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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Episode 7 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part of it
should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
Nathan had dinner at IGP Nwabodo’s residence. The family braced him with a warm welcome. He really felt at home among them. They were just too kind considering the fact they’d not met before. Especially Mrs Nneka, Jenny’s mum. She’d called Jenny to the kitchen while others were in the living room, she’d secretly asked her daughter if they were dating. Disappointingly, Jenny replied in the negative. Ever since her return from the united states her mum would seize every opportunity to advice her about marriage, jenny took her words with a pinch of salt. ‘make the woman free her jare’ she didn’t graduate just so she would get married. Marriage is just a tip of the iceberg there is more to life, she would enjoy her life to the fullest. The right man would come in due time. Besides it seemed she had no luck with relationships. The two relationships she had in the past went sour for no significant reason!
Nathan had first visited Letty in her family house. They’d gisted for a while. He didn’t get to meet Letty’s mum, the woman was in the market at that time. Jenny also dropped by she’d intended asking Letty accompany her to a shopping mall but ignored her initial plans because of Nathan. She’d insisted they go to her family house too. Nathan didn’t hesitate afterall he had nothing important to do, besides he wanted to get familiarised with the state. He guessed an inspector general’s house was an incredible start.
Mr. Nwabodo was the first to empty his plate of rice. His wife quickly dished out some more from a large ceramic bowl. He husband wasn’t a fan of rice, he’d better have his favourite dish of ‘akpu and bitter leaf soup’ she’d instructed the chief cook not to prepare it ’cause of Nathan. He wasn’t just a visitor, an oyibo visitor! First impression matters alot, she’d made sure the cook did his best in preparing the meal.
“don’t you like the food? You aren’t eating” the IGP muttered. Nathan had been eating at snail pace. He smiled “i’m eating sir. The meal is delicious. I like it”
Nneka gave a soft chuckle.
“thats how he eats” Letty chiped in. Nathan looked at her, she winked. He replied with a smile and continued eating.
Both men were panting profusely like farmers chased by a level 100 monster. Ciara covered the gap between them. Her left hand stretched to Michael the other lightly touching Gabriel’s chest.
Gabriel was accousted by some men. They’d asked him strange questions of course his replies weren’t satisfactory. They were overly inquisitive. Gabriel had turned his back to depart, just then he felt a kick on his back, a fight ensued. He couldn’t even defeat any of them, they seemed so trained.
All of a sudden Michael appeared from the winds, he’d fought them off easily.
Breaking their bones, he’d spared their lives the wounded men took to their heels, scathering in different directions.
Gabriel sustained an injury, Michael brought him home and treated him with materials from a first aid box.
His ‘thank you’ came as a punch which michael hadn’t anticipated, they’d started another fight, raising their voices as they spoke to each other. It took Ciara great effort to separate them.
“instead of sorting things out you’ar both fighting! Would it change anything?” she queried with all seriousness disappointment lingered in her voice.
Michael spared her no attention he walked to a couch and sat on it.
“you know Gabriel. We haven’t met before, i care about you ’cause you’ar sean’s brother. There is no point dragging this, you only need to be our assistant thats all.”
Gabriel slowly brought her hand down from his chest. “i agreed to be a criminal to take revenge on my brother’s death. Now that i know he is alive, i don’t wanna have anything to do with crime”
“you think i want your life to be dirty? You’ar in the trap already, the only way out is to trade softly.” Michael replied from the couch.
“Adewale wouldn’t let you off the hook so easily. The CIA are after you, if they find out about dark horses. You may go to jail!” he continued.
Gabriel heaved a sigh. He was unsure what next to do. Seems he really was trapped. How did he get himself into this? If he hadn’t craved for revenge maybe this wouldn’t have happened. Oh god, why did you let him make in the spur of the moment decision?
“what do i have to do?” he asked.
Ciara and Michael smiled.
“come, i’d show you”
* three hours later *
They were at the Nigerian national oil summit. A party organized by the minister of petroleum and natural resources. Its purpose was to foster the existing relationship between local and international oil companies operating in Nigeria.
The party was strictly by invitation, guests flooded the conference hall. Some were seen holding cocktails, others were seated making noise!
“right now, lets invite the president glint glow international” said a stout man standing on the podium. He was listing top ten investors and contributors to the Nigerian oil industry.
Sean, clad in black tux, a thin dark tie and shiny europian shoes stepped to the podium. He walked like a model, his footsteps reeked affluence!
His smiles seemed to fuel claps the more. He recieved the mic and motioned the people to stop.
“good evening everyone. I trust we’ar all having a good time. I feel greatly honoured that my company is considered worthy appearing on the list. My joy wouldn’t be complete unless i invite to the podium, the backbone of my success. Ladies and gentle men welcome with me, Michael Robertson.” sean joined in clapping. Gabriel walked majestically to the podium. He was wearing diamond earing and mont blanc wrist watch. His shirt was half unbuttoned. Revealing some part of his chest.
Michael stepped aside, handing the mic to him.
He delivered a short speech. He was the owner of glint glow company, a company he’d inherited from his late father. He didn’t know the ropes so he let sean his closest cousin to man the company for the meantime.
He was done talking, thanked the people and gave the mc the mic
“be free, compose yourself. No matter what happens next just be yourself”
michael transmitted to him via the diamond earring.
He stylishly lifted his ring to his mouth. “yes” he whispered.
“i never knew you own the company” general dominic muttered when sean strode and sat in the VIP wing.
“alot of people don’t”
Gabriel replied.
His eyes quick searched the wing. He couldn’t see colonel kassim.
He looked left, the man was seating next to him. He smiled happily.
“hi” he muttered. Taking the man’s hand for a shake.
Ciara was on a chair beside a round table. A dark complexioned dude sat next to her. He was such a pester! She rested her head on the table feigning headache. In the real sense she was capturing an image on her iphone.
“not complete, go down a little” she whispered.
Gabriel shoke kassim’s hand letting his fingers touch every bit of the colonel’s finger.
Ciara smiled as a skeletal image of kassim’s finger appeared on her iphone. She saw limns of the signet ring, it made her heart limp for joy.
“okay” she whispered to Gabriel.
“drink baby! Its a party day” sean said to ‘his new chic’ the lady smiled. “lets dance”
just then his phone buzzed. It was a text message.
“signet ring spotted with Kassim. Whats next?” sender: Ciara.’
“for now, just monitor him” Michael whispered to his collar.
“he just got up. Heavily guarded by the army” Ciara quickly replied. The time was too short for a text message.
“get ready” mike relayed.
“excuse my cutie” he pecked the lady and got up.
What next!


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