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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Episode 18 | All that glitters( Episodic Story)

The story titled "All that glitters" was written for your great pleasures
to learn more from the

true life story of a friend.
.No part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied
to other sites without the approval of the writer. For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.

Episode 18..
^^Dont be cynical^^
Halima re focused on what she was writing trying to ignore his
Repulsive advances
Tamuno leaned closer and asked her
“So what about this Friday huh?,,, I could take my dads jeep and take you out ,,,we could have mad fun huh!,, what do you say”
Without looking up from what she was writing
She replied him
“Like I told you before ,,,I have more important things to do than play around town”
Tamuno seemed bewildered
“We’re not playing around,,,we are going out,,,”
“Like on a date”
Halima raised her eyebrows and asked him in a cynical manner
“What makes you think I wanna go out with you”?
Tamuno gave her a smug grin and put his nose in the Air
As he arrogantly said
” come on babe,,,I know you find me irresistible”
She looked at him and said
“Yeah,,,keep decieving yourself buddy”
She parked up her report and stood up headed to mr zaki’s office
He scrunched
“Where are you going”
She revved
“I told you before,,,I like people who take their academics serious,,,I’m headed to mr zaki’s office to submit our project report”
She turned around and said again
“The same project which we both are in the same group together,,,but yet I have not even seen a dot of your contribution”
Tamuno scrunched
She walked off
He stood up and followed her
“Let me walk you”
“Thank you,,but no thanks,,,I don’t need your company”
He smiled and replied her
“Yeah but you need my protection,,,I’m not ready to let these oogly boys anywhere around you”
She had a quizzed look on her face
Tamuno continued
“Or you think I’ve not noticed how these other boys look at you lustfully,,,,don’t worry”
He placed a hand over her shoulders
“I’ll hoard you from any gf snatcher around,,,,theyll have to answer to me”
She felt repelled by his touch
She stopped walking and simply said
“Hands off!”
Tamuno sighed and said to her
“Okay,,,how bout this,,,
After we’re done doing the fun stuffs,,,we could work on the project together in my room”
He revved
“But why not”
“I’m not interested in doing anything with you in your room”
“Then how I’m I going to input my own contribution as you suggested”
She revved
“Nope,,,no need,,,when I’m done with it I’ll put your name on the project”
She turned and faced him
“Or is that not your initial plan”
Tamuno kept mute
*Break time*
John and mike were sitting at the corridor of block c
They’ve been waiting for a long time for the other guys
“Or should we just go and cause trouble” Mike suggested
John raised his eyebrows and said
“Mike you’re begining to freak me out o,,,the other time you suggested that we both go and perforate baro’s tires,,,now you’re mentioning trouble again”
“Seriously ,,what is your bananas this morning”?!
Mike smiled and leaned back on the wall
“I don’t know man,,,ever since mr sam left life has been so easy and free”
Mike stood up and joyfully announced
“I feel rebellious!!,,, I feel like I can do whatever I like without anyone stopping me!!”
John adjusted and said
“Yeah just keep it to yourself bro,,,don’t let your excitement get to your head”
“Remember we were only paid a quarter of the entire money we were to receive from that competition”
Mike sat down and listened carefully to john
The judges only gave them $5000 from the initial $20000 they were supposed to receive
To get the remaining balance must be on the criteria that they graduate from their school and present their testimonials as proof of enrollment
Then they’ll be given their complete dough
“Come to think of it how much is $5000 compared to our weak currency” Mike asked
John thought for a while as he replied
“I don’t know,,,,probably like 10 million or 12”
“I think its more than 12 million” Mike said
John scrunched and said
“Hold on ,,,how much is one naira per dollar”
“Shshsh,,,like ,,,I think 300 or somethin,,,or 310”
John then said
“Omo Mike,,,this thing is 15 million plus”
Mike opened his eyes in such a way that his eyeballs were popping out
“Whaaat!,,,, 15 million,,, yippee!,, ”
He screamed then told john
“D--n school,,,fvck school!,,, fvck rules!,,,fvck!! Everything,,,infact fvck You guys! ,,,I’m bailing”
**here we go again**
john thought
John peered and asked
“Dude keep calm ,,, by the way What do you mean by you’re bailing”
Mike looked at him and said
“Why won’t I bail ,,, we’ve got 15 million in our reach,,,if we share it,,,each of us will hold like 3 million naira each,,,look!,,, where is Dre,,,enough of this cleansweep sh!t,,,let’s disband ,,,share the money and go our seperate ways”
Mike continued jubilating
John looked at him he raised one eye brow and asked
“Did you drink something alcoholic this morning,,,or are you having a flu”!
Still jubilating Mike replied him
“Yippee,,, no flu man,look look,,, I’m talking about real stuff here,,,I mean I’m pratically rich now,,,I can do whatever the fvck I want”!! ,, “yeeeeyh”
Mike ran and dashed off through the corridor
John called after him
“Heey!,,, where the hell are you going!!”
Mike shouted back
“I’m going to find Dre,,,he must give me my own share today”
John just stared puzzly as Mike dashed off

