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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Episode 13 | All that glitters( Episodic Story)

The story titled "All that glitters" was written for your great pleasures
to learn more from the

true life story of a friend.
.No part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied
to other sites without the approval of the writer. For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.

Episode 13
°°°lets defend our school°°°
“mom I’m going now”
sonia called after her mom as she stepped out of the door
“okay soso,,,do your best,,,win the biggest medals o”
her mom yelled back at her
sonia smiled at her mothers cheesiness as she stepped out of the house
she’d trek from here to nkova then pass kari streets before getting to school
it wasn’t that far
just a 10 minutes walk
as she walked down
her smile increased when she saw someone stepping out of the house
and locking his door
she waved at him
but he simply looked away
she lowered her hand slowly
as her smile dissapeared
she turned
and draggly continued her walk
not after taking too much steps
her name got called
she recognised his voice
she thought about feigning and pretendinh like she didn’t hear
atleast she hollered him first and he did the exact thing
so in a way she was justified
**but is it really nec-”
while she was still contemplating
Muna reached for her shoulders and turned her around
“is everything alright,,,I called your name but you seemed deep in thought”
he quizzed her
she stared into his brown eyes and didn’t utter a single word
she noticed he had a new haircut something like a wavy punk
it was very fitting for him
Muna blinked
she revved
“yeah! yeah! ,,,good morning,,,how was your night”
Muna raised an eyebrow
the day she will really collapse is the day he will see trouble
there was this dreadful feeling he had about sonia having an asthma attack around him
“fine,,,you’re going to school right,,,I’m also headed there ,,,”
sonia looked puzzled at him
“you want to walk with me to school”?
Muna peered at her
“unhuh,,! is anything wrong with that”
she shrugged her shoulders
“I don’t know,,,I mean I waved at you but you acted like you didn’t even see me”
Muna started
“oh that,,sorry its this morning sun,,,I can’t really see well during the day,,,I saw someone waving,, but I couldnt recognise it was you,,so I thought it was a mistake”
they started walking down the road
sonia quizzed him
“can’t see well during the day,,,?,,,that’s abnormal o Muna,,,because,,,I know you can see clearly at night more than anybody,,,so what’s now the problem with daylight”
as she asked him she gasped and stopped
she place her hand on her mouth as she whispered
“Muna are you a vampire”
Muna burst out laughing at her naive comments
(wow,,,so he actually laughs)
sonia just stared and smiled at his openess with her
she missed the times when they use to chat freely like this
Muna started
“sonia pls,,,don’t tell me you are one of those people too”
she looked questioningly at him
“which people”
he replied her
“the believers now!,,those ones who think all these stupid film trick rubbish exist,,,werewolves,,zombies blah blah blah”
sonia looked down at her feet then said
“well who knows,,,you don’t know what kind of stuff maybe out there?”
“out where”?
she gestured with her hand
“as in out in the world”
Muna raised an eyebrow and asked her
“have you been hanging around with that freaky classrep,,,cos you are starting to sound like him”
sonia simply smiled
Muna revved and told her
“look there are only two things that I am sure are solid in this world,, and they are “Dogs” and “thugs”
sonia scrunched her face and quizzed
“what sort of logic is that”
he shrugged his shoulders
“its muna’s logic,,,I can’t explain further”
she revved
“but seriously,,,why is your eyesight bad during the day”
he breathed out and said
“well its a kind of eye defect,,,have you heard of hemarolopia before”
sonia shook her head
Muna continued
“when I was little,,,I remember one time my dad took me to the optician,,,and they said i had hemarolopia,,,an inability to see clearly in bright light,,,”
sonia peered at him
“its like a situation where the iris is defectively pigmented,,,its also called heliophobia,,,or day blindness”
sonia nodded her head as he spoke
then he changed the topic
“so ,,,inter school sports today right,,,I heard you are the captain of the female volleyball team”
she nodded her head as a small smile danced on her lips
it soothed her to know that he actually knew about that
in a concerned tone Muna added
“ehm,,,just try not to push yourself too hard,,,you know with the whole jumping and running eh”
