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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Episode 8 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest writer
'INVINCIBLE'.No part of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.

he wondered why prominent men had to be guarded like treasures from heaven! Colonel Kassim was surrounded by five guards, some of which were special police officers.
The man got police protection in addition to the soldiers assigned to him ever since he recieved a national honour for ‘something good’.
His house wasn’t the least guarded, the security in his villa was tight. It could favourably compete with that of aso rock.
The rick were treated like dragon eggs while the poor who were to get police protection had little or none of it.
Its high time the society understood that crime roots from the helpless masses; they should be the ones protected!
Sean shrugged it was none of his business. He wasn’t some sort of public councellor.
Kassim and his men stepped out of the main door; an exit from the party hall.
Sean walked behind them in his covertible. His head was bent to avoid selling his face to the ever waiting cctv cameras.
He took silent steps, intervally hiding behind obstacles.
Colonel Kassim walked down the hallway to god knows where. Certainly he wasn’t leaving the tower ’cause there wasn’t any exit in the hallway besides the party was still very much young.
Kassim smiled as he walked. The national conference tower held a fantastic view. Its interior and exterior deco was something to write home about.
It was owned by the fedral government of Nigeria. The minister of tourism proposed commercialising the tower. Colonel Kassim heard of it before it even got leaked to the public.
It was a good opportunity to make cool cash, the tower wasn’t only for conferences, it was also an international recreation centre. He was inspecting it so he’d know its value, that way he’d bid properly.
A lady walked towards them, she was taking quick steps. He couldn’t make the outline of her face, she was on chineese cut; strands of hair covered her face significantly.
Her skin was creamy he bet she was Asian. The distance between them was almost closing he must give it to her she was a sexy walker! The colonel found himself smiling foolishly.
Instead of paving way the lady approached them head to head. No one does that! She may be a foreigner but it wasn’t a platform for her to act rudely. Kassim frowned. Before he could open his mouth to speak two of his guards stood before him, obstructing her way.
“excuse me?” the lady muttered.
A mean looking guard
gave her an evil stare then moved his heavy head rightwards, showing her a narraw space to walk through.
“let her…..” Kassim’s voice trailed off when both guards fell almost at the same time. Ciara had given them upper cuts, with her right and left fists respectively.
The colonel’s eyes widened.
What were the guards behind waiting for? They’ar so dead! He thought. He turned only to get another shocker. The two other guards were on their knees small pins lingering from their necks. What the f--k! How incompetent his guards were.
The remaining guard vibrated with fear. Seeing the colonel’s expression he knew he had to act against his will.
He charged agressively towards Ciara. She held his hand and sent a punch into his ribs, a kick from her leg landed on his g---n. He fell after an upper cut. The lady seemed to love upper cuts.
Kassim wasn’t sure either to run or display his military dexterity. He chose the latter. he was a colonel five years in military school na beans?
“who are you?” he initiated a conversation to pull her off her guard.
“not time for that” sean replied from behind. The guards kneeling weren’t doing it ’cause it was a hobby. Sean had caused it.
Kassim was in their middle. He couldn’t see their faces but he could tell from the air around that thex were ruthless. Why would foreigners want to kidnap him in his country? Was it the new strategy?
Sean took few steps further, Kassim turned to face him. He positioned himself for defence.
Suddenly Ciara grabbed both of his hands she twisted it backwards. He groaned
on his left finger was a gold signet ring. Exactly what they were after! She twisted his hand some more and smacked his elbow. His hand grew weak. She removed the ring forcefully. She tossed it to sean he grabbed it and smiled.
Loud noise erupted, men in suit with guns in their hand marched into the hallway. Whoever they were he had no idea.
“get the car” he screamed.
“cover me” Ciara replied, let go of Kassim and exited the hallway, shooting some persons as she moved.
Michael did bulk of the shooting, he was covering Ciara and protecting himself too!!!
Ciara was out of sight the men increased in number, there was no way he could take the exit. He leaned behind a piller shooting. He’d memorised the tower blue print. He made his way through a spiral stair case. Soon he was at balcony in the 2nd floor.
He looked downwards he could see red lights of a car. ‘Huuu’ he screamed as he jumped into the open roof car. He landed with a thud.
‘were you hurt?’
‘not at all’ Ciara said


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