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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Episode 30 | All that glitters( Episodic Story)

The story titled "All that glitters" was written for your great pleasures
to learn more from
the true life story of a friend.
.No part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied
to other sites without the approval of the writer. For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
Episode 30

••Dre’s death••
°°it actually happened°°

john was simply working on the chords of his beat machine while Muna sat comfily on the chair…
the other guys had been gone for hours now…
but they both waited patiently
Muna soon brought out his phone and dialled Dre to know how far
it rang for sometime
then Dre picked up
“aren’t you guys done yet… I need to be home before 10”
on the other end of the phone
Dre chuckled and said
“hehehe,,,I can see you’re eager to go and join your bae for tonight eh”
Muna scoffed
“would you guys just hurry up,,, its getting late!”
Dre laughed again
“Don’t worry,,, we’ll be back soon,,,I just called Mike ,,and he said he and Tobi were already at the agreed spot,,so have some patience pls”
Muna sighed
“fine,,,although I don’t really trust this idea about some anonymous dude that wanna give us free intruments”
“c’mon man,,lighten up,,,for once let’s be appreciative of the good things of life” Dre retorted
“nothing is free in this life,,, who knows what the guy would demand for in the future” Muna replied him
Dre then said
“don’t worry,,,your friend has everything planned out”
they chatted some more till Dre reached the spot and hung up
john looked at Muna and asked
“whah’ ,,why is your face in that manner”
Muna shook his head
“I don’t know john,,,something just doesn’t feel right”
“something like what”
he shook his head again
“I still don’t know,,,but something is definitely wrong somewhere”

at a dark alley where Mike and Tobi were supposed to get the drums they were promised
the atmosphere seemed different as Mike stopped short
and pulled Tobi to a halt
“whah ,,what’s wrong”
Tobi asked
“Tobi I’m I wrong or have you not really noticed that we’re being followed”
Mike retorted
Tobi looked behind and saw some individuals lurking by the shadows
there is no mistakning it…
they’ve been trailing them for a while now…
Tobi and Mike quickly tried evading by taking a quick bend at a corner down the deserted streets…
they kept walking until they got to a blockade
dead end!
no way through
unless they turn back
but unfortunately
from behind them
guys up to ten in number emerged from their hiding
and surrounded them
one guy stepped forward
“its funny how things change up,,, I mean you guys stood so bold and confident,,,while me and my boys were being expelled… wait ,,what did I promise you that time huh?”
Mike and Tobi grimaced as they recognised juma and his boys
this was a trap!
the entire thing
it was all planned out to have them ambushed
he laughed!
“what,,,are you guys speechless now,,,don’t worry… I promise,,,it will be slow and painfull”
he had an evil Look on his face as he and his guys advanced closer to them…
Tobi at the same moment,,put his hands in his pocket and dialled a number on his phone…

“yeah let’s just make sure it doesn’t have any kinks on it”
Muna said
john nodded and proceeded
just then
muna’s phone began ringing…
he brought it out and stared at it for a while
wondering why Tobi was calling him at this moment
he picked it up
and in an offhanded manner
“what is it?,,,”
no response
“Tobi,,,hey speak up!”
still no response,,the only thing he could hear was noises,,,that kinda sounded like people struggling in the background
Muna stood up
with the phone in his hands..
“hello,,-hello..Tobi what’s going on there”
a loud crashing sound was heard…
and the phone hung up
the puzzling Look could be noticed on his face
“what’s going on,,,?”
john asked
Muna simply picked up his G-bag and mumbled a kind of explanation to him
as they rushed out

