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Saturday, 9 September 2017

Episode 4 | All that glitters( Episodic Story)

The story titled "All that glitters" was written for your great pleasures
to learn more from the
true life story of a friend.

.No part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied
to other sites without the approval of the writer. For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
Episode 4
“Get Rid of them”
All the guyz just stood by watching with their mouth
Wide open
Mr Sam and Muna were on the floor,,,Mr Sam grabbed muna’s head from behind and was holding tight to him,,
Muna kept struggling to get free
“This is a headlock you punk! what do you think you r trying to do”
“I’ve been looking for a chance to squeeze the life out of your arrogant little neck,,punkass”
Mr Sam had an evil grin on his face while he said this Muna..kept struggling and wriggling to escape his grip…this surprised him ,,he was hoping to drop mr Sam with one violent blow of his left hand but the man dodged his punch and grabbed his neck from behind trapping him in a headlock
While still struggling he looked up to the guyz who were still shocked at Muna’s easy defeat
**Even dre can’t beat Muna in a duel but this man**….
They all thought
,,,but obviously this was different,,,Mr Sam had a very large and stiff structure this isn’t like throwing punches or kicks at random street th Thugs..
Still struggling and breathing hard Muna called his guyz away from their shock
“..ugh..arrgh..What the heck are you guyz just standing there for…”
“Get…urgh…get him of me ”
Back to their senses tobi and john bent down to try to release mr Sam’s grip
“Sir ..just” tobi started
“Please let him go sir” john added as they tried to take off his hand
“Get back you punks,,!!,” he barked at them
Facing Muna he said
“Not even randy Orton..or john cena can escape this grip”
Still having his ridiculous smile on
“I promise you munachi…today, today you must tapout”
He increased pressure on the grip Which made Muna groan outloud..
On the other hand Dre grabbed mike and started mimicking his teacher Mike tried pushing him away but Dre continued
Dre can be so unserious a times
**Does he think this is a joke**
**instead of getting this buffoon of me the punk is still joking around**
Muna thought in his mind while looking at dre
It was hopeless if he shifted left mr Sam’s body moved with him,, Right..the same thin
**this is a blast**
Muna complained in his mind
… There was a knock on the door and without waiting for reply a man walked in
“Mr Samson the princ…”
He stopped halfway when he saw mr Sam mauling a student
“Yes …what is it baro” mr Sam asked irritatingly
“Uh,, uhm” still shocked
“Um…the..the principal asked to see you”
Mr Sam looked at Muna then at the man then said
“I’ll be there shortly”
He slowly released Muna from his grip and followed the young man out
Muna sighed relief and started rubbing his back neck
All the guyz just stared at him not sure what to say as Mr Sam left the office with the other guy
“What the heck happened to y’all”
‘”You guyz just froze”
Muna queried them
tobi still had his mouth open before mike slowly closed it up
“But dude what happened , you could nt even touch him’
John innocently asked
Muna frowning turned to him
“I would if he had at least given me space ”
Tobi started
“But..but” he was speaking slowly “but,, you”
He couldn’t make out the words…
Dre just chuckled and went towards the door.. he opened it
“Come on guyz let’s get out of here before that psycho comes back”
They headed to him ..
Muna stood up and followed them staggering a little
They came out and where headed to the school kiosk
They passed by a couple of students in the garden chatting
Some girls and boys were at the far end playing tag games
Muna was still rubbing his neck and grumbling
As they moved thru the hallway
A girl approached them and
“Hi guyz…where have you been” she asked
She noticed Muna blurring behind the guyz
“I looked at the kiosk to see if I could find you there”
Muna didn’t reply
He just kept his gaze away
“We decided to eat at the dining today” john said
“Oh really”
“Yeah it was muna’s idea”
Tobi added
**Did he do that to avoid me **
The girl thought in her mind
The girl’s name was sonia
She lived not very far from muna’s crib
She had a fondness for Muna ever since the old man James picked him up from the streets and took him In
. noticing him massaging his neck
She asked him gently
“Muna what’s wrong”
“Do you have neck pains”
“Was it the way you slept this morning”
Mike chuckled and replied
“No soso he got mauled by an untamed bull”
He almost laughed out loud at his own joke
The other guys were also laughing
“Whah… A bull”
She seemed confused
Still concerned she asked
“Muna are you OK”
“Did you take anything yet”
Muna still didn’t reply
He gave her an offhand look and looked away no longer rubbing his neck
He shoved his two hands to his pockets
Already feeling impatient
“Dre come on let’s go get you something to eat ”
“The atmosphere suddenly feels tense with someone’s presence”
Muna said while dragging Dre with him
Dre obviously felt annoyed for being pulled away from sonia’s cheerful aura
He was already looming over her before Muna pulled him away
The other guys followed them and waved bye to Sonia
She waved back..
