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Monday, 4 September 2017

Episode 7 | My Adaobi ( Short Story)

The story titled "Adaobi" is pure fiction written for your great pleasures
by our guest writer "Chipappii".
.No part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied
to other sites without the approval of the writer. For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
[]It was fun while it lasted but i ended up regretting it the moment it ended.
I came outside the house and it was raining, through the mist i could see Ada, she stood far away in a white gown and looked exceptionally splendid, i went into the rain and walked slowly towards her, i heard the sound of someone sobbing, i looked around and i saw no one, i listened again and this time it came from Ada’s direction, i wiped the rain from my face and looked at her once more, i saw the tears in her eyes, the atmosphere became clearer and i could see blood dripping from her hands and a little smear of it on her chest. Confused, i advanced towards her but the closer I got, the farther she was. I increased my pace but she only moved farther until the mist covered her up again and she disappeared. I fell on my knees, closed my eyes and cried, my heart ached so much i felt it would bust. Then i felt someone touch me, i opened my eyes which was blurred with tears and through the blur i could make out Ada’s face, i blinked hard and she was there alright, a smile in her face.
“Why are you crying in your sleep? ” she asked me as i jumped up from the bed
” It was just a dream, how long have you been here? ” i asked as she sat beside me on the bed.
” i’m just coming in” she said
“Are you alright?” i asked holding her hands.
“Yes, anything the matter?” she asked with much concern in her eyes
“Nothing, i just wanted to know ” i said and hugged her wondering when Janet left. I believe i had fallen asleep after the s-x. As I looked at Ada, i regretted my actions and became more scared as i remembered the dream.
” Won’t you go for lesson today? ” she asked
” No, lets stay here today, i don’t feel like going” i told her. She accepted and we lay on the bed, she placed her head against mine and i held her tight as i pondered about the dream. Was it because of my affair with Janet or what, i didn’t know, but i was soon to find out.
I drove with Ada to pick princess at school before taking her home around 5pm. We got home and i called Janet. She was trying to suck up to me on the phone but I wasn’t in the mood for it. I told her that whatever relationship we had, whether study related or friendship was over. I didn’t want her in my house again and i made it clear to her. She didn’t protest much. I would have said ugly things to her if she had, i was mad at her and myself. From that point i had decided i was going to make it up to Ada, i was going to let the whole world know she was mine and that nobody else mattered, not even myself. That was how much i loved her.
The next day, we had walked in together to the lesson center, hand and hand. Everyone stared at us as we came in. They always did but this time it was different. They stared like we were doing something unlawful. Ada never bothered, she slipped off my hand and soon became chatty with the girls around. I walked up to my guys who stared at me uneasily as i came.
“Guy whats up naa” i said as i shook hands with all of them.
“Shey you are still dating Ada?” Toni, one them asked me
“Yes, any problem? ”
” I need to show you something” he said and pulled out his phone. He pulled up a picture and i froze as i saw it. It then dawned on me what all those looks were all about.
I took another glance at the picture and i wished the ground would open up.
It was clear there and our faces can not be mistaken, Janet under me, clutching to my singlet and i on top of her, my boxers pulled down. The looks on both our faces could not be missed. I took a look in Ada’s direction and she was looking straight at me with a phone in her hand. I knew i was done for. I walked up to her, i started to talk but it was obvious i wasn’t making sense even to my self, she let the phone drop from her hand, slapped me and with tears in her eyes ran out of the premises. I stood rooted to the ground..
[]I have never felt so bad. My life seemed to be crashing in my face and i couldn’t do anything about it. I didn’t partake in that days lesson, i just went home straight. I tried calling her but she didn’t pick, i must have called a hundred times. I couldn’t wait for morning to come, i couldn’t sleep, i lay on my bed staring into space, wishing all this was just some ugly nightmare but it was realer than real. I fell asleep early in the morning and woke up around 8am heavy in my heart. I waited for everyone to leave for school and my mom for work before I decided i couldn’t take it anymore, i cleaned myself up and without breakfast, i set out for Ada’s house.
I got there and met the gate open. I walked in and stopped at the door. I knocked gently and no one answered. I knocked a number of times before i opened the door and went in, i had become a regular visitor there so it wouldn’t be out of place for me to walk into the house, i was very welcomed at anytime there. I had decided i was going go to go on my knees and beg, if anyone was around, i may have to implore him or her to beg on my behalf, i was scared, i wasn’t ashamed, i loved Ada and I didn’t care what anybody thought. All i knew was that i couldn’t afford to lose her.
I went into the parlor and saw trails of blood leading to the corridor. My heart skipped as I tiptoed quietly to Ada’s room and there the blood train stopped and met with a larger amout of blood and beside it was a kitchen knife covered in blood. The house was empty.
I ran outside, mad thoughts roving through my mind. I loved Ada and she loved me back, we were no doubts fiercely in love with each other but then, i also had doubts about her wanting to kill herself because of me, all these thoughts ran through my mind as i ran through the streets blinded by hot tears, i knelt in the middle of the road and prayed to God, i cried to him not to let it be Ada’s blood on the floor. As i ran through the streets, so many thoughts as of where to look for any of them ran through my mind. I then remembered her Aunt’s hospital, i checked my pocket and i didn’t have enough money to take me there and i wasn’t with my phone. I took a bike straight home and ran into my room, i met my phone ringing and before i could pick it, the call cut. I checked and saw 15 missed calls from Ada. Fear gripped me, i imagined it could be her aunt calling me to tell me about the suicide..
“Quincy i killed him” Ada’s voice cried out as i called her back, she was breathing heavily and i could tell she was crying.
“Killed who?” i shouted as i felt relieved hearing her voice and then apprehensive on hearing the word kill.
“My uncle, Quincy i stabbed him, i killed him, he came again and, and, and, was trying to force himself on me and i stabbed him, Quincy i stabbed him ”
“Where are you?” i asked her as i picked my wallet.
“I don’t know, i ran out of the house and i don’t know where i am, i’m still running, Quincy am scared, i killed him, i didn’t mean to do it” she said and cried loudly.
“Just stay where you are, I’m coming for you, stay there” i said and we dropped the call. I ran blindly to my mom’s room. Picked the key to her car and drove out in a mad haste.
My left hand on the wheel, my right hand on my phone, my eyes 40% on the road and 60 parcent on my phone calling Ada, everything happened in a flash, i couldn’t find the brake and when i did, it was late already, screeching of tyers and a deafening noise, a head on collision, i was conscious enough to feel the strength of the seat belt and the airbag hold me back and Loud shouts from people around. And everywhere blacked out…
What next?


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