the car’s speed reduced drastically, after a quick sound that sounded as like stream of gases were released.
The spedometer reading decreased to 50km/hr.
Gabriel raised his brows. Judging by the fuel guage, there was still much fuel, besides the car was new, it shouldn’t develop faults yet.
He pulled over by a walkway, then alighted. The sun was at its peak, showering hot rays. The weather wasn’t helping too, it was the month of march, yet no rain had dropped, giving heat undesirable prominence.
Gabriel scanned the car there was no visible fault, he walked to the opposite end, it was then he realised one of the tyres was deflated. Geez! He still had a long way to go.
He looked around, it was crystal clear no mechanic shop was closeby. He looked at the tyre again and hissed.
He contemplated leaving the car and taking a cab. No! He wouldn’t do such, Abuja was famous for its high population of car snatchers seeing an empty car would be a road cut short.
“hello” a voice greeted from behind. Jerking him from land of reverie.
Oh! Who is that agent of annoyance, what do the want this time?
He turned angrily to meet a smiling male figure. The man was plausibly an american, owing to his polished accent and creamy skin.
“how may i help?” Gabriel demanded rudely.
The american pointed to the ground. Gabriel’s eyes followed the trail, he saw nothing! He stooped his head to aid clearer vision.
The american wore dark hawkers shade. He straightened his right fingers, he used its edge to strike Gabriel on the neck. Gabriel rose more angrily. Quickly the man stricked Gabriel below his jaw and above his adam’s apple.
Gabriel fell unconscious in his waitinp arm. The american dude dragged Gabriel into a waiting black honda.
It was a joyful graduation for everyone. Leturah’s mother came along with Jenny’s family. There was no end to the old woman’s happiness, she danced her joy out on that fateful day, ignoring the attentions her off-key dance drew.
Madison was the happiest mum on earth, it was a good thing witnessing her dear son’s graduation.
She’d threw him a party, inviting anyone who deemed to care. Nathan graduated with a second class. Letty passed out with a first class, the instituition awarded her with cash prizes running to six digits and beyond.
Madison wasn’t willing to let Nathan travel down to Nigeria. The young man was persistent, she’d finally let him off the hooke, more because he would under Gabriel’s care. On the contrary, Gabriel wasn’t in support of Nathan’s decision. Nathan stubbornly made his way into the country, he’d stayed in a Nigerian hotel for two weeks before he’d finally rented a suitable apartment with the help of Letty and Jenny.
The trio met accidentally at shoprite. Letty was the most surprised. He’d never told her about it. She was curious, he’d simply told her he wanted to get used to Nigeria as they would live there when they’d finally tied the knot.
She’d gladly bought his explanation, she was glad their relationship was taking a step…no a sprint further.
Nathan didn’t cherish the fact that he lied, however he wouldn’t be caught dead letting the cat out of the bag.
What next?


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