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Monday, 4 September 2017

Episode 5 | My Adaobi ( Short Story)

The story titled "Adaobi" is pure fiction written for your great pleasures
by our guest writer "Chipappii".
.No part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied
to other sites without the approval of the writer. For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.

Episode 5
I felt a bit of pity for Janet even though I was blinded by my love for Ada. Asides her pompous and overbearing attitude, she was a sweet girl and did care a lot about me.
She came to my house the following day and i was alone. She seemed to have changed over night. She looked humbled and tired, her eyes were a shade of red and her face wasn’t so bright as before. Believe me, i wasn’t so happy this was happening but it was all pity that i felt, if love was ever in the equation, i will guess its so small to be consequential. She had sat and stared at me with pity in her eyes.
“What happened Quin, who is that girl?” she had asked me
“Her name is Ada, i met her the last time i travelled to my village and she is right now living in this town” i didn’t believe i was giving her the details, it only went further to prove how deep i was into Ada and i was ready to show her to the world.
“Quincy is there nothing left between us, is there Nothing i can do to get you back to me? ” she asked.
Dumping her the way i did was wicked in a way but giving her the answer to that question would be straight heartless of me. I didn’t know what to do or say. I went over to her and hugged her. She held me tight and sniffed.
” Just know i didn’t expect this to happen, we met and fell for each other and there was nothing we could do”
“You could have remembered that someone loved you and was waiting for you to come back, Quincy just have it in mind that you hurt someone that loved and cared about you, i won’t forget that”. She said and left. I can’t say i need her forgiveness because i didn’t think i did anything wrong. I didn’t exactly woo her or asked her to be my girl, back then everyone was after her in school because it seemed she was the next big thing, she was the queen of the school and all the guys wanted her but she wanted none of them. She was a girl that knew what she wants and wouldn’t hesitate to go for it. That was how she got close to me, she obviously was digging me but i needed her just to brag to my friends with her. She was a girl you could take to any party. That was how we kicked off.
I met Ada later in the evening. When her aunt had left for the hospital and her husband wasn’t back yet. I needed to see her to get out of the mood Janet put me in.
“I don’t like the way my uncle looks at me” she told me as we strolled around.
“What? He doesn’t like you” i asked
“No, he looks at me like he wants to eat me” she said and we laughed
“So he is eyeing you? ” i asked
” I think so, just yesterday when my aunt was still out, he was asking me if he could help me carry my waist as if it was heavy”
“Hmmm, tell him that I’m strong enough to carry it for you” i said and she hit me on my arm.
“Don’t be silly, I’m just avoiding him for now, i don’t know why boys are always looking at me whenever they are around me”
“Its because you are beautiful”
“I don’t like it, it makes me feel like i’m wearing my cloth upturned and i may trip and fall one day from their looks.”
I held her hand and squeezed it, she squeezed back and kissed her on the forehead.
“I love you, just know that no one will ever love you more than i do” i said and she hugged me.
“I love you too ”
” I’m lucky to have you, can i help you carry your waist?” i asked smiling.
“Its yours “she said as as i lifted her off the ground.
Life moved on smoothly, I virtually spent more time at Ada’s school than i spent in mine. We were the exam class and so we went to school only when we felt like. Ada would come over to our house in her school uniform and there we would spend the rest of the day having the fun of our lives and when it was time for school to dismiss, i would drive with her to their school, pick up princess, drive her back to their house and then go home with princess. It was the perfect arrangement and we enjoyed every moment of it. Something about her uniform always turned me on, perhaps it was the way it brought out her curves and everything. And one would wonder why guys won’t stare at her. We were always all over each other and i just couldn’t get enough of her.
“My body has killed you ” she would say to me
” Its not just your body, its everything about you”
I loved walking behind her anytime we were together, the way her hips swayed like they were liquid made me thank God each time that she was mine.
She had called me up one Saturday morning to come and pick her up.
“My aunt is on morning duty and her husband is at home, i’m not comfortable here o” she had said over the phone. My mom had gone shopping with two of my younger sisters and i was babysitting my favorite sister, princess. I was a jealous lover and i wouldn’t want anybody to even see what my girl had talk more of tasting it, i had that exclusive right and it was not to be shared.
“Where will you tell him you are going? ” i asked her
” I already told him i would be attending lessons at school today”
“Sharp girl” i said.