I and wasabi went to the kiosk to buy some snacks
We were chatting heavily about the match between manchester united and stoke city
Pogba never ceases to amaze me
Its like the guy is a prodigy of baloteli
Commiting fouls is his hobby
I soon noticed that wasabi wasn’t paying attention to what I was saying
He now seemed interested in a honda 2017 model car as it drove to a spot on the parking lot
Loud hip hop music were blaring from the stereos
That song actually sounded familiar
Soon the car stopped and the door opened
I widened my eyes as I saw the entire car was filled with gorgeous looking ladies
Each blowing kisses
At the guy in the driver seat
The boy stepped down
He flashed us a big smile as we watched
That moment I recognised him immediately
No wonder that song sounded familiar
Are my eyes decieving
Tobi helped the girls get down
He counted some notes and handed it over to them
They all giggled and
And pecked him
Kisses as they left
Tobi majestically walked towards us
In a bouncey manner
I could smell his exotic perfume as he approached us
“Heey class rep,,,what’s good man ”
I was still speechless tho
Wasabi managed to open his mouth and say
“Tobi!,,,you-,,,you’re just co-coming to school by now”
He looked behind him and added
“And with a car full of-”
Tobi chuckled
“Ouww,,, come on man ,,,don’t be cynical,,,I’m on a whole nother level,,A’ight”
He pushed his sunglasses down as he winked at us and left
Still dazed
We stared at him
while he walked away
Wasabi opened his mouth and said
“That just happened didnt it?”
“Yes” I blurted out
“Ken,,,those girls are not even from our school”
“Yes” I said again
“I think this Tobi is crazy”
“This is too strange Maybe we should find out more”
Wasabi turned and looked at me with an irritated look
I’ said to him
“I’m sorry ,,I’m too speechless I don’t know what else to say”