Muna’s attitude didn’t bother her much
She was used to his cold treatment right from time
She quietly turned around And headed back to her class
The Break was over and the remaining lessons finished up quickly for the day
At closing period all the students packed up and prepared for home
John carried a little bag he and Tobi shared
Mike held on to his file holder
Muna folded his notebook and shoved into his back pockets
‘Oga’ Dre didn’t even bother bringing a book talkless of a bag
They all took the back gate of the school
No need causing attention by using the front
On the way home
Tobi put his hand around mike and said
“Okay boy let’s go play some pool,,lemme beat you a-s a little ”
But dre objected
“No no…look it,,look it,, I want you guyz to go straight home and relax For the rest of the day” he said
“Mike and muna rest your voices and drink something chilled”
“John massage your fingers and keep em stretched” “you gonna work hard on them drums very soon”
” Tobi”….,”tobi”…?.
He looked around but tobi was nowhere around there
The boy was busy looming over a girl and probably flirting..
Dre sighed in disbelieve
He looked at The other guyz and told them
“Tell that one to work on his verses for this Saturday”
Then he turned around and started leaving
They all followed him leaving tobi behind
The next day was Tuesday..Muna laid on his bed with his head on a pillow
He was stroking bills lightly who placed his head on his tummy
His eyes were wide open but his mind was far away
That was one thing with him he hardly speaks out but spends a lot of time in his head
His name rang in his ears almost making him jump
He looked up and saw mike staring at him shaking his head in pity
“You know for someone who can hear a mice creeping five paces away …you really suck at noticing me creeping up on you”
Mike told him
**blast,,how did mike…**
**I’m pretty sure I locked that
Muna thought
But still mike could break in and out of a CIA headquarters unnoticed…the guy was a genius on stealth and espionage
Muna rolled his eyes at mike
And sighed heavily
“You need a new hobby mike”
Mike just laughed and replied him
“And you need a new set of ears”
He went straight to the kitchen as usual
Muna got up and headed to the window
“Why are you still home”
“Our wacko boss said since today is a public holiday we should use it to rehearse”
“We might not get another chance till our show on Saturday”
Mike called out while munching on some snacks
Leaning against the window
Muna replied him
” Let’s just practice our back up chorus here”
“Let dre and the rest workout at the studio”
From the window
Muna was stealing glances
At a girl down the street
She was packing out some waste and pouring them into the waste bin outside her house
**should i apologise**
**I wasn’t too rude was all Mr Sam’s fault for getting me all worked up**
Muna thought in his mind while still staring at the girl
Mike wondered what he was concentrating deeply on
He left his snacks on the cupboard and curiously joined muna at the window
He saw her then let out a big smile
“Oh soso..heey!”
He hollered and waved at her
The girl looked up at the direction of the yell to muna’s window
By this time muna dodged away from the window
**D--n it mike **he gritted his teeth and shot mike a laser look
“Hello mike”!!
She replied and waved back at him
“how are you..and the guyz’
She asked
Still smiling mike said
“We re fine…we’re rehearsing for our next show on Saturday”!!
He was practically screaming at the top of his voice
From the wall side Muna was making hand signals to mike
Probably trying to tell him not to include his presence at all
Mike saw it but looked back at her and said
“Oh muna also says hi ,, he is right…”
Before mike could finish
Muna grabbed him pulling him away and closing the windowsshut
From across
Sonia had a “whah” look on her face she didn’t really get Mike’s last words
Shrugging her shoulders she emptied the bin and went back into the house
A tackled mike was still on the floor with muna’s hands over his mouth
Mike muffled But muna held tight making sure he heard Sonia’s door close before he let go
Mike grumbled as he got up from the floor
He went back to his rummaging in the kitchen
” you know I don’t know what is your problem with soso”
“Your cold blooded attitude just can’t let you be open minded with angels like her”
Muna reached under his bed and grabbed his guitar
“Its My cold blooded attitude that has kept me alive and going all these while”
He replied mike candidly
“Look I’m not saying you should be a player like tobi”
“But try to be social at least …look at me I have only two girlfriends out of all the sea of girls chasing me around”
Mike swallowed and continued
“That means I commit… So Mr high and mighty Muna.. try ..try and commit”
Mike emphasised more
Muna didn’t want a long talk with Michael
“Guru i ve heard you,, can we practice now”
He said to mike while strumming the guitar
Mike already done with the dish started licking his fingers
He was already unzipping his guitar bag on the Floor..
