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Monday, 4 September 2017

Episode 10 | My Adaobi ( Short Story)

The story titled "Adaobi" is a pure fiction written for your great pleasures by our guest writer
.No part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied
to other sites without the approval of the writer. For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.

Episode 10
She jumped on me with so much force that i staggered back. I lifted her and swung her 360°, twice and then held her. We squeezed each other hard like we couldn’t get enough of each other and true, i can’t ever get enough of her.
“Quincy i missed you so much” she said as she held me
“I missed you too, i’m sorry for everything”
She cut me short and planted her lips on mine, we kissed for a while before she dragged me into the house. She took me to a room, small in size and scarcely furnished. I sat on the bed while she sat on me and rested her head on my shoulder.
All those times we were apart, the times that i have missed, all together can not measure up to the joy of being with her once again. Her skin on mine, the feeling, the touch, i loved Ada and only the heavens could help me.
“What are you doing back here? ”
” my father came for the governor’s visit and i came to look for you”
“Will you go back today?”
“I don’t think so”
“Hmm, i wish i can go with you”
“I can talk to my father, he may accept, i don’t want to stay so long without you again”
“It’s no longer possible, maybe it could have worked in the past but not anymore ”
” Ada why? ”
” Nothing, let us forget about it”.
She sealed my mouth shut with hers, pushed down on the bed and unbuttoned my shirt. I pulled the zip to her gown and unhooked her bra, pulling it off her. I lay her gently on the bed and kissed her passionately.
“Adaobi! ” someone shouted. We jumped up and an elderly woman was facing us.
“Adaobi what are you doing?” she asked with her mouth wide open.
“Mama nothing”.
“Papa Adaobi come and see o, come and see your useless daughter what she is doing ” she was screaming as she left the room, probably to call papa Adaobi.
” Come lets go” Ada said as she dressed up, still confused, i sat on the bed mopping. Ada pulled me up from the bed and we ran out through the the back door. All the way, we ran blindly, Ada leading me, grabbing me by my hand like i was going to disappear if she didn’t.
We went through a path that i never knew, narrow and curving into more narrow bushy baths until we ended up at the stream where we had our first s-x….
[]We went into the water, stripped down to our inner wears, holding each other, we basked in the euphoria of past memory, the pleasure, the laughter, the pain and the happiness. Love triumphed above all else, we were with each other and that was all that mattered, there was no fears, no regrets, just our love for each other and it was in quantum.
Inside the water we found peace and calm, we bonded in a way neither of us could explain, we didn’t want to leave the water, i wished we could stay there forever.
We were soon out of the water,we dressed up and went deeper into the bushes, we needed solitude.
“Why did you come looking for me” she asked me after we had been walking silently for some time..
“I missed you, i thought i was going to die if i didn’t see you ”
” I missed you too, i wish i never left but i had to ”
” I understand ”
We sat on a felled tree and i cuddled her to myself. We were silent for a long time, not because we didn’t know what to say to each other, we cherished the silence to whatever word there was to say.
” Where is your father? ” she asked
” At the Palace ”
” waiting for the governor? ”
” yes”
“Hmm, the marriage won’t hold”
“Why do you say that? ”
” Because i’m the bride to be”
It flew past my ear like a little fly. Maybe it was because of the causal way she had said it, maybe its because i thought it the most impossible thing that can happen.
“What do you mean you are the bride? ” i asked, pulling her up to face me
” I’m the one the governor is going to marry”.
“How?, that’s not possible, your age, Ada don’t joke like this ”
” I’m not joking ” she was crying “i know i’m too young to marry him but my father doesn’t care. He saw me as a commodity and he sold me” she cried and i held her. I was hurt, devastated to say the least, i didn’t know what to do but i knew what i wouldn’t do and that would be stand aside and watch someone else take her away from me, i was not going to let her go again and definitely not to marry a man few years younger than her father.
“What are we going to do? ” i asked her
” i don’t know, few hours ago, i had decided to resign myself to whatever life and fate threw at me but now that you are here Quincy, i’m not going anywhere without you, i would rather die than do that Quincy ”
She gripped me tight and sobbed. I wasn’t saved the emotion, i realized my eyes were wet, i didn’t want to cry, i just wanted to be strong and console her.
” We are here now, we won’t go where they would see us, they can’t find us here and when they are done, they can all go to hell and burn” she said, a firm determination had replaced the sorrows that had littered her face, but the tears were still there and were still falling. I wiped her face and held it to my chest and closed my eyes.
A glance at my watch placed the time at 2pm. I picked my phone and called my father.
“Hello where are you? Are you still coming?”
“No dad”
“Why? ”
” I want you to come home, i need to tell you something”
“Quincy don’t be silly, i can’t come home now, the marriage rights will soon commence and i need to be here”
“There won’t be any marriage ”
” Why, what do you mean?”
“Come home first”
“What, Quincy are you alright? ” he sounded worried
” Come home ” i said and dropped the call before he could say anything else. We were on our way back. Ada had decided she wasn’t going to run anymore, it was her life and nobody was going to make her decisions for her. She was going to go home and tell it to their face…what next


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