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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Actress Opeyemi Celebrates Son As He Turns Plus One Today

The 27th of September is one of those days I look back at my life and I weep🤣. I weep not becos I am sad 😭 but tears of joy 😂 cos I know in the deepest part of my heart that am blessed to have u my sweetest dearest cutest champ 👨‍🏫Oluwasemilori David as a son💋❤️. U came into my life and u just sealed my joy, u made ur dad @olasexcy n I complete, u made ur big bro complete by not letting him be by himself. When I look at u my son I see a reflection of the best of me. Ure the best of me in masculine form💋❤️. People look at u and say,' prof doesn't smile a lot little do they know that u don't cos ur smiles are always genuine, pure, straight from ur heart and sincere💋. People look at u and say, oh prof acts like a solider😁,little do they know that is just because ure my strict,firm, unpatronising, real, disciplined n true lil man💋. People look at u and say, oh prof isn't so fashionable, little do they know that it's just becos as little as u are u understand that socially acceptable fashion shldnt define ur personality💋👏🏾💋. People say, oh Prof 👨‍🏫 is an introvert, little do they know that u just are too intelligent and understand that being as gentle as a dove, quick to hear n slow to speak is divine in building u into a valuable , respectable world leader and champion🎊👊🏼💋. Oh my 👨‍🏫, my cute champ🏆🏅, my 2nd fruit, my 2nd Prince Charming 💋❤️ here's wishing u a happy birthday 🎉🎂🎁, long life, divine wisdom, knowledge , understanding n health 🙏🏼😇. Continue to be our source of joy & a blessing to ur generation n generations to come🙏🏼 love u supa loads mini masculine me💋❤️♥️.


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