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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Episode 36 | All that glitters( Episodic Story)

The story titled "All that glitters" was written for your great pleasures
to learn more from the
true life story of a friend.
.No part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied
to other sites without the approval of the writer. For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
Episode 36
this happened a day before
I saw Muna Sonia and the other guys at my doorstep..
I was darn surprised to see them
as I led them in and they
setlled down on my couch
then Muna began
“kenna,,, we came for you to assist us”
I revved
“assist in,,, ”
Tobi then chipped in
“we would like you to write,,, as in write about us,,

I gave him a quizzing look
as Muna then said
“look man,, we know,, you know how to take down good descriptions,,, ”
“so that’s why we came to you,,, you see Dre was a phenomenal,, he was no ordinary kid,,, even till now,, I still don’t understand why someone like him should die,, it’s unbelievably painful”
I knew the feeling
I understand how he felt,,,
hearing about Dre’s death can give someone a heart attack..
and I wasn’t even that close to him..
but yet
I can say that must be the most painful experience ever…
“would you do it,,, would you tell our story,,, his story to the world,, ”
I looked up and saw that Muna had his piercing eyes towards me…
I just stared blankly,, unable to say a word
they had lunch and finally
Muna and Sonia intended to go to bed…
Muna was busy clipping bills ears
as he started hearing vibrations
at first he ignored it as probably bills growling
but then he started hearing ringing…
he was definitely sure that was his phone
he searched himself,, but his phone was not on him..
he then remembered
he sat outside for a while,, so he probably left it there
Sonia was by the corridor so he asked her
“Sonia,,, pls,,, I left my phone outside,, and my hands are tied right now,,, pls help me get it,,, and pls pick up the call so it does not hang up”
she nodded an OK and stepped out
she found it lying on a pavement,,outside
she picked it up and slid to answer
no answer
she frowned
“hello! ”
still no answer
then a deep masculine but familiar voice broke the silence
“is this sonia”
the voice asked
“yes who I’m I speaking with-”
Sonia stopped short when she realised who the voice. was
she then frowned
why was Muna playing a trick on her
she hissed and started heading back to the house
she thought maybe Muna got a new phone and was simply trying to test the Audio quality
but he could have just said so,, instead of playing around like this
she then said to the phone
“Muna ,,this not funny,,, why you using another phone to call your phone when we are in the same house-”
she stopped short again..
as she stepped in and saw Muna still busily working on bills ears,,
there was clearly no phone around him..
so who was she talking to just now..
how come the dude sounded like Muna.
and how come
wait,, how the hell did he even know her name
she wondered with her mouth wide open
Muna looked up at her and quizzed
“what’s wrong,, why you looking like that,, did something happen to my phone”
Sonia was shocked
this time she was sure it was no prank
cod the caller was still running a “hello,,, hello! ”
“are you there! ”
Muna simply stood up walked towards her and took his phone from her hands…
he placed it in his ears and said
“hello who is this”
for a moment the caller was silent until
“hello little brother,, ”
Muna felt ripped
something sharp pierced his spinal cord as he heard that voice
his knees wobbled
but somehow,, he managed to not fall,, but to find a seat
Sonia was puzzled at his reaction
the caller then said
“did you get my package! ”
Muna was dumbfounded
he sent it!
he was the one who sent it
so all these years
his big brother sean was still alive
the man he thought was long dead was still alive
Sean broke into muna’s thoughts
he knew he would have a lot of questions
he did his best to answer some
Muna felt a little dredged as they chatted
at one point Sean then said
“bro,,, it’s time to take back what is ours,, Nancy have had enough of what belongs rightfully to us,,, that’s part of the reason I sent you those documents”
miss nancy ikenna was their step mom
their father remarried after Muna and his brother’s European mother died
now after things went bad for their dads company,,, he also joined his late wife in her grave
Mr Ikenna’s death up till now,, is still an unsolved case,, all fingers point towards mis Nancy,,,
but the woman has control over everything nowit just so happened that,, a few weeks after their fathers death
Muna and Sean ran into an accident on a fateful day from school. , their car got smashed by another Jeep,,,
like a flash,,
men jumped out of the car carrying insane guns
they walked over to the car only to find out that sent and Muna had escaped leaving blood trails
they left the scene
only before pumping a few bullets into the pleading driver
for days Muna and Sean we’re on the run..
they moved from town to town,,,
dodging their determined killers
it so happened that on a fateful day..
while they both sat under a bridge to take a nights rest
Sean decided to go hustle something for them to eat,,,
he asked Muna to wait behind,, telling him” he’ll be back”
but Sean never came back
he never returned
he was gone!
Muna figured probably they got him
Muna was on his own from then on
he roamed aimlessly on the streets for weeks
until the day a kind old man took him into his house
the man knew he was homeless
so he gave him shelter,,,
sadly,, the old man died a few years later to a certain sickness
and then Muna was left alone
alone again
he did his best to listen and not burst out as his brother played him some instructions
but then at a point
he spoke up
“bro,,, if you were alive all this while,,, why didn’t you look for me? ”
Muna croakly asked
Sean kept mute for a while,, but then said
“mun,,, we’ll talk about that later,,, right now something big is about to happen,,, I need you to do exactly as I say,,,
can I trust with this”
Muna sniffed then nodded
but he remembered he couldn’t see
so he quickly said
“yes you can”
sean then sighed
“i really wish i could see how big youve become,,but right now my situation doesnt permit it”
“i need you to stay strong bro,,,weve got a lot to do”
sonia paid rapt attention
as they both chatted for a long while
after some time
they hung up
muna looked down then sighed
sonia touched his shoulders to ease up his tension
muna then looked up and said
“He Is Alive!”
The Saga Continues!!
Watchout for season 2


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