he was whistling a joyful tune as he crossed to the other side of the road
Dre took a corner and bussed out
to a deserted corner
he was also starting to wonder why a pickup should happen at such a drowsy place
but he brushed it off as a simple anonymous issue
he saw a man at the end of the road and walked up to him
the man asked him
“are you the one who came for the bass,,,”
Dre smiled and nodded
“yes sir that’s me,,,”
the man nudged Dre to follow him
Dre shrugged and followed him
they kept walking to more secluded areas
Dre kept a cheerful smile
he tried striking a hearty conversation with the man
but his uninterested replies repelled him
at this moment Dre started to wonder why they had to go to an area where not one single person could be found on the road
all this time
Dre never noticed the accent if this man
he didn’t notice the familiar mexican attitude
it wasn’t until they came to an area with more lighting that Dre saw the shaved head of the man
he recognised him instantly
a diablo!
the man noticed the shocked Look on dre’s face
he stopped and turned to him
“what’s wrong”
Dre quickly shook his head
so they continued walking
Dre calculated in his mind that as long as this diablo ,,theyve walked deep into mexican neighborhood
there is no slacking
what he needed was a smart means of escape without arousing suspicion
he was still rambling through his mind when
from the corner of his eye he saw a short fence that led straight to the other side of the streets
Dre sped off with conviction towards the fence and started climbing
he was already halfway over it
before he felt a strong arm on his feet
he got pulled down with so much force
when he hit the ground
he was suddenly surrounded by so much diablo gang members it was hard to tell which one was even nigerian
the order was given
and they descended on him
they battered him from all corners
it was ubearable
Dre used his hands to block his face and other fatal attacks
but the crowd was much even for him
all he needed was a breathing space
he started a little self defense the moment he got on his feet
with throwing kicks and punches at anyone he could reach
he was starting to get some space
his attackers started to withdraw
the diablos noticed that his martial skills were quite good
Dre heard a familiar voice that said
(send the soldadoes)
he didn’t know when another set of guys with iron clubs came from nowhere and delivered hits all over him
there was no way he could defend himself against such solid weapons
he was focused fighting off the ones in the front
before suddenly
someone smashed an iron rod at the back of his head
everything went dumb for a moment
as dre’s vision got blurry
the blood dripping towards his eyes wasn’t even helping matters
his dreads was soaked in sweat and blood
he fell on his knees in dizzyness
a familiar figure walked up to him and bent low as he spoke to his face
(guess what mr smart guy,,,this is the end of the road for you,,,you better say some quick prayers)
Dre recognised the evil smile on carlo’s face
his eyes were fading close a little
but just as he was about to pass out
Dre used the last of his energy to grab the knife from carlos and hold it threatenly against his neck
he faced his men
daring them to move back
else he would slit open their bosses neck
the hardened diablos
laughed menacingly at him as they still moved to attack
the thing is
wether or not he kills their boss
that doesn’t matter as long as they finish their job
Dre saw that they didn’t care
but that was just enough space he needed.
he quickly pushed
carlos at his men giving him enough time to run to towards the fence and
jump off!

“where exactly!”
there was a ting of desperation in muna’s voice as he asked the guys for directions
they were running as fast as they could towards the ndele avenue where Dre was supposed to collect the bass
Muna cursed within himself for not noticing anything suspicious at the first instance
good thing Tobi made that impromptu call
he and john came just in time to offer back up
if they had been a few minutes later
Tobi and Mike would have been in serious trouble
but muna’s iron fist drove some sense into juma’s rascals
now Dre is somewhere at the hands of some dreadful diablo gang hood
“there!!,,,there,,,!,,,I’ve seen him!!”
john yelled
Muna looked up wearily
he saw Dre staggering drowsily as he came towards the other side of the road
behind him… some indivuduals were in hot pursuit
“hold on Dre we’re coming!!”
they shouted to him
they quickened their running
Dre walked,,staggered,,,fell and got up again
he was too weak and drowsy to even think
the blood pouring into his eyes couldn’t allow him to see properly
he staggered and carelessly walked towards the main road
he looked up and saw the guys running towards him
he smiled when he saw that atleast they came to his aid
cos honestly his leg couldn’t move anymore
it was like it was stuck to the ground
“Look out Dre!!”,,
“Dre, get out of the way”
he couldn’t hear them
even if he could,,,he was too weak to move
he heard the loud honking of the trailer
that was the last thing Dre heard before he got bashed by the incoming vehicle
the Look of horror on their faces
.as dre’s lifeless body flew across the streets
they all yelled out
all of them
except for Muna
Muna duddenly stopped running
he stopped thinking
infact he stopped breathing
his brain couldn’t fathom exactly what was happening
he saw the guys run towards Dre’s lifeless body on the floor and crouch to him
as they wailed and screaned out his name
Muna didn’t move
he was frozen on the spot
everything was blank
this isn’t possible
**how ,,how-.. why would**
his mind was in fetters
but this was not an illusion
dre’s bloody body was just a few feet away from him
the trailer who hit him sped off imediately
the diablo’s saw the job already done by another individual
slowly walked away
its over!
he is gone!

it actually happened
To be continued!


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