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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Episode 9 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest
writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.EPISODE 9
“are you sure you’ar okay?” Letty asked for the fourth time. She couldn’t help but worry. Nathan hadn’t been his normal self all through the party. He held a straight face, barely talked or laugh to jokes thrown by ‘Bovi’ one of the entertainers at the party. Quite unlike him.
She’d tried initiating conversation, his replies weren’t encouraging. They were either hummed or monosyllabic. What was wrong with him? He wasn’t this way before they left Mr. Nwabodo’s residence. Was he sick of parties? Had he taken poison? No she shouldn’t let her mind drift thus far.
He is fine! She soothed herself by his previous replies.
Nathan looked at her he faked a smile. “i’m okay. Just a little tired, thats all”
she knew that smile wasn’t geniune! She had known him long enough to interprete his emotion. It was obvious he was not ready to talk about his problem, she wouldn’t push him any further.
“okay. Good night” was her blunt reply.
Nathan cupped her neck with his right hand. “don’t worry yourself sick, you know i wouldn’t want that. I’m fine okay my love?”
Letty nodded like a toddler, gracing her lips with a smile.
Nathan smiled back. He pecked Letty on her head. “dream of me. sweet dreams Jenny.” he said and alighted from the car.
The friends waved him goodbye then drove off.
Nathan into the house he fell on a couch erupting a faint thud.
The lights were on he’d forgot to switch it off before leaving the house earlier.
It was Jenny’s idea that they attend the party with her father, Nwabodo who was given an invitation.
The party was well planned everyone around there reeked riches. The conference tower was a place to be! Nathan’s excitement about the party was fueled when ‘ Michael Robertson’ was announced president of glint glow international.
Michael wasn’t dead! He saw him with his eyes. The young man was delighted he couldn’t wait to tell his mum about it, oh! How happy she would be.
Nathan had tried accessing the VIP wing when ‘michael was done with his speech and had retired to his seat. To his chagrin he was almost embarrased by a security man. The security threatened to throw him out of the party after he’d insisted to see Michael in the VIP wing. He could flawlessly beat the obviously – weed-striken security man, but thought against it, it would have been a dent on Nwabodo’s image.
The angered young man had patiently waited for the party to call it a night. Amazingly, it took shorter than he envisaged. The party was finally over, unfortunately he lost trail of ‘ Michael’ mike was the first to leave the VIP wing. He’d scurried the crowd for him, all his efforts were casted in a beck!
He lost hope of seeing Mike that night, he took consolation in the fact that his brother was alive. In his search for Michael he lost Jenny and Letty. He’d briskly walked to the parking lot. There he saw Michael stepping in a black lamborghini. “Michael! Michael!” he had screamed his lungs. His screams were not significant, they only contributed in making him appear mad.
A yawn jolted Nathan to an island save of thoughts. Why was he yawning anyway? He definitely wasn’t hungry. As a matter of fact, his belly was threatening to burst his abs paved way for a shiny abdomen. He ate two plates of rice to prove to Mr. Nwabodo that the meal was delicious. He’d vowed not to eat at the party albeit the salivating and tongue arresting dishes served with exotic drinks at the party made him ate some more. Now he had to pay for it! He was feeling sleepy there was now way he would sleep without burning some calories.
He rose from the couch, stooping for push ups. He did only three and collapsed. He had no strength for such.
He reached for his infinix. And typed ‘glint glow international’ in the google box.
The elevator projected to a halt. Gabriel waited two second for its door to divide open. He stepped out gently as if his shoe was an enemy to the white tiles. Black tux hung on his left shoulder.
He ran into Abu, the latter seemed startled to see him.
Gabriel spared him no word, he walked past him. Abu looked at the retreating figure and frowned.
“where are you coming from?”
Gabriel stopped. “don’t you watch tv? I’m from a party, it was broadcasted live” he replied without facing Abu.
“i see”
abu replied.
Gabriel grinned and continued towards his apartment in Crystal.
He wasn’t sure if his cover as Michael would hold water in the nearest future. He saw Nathan at the party, the kid mistook him for Michael, he didn’t blame him for it, everybody did!
He’d evaded Nathan ’cause the boy could differentiate between the real Michael and him. Geez! What was Nathan doing at the party? He’d warn that boy never to visit Nigeria. How stubborn!!!

Katarina lay on his bed sleeping. He looked at her a satisfactory smile perched his lips. She was now his! Michael already had another girlfriend. Being a twin wasn’t that bad afterall, atleast it fetched him a hot sexy and skillful female specimen. What else would a hot blooded male ask for?
He flung his tux on a desk, whilst seating gently on the bed. He felt hands on his back. She wasn’t sleeping all these while! She held her hand and turned to face her. She smiled he grinned.
They stared at each other’s eyes for several seconds without uttering a word.
“hi” Gabriel got hold of himself.
“i saw the broadcast.
You never told me you own a company” Katarina tossed.
Adewale removed a large earphone from his ear. He had been listening to the conversation flowing from Michael’s room.
He kept tabs on all his agents, sometimes unknown to them.
He tapped a button on his desk. A wireless mic popped out.
“report at my room now! Agent M.” he muttered into the speaker.
Gabriel was still speaking with Katarina when a voice interrupted. They looked round the room there was no sign of communication devices, however Gabriel knew it was the boss. He wondered why the boss wanted him by this time of the day.
“your father. Excuse me” he said and walked out.
General dominic struck his fist hard against a brown ceramic vase that housed a pink rose. The vase had no choice than to shatter in unarrangeble pieces. The man was mad, it was boldly printed on his face.
“do you know the gravity of this?” he ranted.
They were in a room with Colonel Kassim and Ifeanyi the business tycoon.
Vice president Stephen wasn’t a part of their meeting.
“why do you think i told you immediately?” Kassim threw back.
The general was breathing rapidly and uneasily.
“make sure you find that ring. It shouldn’t get to the hands of….oh god!” he punched a frame on the wall.
“thats why we are here. We must mobilise everything within and without our power to find that ring” Ifeanyi replied.
General Dominic bit his lower lip, from the start he knew the ring wasn’t safe with Kassim. Why hadn’t he done something about it? What a mess!
The signet ring wasn’t what it seemed. It was a high tech device, actually a flash carved into a ring for portable carriage. When the ring is straightened, the flash appears. The flash contained top secrets that were potentially dangerous
What next?


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