We dropped the call, i quickly dressed up and i carried princess to my dad’s car, a tinted black Toyota Hilux truck. We sped our way to Ada’s house and i Parked opposite their gate. I called her number, it rang but she didn’t answer. I called five times but still she didn’t pick. I had to leave Princess in the car and snuck my way into the house. It was a regular type of bungalow, they lived alone in the house.
I opened the front door and found myself in their parlor. At the far end was a door that led to a corridor. I followed it and found a door to a room slightly opened. I took a peek and saw a man with his back to the door, he wore a singlet and boxers and behind in front of him was Ada.
She was crying and begging him not to do whatever it is that he was trying to do which was obvious, he was trying to rape her. The tears on Ada’s face made me crazy and the sheer thought of the shameless brute forcing himself on her drove me mad. I wanted to jump into the room but checked myself. It was obvious he could overpower me so on a second thought, i ran outside, found a piece of long wood and came back in with it. I took a peek at the room again and this time he had thrown Ada on the bed and was ripping off her pant, blinded with fury, i ran into the room and with all my strength, i smashed the wood on his head, he landed on his stomach and tried getting up, filled with anger and rage, i took a another shot at the back of his head and he fell flat and didn’t move again. Ada jumped up from the bed, terrified and hugged me. I kissed her before we moved to observe her uncle, the foor was already wet with his blood. We shook him but he lay motionless. Ada shook him violently and called him uncle many times but it yielded no result. She stood up and covered her mouth with her hands. I was too scared to do anything.
“we have killed him” she cried
“No, it was me” i said, i didn’t want her Sharing the blame.
“What do we do?” she asked
“Nothing, let’s run” i said
“But we can’t leave him here” she said as she cried more. I couldn’t wait any more. I took her hands and we ran out of the house to the car. We quickly got in and i drove off…
We drove back to my house silently as Ada sobbed. Princess stared at us from the back seat. I wasn’t in the mood to say anything to her. It was funny that after all that had happened, i was only bothered with Ada’s welfare. We got home and i carried Princess while i held Ada’s hand as we went inside. I left princess in my mom’s room and took Ada to mine. We both Sat on the bed and stared at the wall. Ada had stopped crying, she just sobbed and sniffed.
“What do we do?” she asked me
“I don’t know, he deserves whatever happened to him for Trying to force himself on you” i sounded stone cold and mean. It was Ada and i cared less about any other person. She snuggled closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder. She cried and i consoled her. It hurts me when i see her crying. I loved Ada fiercely and it even scared me.
“we need to take our bath and you need to change your cloth” i told her and she nodded. I heated water for our bath and we both went in together. I virtually bathed her as she was to numb to do anything. It was a bit refreshing as we cuddled under the shower. I kissed her a number of times before we left the bathroom. I wrapped her in my very big towel as we went into Chinaza’s room to look for clothes.
“I don’t think any of Chinaza’s pants can size you because your butt is two times her own” I said and she gave me the first smile since that day and it lit my heart. We scavenged through Chinaza’s wardrobe and later found a gown i assumed will fit her. It did fit her, all though a bit tight on her, it was perfect and made her look more sexy.
I checked on my little sister and she had fallen asleep. I went back to my room with Ada and we sat on the bed.
“What would you like to eat?” i asked her
“Nothing, i don’t have the appetite ” she said calmly. I too didn’t have the appetite.
” Do you think he is still lying down there?” she asked me with worries all over her face.
“I don’t know, where are your aunts children? ” I asked as i remembered that i didn’t see them.
” Uncle sent them out to a friend’s house. Maybe he didn’t want them to be around when he wanted to rape me” she said.
“I think we should go to the police ” i said, it was eventually dawning on me what i just did. I had probably killed a man.
” But they will arrest you, Quincy i don’t want anything to happen to you because of me” she cried.
“Ada i don’t care.. ”
” Let’s go to my house and check on him, maybe he didn’t die, maybe he just passed out” Ada said with tears in her eyes. I cuddled her to myself, i was trying to comfort her but i also needed comforting myself.
“Let’s go to your house first. You will eventually go there in the end, so i think its better we go now” I said. She agreed. I woke Princess up and we took her with us. I couldn’t leave her alone in the house. This time around, we didn’t take the car. We took a bike.
We got to the house and everywhere was quiet. We slipped into the room where everything happened. With my heart in my mouth, i pushed the door open and the floor was wet with clotting blood but the floor was bare. His body was no longer there..
What next?


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