Dre screamed as john announced to him exactly what Tobi said
He was enraged that Tobi
Had the guts to order a new honda car on credit
Promising to pay later
Probably because of the dough he would soon
Receive ,,,Tobi went on a spending spree
Buying anything that catches his eye
With a promised date on when to pay up
“He even took a loan yesterday from skyebank” john added
Dre looked up
He had weariness all over him
His dreads where a complete mess
“Where is he now,”,,Dre asked
“I’m not sure,,,he just stepped out. Now”
Dre grunted in pure anger
“Honestly, if I’m just given the chance,,,I’ll strangle that boy to death”
He found a seat and slumped tiredly on it
“Why should one person always be giving me constant headache all the time, ,ehn why?
Dre asked no one in particular
He was just soliloquising and thinking of a possible way to deal with Tobi
But just then
The door opened
And Tobi walked in carrying a box
“Hey guys,,,what y’all think about my new rolex watch,,,,I think it really fits my versace sneakers well”
“oh and ,,,you guys are never going to believe what I just got from E-bay last we”
John was making signs at him to run
Dre stood up quickly and dashed towards him
Immediately tobi looked and saw Dre dashing to him he dropped the box he was holding and ran towards the inner room
But he stopped when he reached the door
He turned and faced Dre with determination
Dre flinched when he saw his attitude
“Oh so you want to retaliate ehn!!,, you just wait for me”
Tobi still stood and waited till Dre reached close
He flexed his arms in defensive mode ready to fight back
Ready to take on his own boss
Dre noticed this and became enranged that he even had the guts to try to take him on
He increased his speed and angrily launched himself towards Tobi
He was shocked as he
Passed through him like air
And landed inside the room
The fake hologram reflection of Tobi flickered away like dust
John flinched
As the real Tobi
Came out from hiding
Laughing loudly and going to lock the door of the room which Dre fell into
He bolted the lock properly so that Dre won’t break it down
Tobi chuckled
He took a seat and crossed his leg in a majestic manner
He spoke to john
“I shtyle my boy,,,I shtyle,,, niggas ain’t biult like me,,ok always remember that”
He shifted closer to john and said again
“Rule number one,,, don’t always trust everything you see”!
He smiled
Then leaned back and relaxed as he put on his sunglasses
From inside the room
Dre kept banging the door
He was hoping to smash it down
“Open this fvcking door you punk!!,,, you’re dead ,,,you hear me dead!,,, just wait till I get you”
Tobi looked towards the room and smiled
“Relax Dre ,,don’t worry,,,just cool out there for sometime,,,when you’re calm and ready to talk rationally
,,we will definitely talk business”
He turned and looked towards john
John still had his mouth wide open
Tobi stretched and closed it slowly
John started
“Ho-…how di-… how did you-..”
He was too shocked too speak properly
Tobi grinned and said
“Oh johnny boy,,, I’m sure you’re still curious as to what just happened don’t worry I’ll explain now”
“You see behind that dashboard where I stopped for a while when running”
Tobi pointed to the board
“You see by the time Dre stood up and came after me,,,I immediately dropped the hologram box and switched it on,,,when I ran behind that board ,,,I activated it and my reflection came out and went towards the door, ,Dre was chasing a hologram shadow for five mins!”
Tobi smiled as he spoke out
John managed to gather himself and said
“To- Tobi I’ll ask you just once,,,where on earth did you get a hologram reflector”!!
Tobi grinned and replied him
“I ordered it on E-bay,,,my uncle paid in advance ,,and I promised to pay him back once I get my check from Dre”
John widened his eyes in amazement
He walked towards the hologram box and examined it
“So what you’re saying is,,,you had this thing
Shipped all the way from china or wherever down to here!,,,, ”
He looked at Tobi and said
“Are you nuts!”
Tobi smiled and replied him
“Yeah man,,,I mean come on!,,, we’ve got money now,,,let’s ball like real celebrities for once”
John then said in a quizzed tone
“Have you even thought about summing up everything you’ve spent,,,or should I say spent on credit in just two days”
Tobi laxed again and replied him
“Look john ,,life is too short,,,best to live it to the fullest while you’re young”
Tobi’s face changed as if he remembered something
“And speaking about young and getting it,,check this out”
He started singing a song
/eeh ohh,,,/
/ye I’m young and I’m getting it like mr mi YAGI/
/they be like Tobi give us the spice the sauce give us the maggi/
/I be like ,,skrr skrrr,,, black honda with them girls,,,/
/aah ,mi o gbe omo wa but mo gbo mo lo/
/ e come be like film/
/I’m on-/
“You stupid qss punk,,,I’m going to kill you,,,I swear,,,I’ll murder you,,,you’ve been squandering money all over town eh,,,you’re finished” Dre shouted from inside the room
Tobi smiled as he turned
to the door and said
“oh come on Dre don’t be cynical ,,,you can’t kill me ,,,you know if you tried that cleansweep is finished”
he stood up and walked towards the door and continued
“need I remind you,,,that the majority of fans we have is made up largely of females,,,and who do you think is causing such attraction,,”
“do you know what these girls will do to you if they found out that you ousted their hearthrob,,,their prince charming ,,,their one and only prettyboy”
Dre banged the door again in annoyance
Tobi chuckled and went towards the window
he peered and looked downstairs
his sight caught hold of Muna who was walking through the corridor with sonia beside him
Tobi smiled and beckoned to john
“yo johnny ,,get over here and check out these two lovebirds”
john sighed
but he eventually stood up and went to see what Tobi was getting at
they watched as the both of them approached block c
then at that moment
A girl joined them and they stopped and talked for a while
Tobi ‘s eyes widened in amazement
“yo yo,,john john,,,who’s that hot momma talking with them”
john raised his eyebrow
“I believe that’s sonia”
“no not soso you punk!,,I mean that gorgously looking lady by the right ,,how come I’ve not noticed this chikito before”
john looked carefully to where Tobi pointed
he then said
“oh you mean halima,,,she just joined us a few weeks ago,,I heard she’s very bright,,quite brilliant tho,,”
john stopped and noticed the hungry Look on Tobi ‘s face
“yeah,,,brilliantly endowed back and front,,,I must have a taste of this forbiden fruit,,,mmhm,,,I must fry her kpomo”
john simply shook his head at Tobi