sonia felt touched that he was concerned about her
it was nice knowing
that atleast he had her in mind
she assured him as she said
“don’t worry my inhaler will always be closeby when I’m playing ” she flashed him a smile
Muna flinched a little as he watched her smile
just then a thought came to sonia and she decided to ask
“urh,,,did you like the porridge I gave you that day”
Muna slowed his steps a little as his mind flashed back to the barda porridge he was given
**urgh,,,that punk Mike ate the whole thing**
he thought
he anxiously replied her
“um but I didn’t eat much,,,I couldn’t finish it,,,I didn’t know when that crazy Mike took the dish and ate it all”
she peered at him
“its ok Muna,,,but you tasted it right was it good”
Muna revved
“yeah it was quite good,,,delicious actually.,,tell you mom i’d like another plate if she can”
sonia smiled and nodded
if only he knew she made it herself
if only he knew she specially prepared it just for him
they passed through nkova layout and entered Kari street
school was just up ahead
the assembly was breif and light
probably because of the games scheduled to hold today
even the teachers spared no effort in rushing their classes
Everyone looked forward to the inter schools
(well apart from some un-interested cleansweepers)
rand high school was chosen as the host of the inter school sports probably because of their large field and up to date sporting equipments
Upto twenty different schools will be arriving to participate in the competition
it was free period now
and immediately after the next bell all the students would head out to the feild,,,both those competing and those who were not
it was the rules
Muna brought out his phone and started playing an RPG game as Mike and a student were discussing
he was so engrossed in the game he didn’t notice someone already sat beside him
it was until he percieved the orange perfume he turned to the side and saw halima staring at him
“urh,,,is there a problem”
halima chuckled
“you always say that”,,,”how about you just say how are you babe”
Muna raised an eyebrow at her
“it’ll still lead me back to the first question tho”
halima chuckled again and shifted closer
her boobs were brushing his shoulders
she started speaking in a coy tone
“your hairstyle is amazing”
“well thank you” Muna replied
and focused back on his game
“did you get my message yesterday” she quizzed him
he looked up
” you were the one who said hello?”
she leaned closer
“after the whole “hello,,, how was your night” ,,,I sent another message,,,something kinky,,,didn’t you read it”
Muna gave some space and replied
“I must have slept by that time”
she rolled her eyes
“and you didn’t pick my call too”
Muna stated again
“like I said,,,I must have slept”
he returned back to his game
she shifted closer again
and started running her fingers through his hair
Muna scrunched his eyebrows
he gazed at her and asked
“is there a problem”
she smiled and replied him
“nothing I just like your hair”
Muna hummed
“thank you for liking it”
he held her hand and took it off his head
the boy Mike was chatting with observed them and said to Mike
“me ya sa duk wannan soyayya wasan” (what with the early morning loveplay)
Mike grinned and replied him
” ta saboda kyanta”
halima heard them and smiled she understood their comments
she started again
“you know I’ve chosen the topic,,,for our project,,,we should start working on it now”
Muna nodded without looking up
she continued
“its a very broad topic ,,we would need to work very close together,,,and probably everyday”
“I see”
she straightened up and said
“let’s start today,,,lemme have your address so I can meet you in your house”
Muna stopped playing and looked up
“my house”?
she scrunched her eyebrows
“yeah,,,unless you prefer comin to my house,,,(she chuckled),, I don’t mind I’m available anytime,,,but the distance is no joke”
Muna gave her a questioning look
“why don’t we just work in the library”?
she laughed
“come on,,,Muna,,,this is an assesment project,,,do you think its something we can spend just two hours on,,,”
Muna contemplated for a while
then halima continued
” I’m not saying we can’t borrow some materials from the library sometimes,,,but we would still need a private spot to study hard”
Muna wasn’t comfortable with the idea of giving out his address,,,but it seemed like she made sense with her point
halima was grinning inwardly
its a no win situation
and it made rational sense
“there is a public holiday on Tuesday,,,hope you’ll be free Tuesday” she asked
Muna sighed and nodded
“great then its fixed”
she blurted out
Mike brought out his phone and showed a text to Muna
Muna read it and looked at him then asked
“right now”?
