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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Episode 7 | Tochi (Love Story)

The story titled "Tochi"story was written for your great pleasures.
.No part of it should be

in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.

Episode 7

She was dressed on a dark blue skinny jeans trouser with a white singlet on top. Over the singlet she wore a grey hooded long sleeve shirt. Her hairs were partly covered by the hood as some of it ran down a part of her face covering a bit of her eyes. Her face shone like the mid morning sun only out shined by the glitter of her lovely eyes. In summary, she was to die for.
A thousand thoughts ran through my mind as i let her in. I just stared at her as she stood there. Michael Jacksons speechless kept ringing in my head. Only then i came to realize what he meant in that song.
“Hi” she said waving like i wasn’t seeing her.
“Sorry, forgive my manners, please sit down” i said pointing towards the only settee in the room.
She walked to the bed and sat on it disregarding the chair. I sat on the bed too keeping a little distance between us. I stared at her and she stared back. She appeared calm which is more than I can say about myself. We stared on for like 20 seconds but to me it seemed like a lifetime. Then she looked away staring around at the room
“Nice room” she said jostling me back to reality.
“Thank you” i said trying to calm my nerves. “How were u able to locate where i lived?” I asked her.
“Hmmm, i asked around and it turned out a lot of people knew you” she said
“And what did you ask about?” I asked really glad we were making a conversation
“Hmmm, actually i asked about a certain tall fair guy that barbs galaxy which he usually forgets to comb with a little hair on his chin ” she said touching her head and chin in a funny way. We both laughed.
” But its true naa” she said in between laughter.
” But some people think the hair is cute” i replied looking into her eyes
” well i never said it wasn’t cute, i was only trying to say i could borrow you my hair comb if yours is not ok too” she said smiling.
“Oh, its true, your pen” i said getting up and walked to our reading table and picked up the pen. I tried giving it to her,
“No, you can keep it, i just wanted to know where you lived and don’t get flattered by that please” she smiled at me
I said thanks and smiled back.
“I’m going” she said and got up.
“Thanks for coming” i said touching her hand. As she headed for the door i called her eva, she stopped and looked back. I walked up to her, looking in her eyes i asked “can we be friends?” I asked nervously.
“I don’t pay my enemies visits” she said half smiling
I held her hands and pulled her closer gently… “I meant this…” I said and put my lips against hers. She didn’t resist. We kissed as long as 5 seconds and she withdrew her lips and headed towards the door as i watched with the greatest joy i had ever known in my heart.
“I’m going, and don’t bother walking me out, you look like something straight out of a ghost dream ” she said as she walked out of the door.
I crashed on the bed and shut my eyes, my lips broke into a big smile.
I thought i heard someone walk into the room, i tried opening my eyes but everywhere was blurred. I closed my eyes again, rubbed my hands against them and opened them again, i saw stella.
“Why are you smiling in your sleep” she said looking down at me on the bed
“F--k!!” I said and jumped up. Jesus!, another Eva dream, i thought angrily and looked up at stella.
What next?


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