“wow so you mean they didn’t even have atleast one single track” sonia asked
“nope,,,nothing,,,I admit they were good in covers but,,,those bloom bursters are not really established”Muna replied her
sonia thought for a while then said
” so then,,,that means you guys are like swimming in money now huh?
Muna scoffed
“nah,,not really,,,,we’ve got debts to take care of,,,the real money comes when we graduate”
she hummed
“hmmmn,,,just don’t forget people like us when they dough comes”
she wanted to say
but didn’t want to sound too forward
Muna told her
“of course not,,,you know there will always be-”
Muna couldn’t finish as a girl ran and approached them
“where have you been,,,I’ve been looking for you all over,,,did you forget we have to submit our report today” halima asked Muna
as she playfully interlocked her arms with Muna ‘s
she stopped and looked at sonia
“oh uh ,,is this your friend,,,hi my name is halima , you”
she stretched her hand towards sonia for a handshake
sonia took her hands
“I’m sonia”
she said quietly
halima then replied
“oh yeah, I’ve heard about you,,,you live at the same street with Muna right”
sonia nodded
sonia then studied halima for a while
**gosh,,,she is so d--n beautiful,,,even her speech is flawless,,,so this is the halima,,,no wonder he -**
she looked up at Muna as if searching for answers
Muna brushed off the awkwardness
he turned and faced halima
“I thought I told you to wait for me before going to zaki”
she frowned and replied him
“yeah but then I couldn’t find you,,,and that tamuno guy keeps bugging me,,,I got so fed up!”
“you could have atleast waited a little bit more”
“Muna we were supposed to give mr zaki that report before 12,,,its already 1pm ,,,and didn’t I just mention something about a peculiar Tamuno dude”
Muna scrunched his eyebrows at her
and she mockingly did the same
sonia just watched the both of them quietly
the chemistry between the two of them was undeniable
**so its true ,,the rumours were true then** she thought
Muna sighed
he turned to sonia and told her
“soso we’ll talk later,,,let me take care of this issue first”
sonia nodded
she seemed a little downcast
Muna turned to halima and asked
“where is zaki now”
“I don’t know,,,maybe in his office,,,let’s better go meet him,,,you have some explaining to do”
halima said
they both walked of towards the staff office
unknown to them
their arms were still intertwined
sonia just watched them as they left
with a sullen face
she slowly turned around
and headed to her class
What next?


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