Mike shook his head and said
“after the bell”?
halima started leaning on Muna again
but suddenly the bell rang
that signaled the begining the sport session
Muna gladly stood up without being called by Mike
“but where are you guys going” she asked them
“to the snooker room of course” Mike answered like “duh”
she framed her brows
“but they just rang the bell for the sports competitions”
,,,”aren’t you going to the field”
Mike laughed as he replied
“come on baby!,,we are musicians,,not sportsmen,,,like our boss says,,”we don’t do ish like that”
he and Muna left the class and headed to the sports room
the entire field soon got filled to the brim (no pun intended)
most of the other schools had arrived by now
their teams brandishing their different jerseys
on the other side ,,,the volleyball section had the girls getting ready for a face off sonia had dressed in her sports attire
but the shorts and shirt did very little to conceal her figure 8 curves (trust me I know)
the opposite team was also warming up
hill crest high school were the first to face our school
for the female volleyball
the football section also had the teams warmed up and ready all we waited for was the referees whistle
(I was the prestiged captain and striker of our team)
soon the match began and we were in possesion of the ball
cheers from both our school and hill crest filled the air
as we played
the hill crest were known to be ruffians but they seemed more tougher today
in less than 30 mins they’ve committed multiple fouls and 1 redcard
we played for 45 mins straight and no team had scored a goal
I heard the referee blow the whistle for halftime and I signalled my teammembers together
we chatted for a while
and we strolled to the field side towards our coach
I could hear shouts from the crowd
as students excitedly cheered on even though it was still halftime
I looked towards the crowd amd saw rita
she waved at me and gave me a thumbs up
I smiled and waved back
as we got there coach quizzed me
“ken,,,what’s wrong ,,,no goals today,,,”
I scrunched and looked at him
“sorry coach,,,but these guys are playin like its a life and death situation”
“its true coach,,,we’ve barely survived till now”
yahya added
coach brought out a new strategy for us
“this hill crest boys are a little extreme today,,,they’ve already put 3 of you on a stretcher,,,you can’t keep facing them head on”
coach looked at all of us then continued
“if we can just get to the post,,,I’m sure atleast one goal will be delivered,,,so here’s what I want you guys to do,,,”
he gave me and yahya a perfect strategy to use
the ref blew the whistle and second half started
the kick off was breif
an hill crest boy had the ball in possesion
he played with so much agility you would wonder if he took five bottles of lucozade or something
he had gotten dangerously close
but swiftly yahya stole the ball from him
and just like coach had said he tactfully made sure all attention was on him as he dribbled and snaked his way through the defence
by now everyone was sure he would soon make a powerful shot into the post and as predicted he reached a few yards to the goalkeeper and kicked it to his dirction
the keeper dived and followed the ball
but yahya’s curved shot decieved the poor keeper and it came to my unsuspecting head as I nodded it cleanly to the net
shouts of goal rang in the air as me and yahya ran over the field jubilating with our teamate
the audience was filled with cheer because of that single goal
but the clock was ticking
better to make our victory permanent by scoring more goals
we played for 25mins but we were yet to get another chance
luckily 5 mins to stoppage time
we had possesion of the ball
wasabi the third striker was moving in fast on hill crest defence he passed to yahya,,,yahya pranced around and passed to me,,,I passed back to wasabi
the three of us kept tactifully moving closer
a few feet from the post and the ball was with me
I ran fast cus I knew this was definitely another goal
the screams increased as I reached the box 18
I lobbied the ball for a shot
as I lifted one leg to shoot
I had the most blasted tackle I’ve ever witnessed in my life
(guys that play ball,,,you know when you know that someone just gave you’an ordinary tackle,,,and a time you are very sure that,,this person was trying to kill you ,,that’s how I felt that moment)
anyway,,,I’m not sure how many times I rolled in the air
but I know that when I landed on the ground ,,,the impact of the floor was not beans
the referee blew the whistle for such a notorious foul
What next?


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