“I’m just saying man,,,you r too stiff”
Mike used the tip of his guitar to poke muna’s belly. While saying
Muna looked disbelievingly at mike and without wasting much time picked up the chorus of the song…mike q uickly joined and adjusted to his pace
The only way to shut mike up was definitely like this
**no no no….the other way is food**
Muna thought in his mind while smiling outwards
They practiced for a few hours before mike had to leave to run some errands for his mum
The next day at school it was a free period and cleansweep were on the roof of block C chatting and relaxing tobi had an arm over john talking to him probably giving him some playboy tips
Mike was busy stoning birds that were flying on their own Dre had himself glued to a PS game he was playing
Muna had his arms folded,eyes shut, with his earpiece on..he was leaning against the roof chimney
While the other guys sat at the tip of the zinc roof
But from below
“You punks… Misusing of school property,, that’s definitely 5points for each of you”
Mr Sam said as he grinned evily and scribbled something on his notepad
He looked up at them again
And said “bring your asses down here at once!!”
He ordered them
**Gosh not today again**
They all thought as they climbed down from the roof
When they got down
They all stood side by side
As mr Sam faced them pacing up and down while speaking
Someone would think it was a general addressing his troops before a very important Battle
But this wasn’t the case
He rolled his eyes over five of them
“Take of that earpiece”
He shouted at muna
Muna hesitated at first but slowly took off one ear leaving the other
Mr Sam scrunched but continued
“I’ve been itching to let you guys know what I discussed with the principal two days ago in his office
“Although at that time I was so close in squeezing the cleansweep juice out of this one”
He said looking at muna
He continued his pace with his two hands behind him
” I filed a report to his desk a few weeks ago about the sort of menace we have in this school,,urh unserious students, troublesome thugs, and wayward wannabes like you guys”
Muna twitched and opened his mouth to say something but Dre nudged him with an elbow
Mr Sam continued
“Im happy to say my request was granted I’ve now been charged in routing out miscreants and presenting them for expulsion”
The guys exchanged shocked looks
Mr Sam raised a finger
“On the condition that from now on they must commit offences worth of sixty points before they can be expelled” mr Sam studied their facial expressions ,,smiled then continued
“And Thankfully you guys already have five each…the more points you get ,,the closer I am to getting rid of you arrogant punks once and for all”
Mr Sam bust into one of his ridiculous evil laugh
All the guyz had a disgusted look on their face
Muna stepped forward and interrupted mr Sam in his jouyous laugh
“Just admit it…you re just trying to get at us…you’re not really interested in the good of this school”
“If you were ,,you wouldn’t let juma and his boys run around the school terrorizing students”
Mr Sam stopped and gazed at muna he took steps closer
He had to look all the way up because of muna’s height before he could stare eyeball to eyeball
If there was any man that could look muna straight in his laser eyes without twitching it has to be this guy
“Well well …the gallant Munachi”
“Always eager to step on my nerves eh”
He said as he removed his pen and notepad and started writing
“Extra two points for you for talking rudely at a superior teacher”
As he wrote he broke into another laughter
“Lol …just give me more”
“Hahahahaaha” “more i tell you,,,More!!!”
And left the spot laughing out loud leaving the guyz bewildered and staring at him as he walked away
… “I always knew that Sammy was trouble” tobi declared “but I didn’t know he is also crazy”
Tobi added using his hand to demonstrate an insane person
“Wait does this mean we’re gonna get kicked out of school very soon” john innocently asked
“All that glitters isn’t gold man you shouldn’t let Sammy and his shiny notepad disturb you” Dre chided him
“Yea that’s right Sammy and his devices is not our concern”
Mike concluded
Dre and Muna exchanged looks this clearly bothered them a little
But who cares
The bell rang and the guys headed back to class
Instead of bothering about mr Sam and his little notepad the guys rehearsed all three days to Saturday until the D day came
What next?


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