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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Episode 6 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog
guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEnextPISODE 6
He laid on a pool chair beside a love shaped swimming pool. It was his favourite reclining spot. Sean cherished the impeccable freshness that accompanied the night breeze. His huge house had other nice spots but he preferred the pool side. Beside being pleasant, it was situated in a relatively highland, giving him a clear view of surrounding houses. That way he could easily watch for any suspicious neighbour. So far, his neighbours were operating the ‘on your own’ platform. Much to his delight.
Today wasn’t like other days. Rather than reclining, and probably easing his nerves, the young man was in deep thoughts. If he could turn the hands of time, he wouldn’t have told Gabriel he was a spy. Really he’d let his guards off. Indeed blood was thicker! He was concerned with Gabriel’s safety.
He couldn’t place why all of a sudden the CIA were after him. He’d fought some of their agents off Gabriel’s back a couple of times, without the latter’s knowledge.
He was on a top secret mission the CIA interferring didn’t sound good. He himself had second thoughts about the job albeit he had no option. It was a way of paying Evgeni (the mafia boss) back. Pay back indeed! He wasn’t indepted to anyone! He’d preferred it if he’d died to having a new face and identity. His new face seemed a little more handsome but he didn’t like it! If wishes had the power to change things, he would get his old face back.
Speaking of Borya Evgeni. That man is as dangerous as green snakes hidden in green trees. The more reason he didn’t want Gabriel getting involved, it was a good thing he’d declined being sean’s spy assistant. Sean woundn’t push him either.
He was still basking in his ocean of thoughts when he heard soft thuds from behind, interrupting his reverie.
“hi” Ciara greeted with a smile.
Ciara was his girlfriend….no he shouldn’t refer to her as that….yes he should. Aigo what was he thinking? This girl is driving him Crazy. He had many of them, the feeling was always faked. He hadn’t experienced real love people like him shouldn’t, the aftermath was always dangerous. He wasn’t sure he would hold on to this conviction for long. There was this special connection he always felt towards her.
“where have you been?” Michael asked.
Ciara walked up to him and sat on his lap. “having a feel of the city”
“you like Nigeria?” he asked.
Ciara nodded. “i think i do”
sean heaved. The lady was weighty she should know this before seating on people’s lap. He rested his head on the chair for extra support.
“you know, i was told my biological father is a Nigerian….perhaps his dead by now”
Ciara’s interest was piqued. Sean rarely talked about his father. He’d always change the topic each time she drive at it. Why now? Was it ’cause he’s in Nigeria?
“you never can tell. You may run into each other in a market”
sean chuckled. He hadn’t even seen the man before, how on earth would he recognize him?
“you think i wanna see him?” he asked rhetorically.
He raised his head. Ciara knew what was up next she wouldn’t let it. She had to find a way of keeping him awake some more. She loved his company especially his unique lifestyle.
“a party is scheduled for all stake holders in the Nigerian oil industry. I’m 95% sure target would be there”
“i recieved an invitation. We’d attend together” Sean replied.
His concluding word almost got swallowed in a yawn.
Ciara gently brought down the hand he used in covering his lip while yawning.
She leaned towards him, her head made the movement as her lip searched for his.
Sean shifted his head, planted a peck on her cheek and got up.
“there is work to do”
Ciara frowned disappointedly.
“don’t we have a life? When would we have time for ourselves like other couples?”
sean smiled. “sweet dreams” he blew her a kiss.
Ciara opened her palm as if she could trap the invisible kiss. She folded her fingers having ‘traped’ the kiss.
“i’d take this for tonight. Tomorrow its you i want else i’d kick you butt” she replied.
Sean smiled and strode inside.
What next?


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