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Saturday, 9 September 2017

Episode 8 | All that glitters( Episodic Story)

The story titled "All that glitters" was written for your great pleasures
to learn more from the
true life story of a friend.
.No part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied
to other sites without the approval of the writer. For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
Episode 8
(This is how we roll) (operation 101 continues)
Muna stretched and yawned out loud
He felt a little tired
On his reading table was materials and pencils
He had been working out all day a map of the school
And also the explanatory details for tje entire squad
He checked the time on his watch
6:30 pm
**alright ,,,they’ll soon be here,,,let me pack up and get ready**
He quickly took his bath
Went to get something to eat on the kitchen
Then he brought out a notebook to scribble down some details
A knock came on the door
He looked at the time again
6:45 pm
**that must be them,,,time to go**
He went towards the door and pushed it open
“Hey you guys took a little-”
He was suprised to see who was at the door
“Hi Muna”
Sonia’s big bright eyes were looking straight at Muna with a cute smile
“Uh I didn’t expect uh-”
“Urh yeah ,,I noticed you came back late today,,,so I brought something for you”
Sonia’s house was just like a few blocks away from muna’s apartment she lives with her mother,,,she hasn’t met her dad since she was a kid,,,
Muna was still standing by the doorpost with her outside
“Aren’t you going to invite me in?” She quizzed him
He revved up
Then looking around in the outside darkness to check if she was being followed
As if anyone would else knew about their plans for the night
He opened the door wide enough for her to come through
Then followed her after closin it
There wasn’t much in muna’s house though
His bedroom was just adjacent to the small space he called a “sitting room”
He wasn’t a flashy show off kinda guy
And moreover cleansweep isn’t that much established for the big life
He motioned her to sit as he tried to switch on the TV
“My mom and I cooked our native porridge barda ,,so I scooped some and brought for you”
She told him as she was unwrapping the flask of sweet smelling barda
The aroma was so enticing but trust Muna to act all macho
He took a sit beside her and said
“There was no neeed for that I don’t feel hungry,,,besides I just ate a packet of noodles”
He said it offhandly as he folded his arms and leaned back on the couch
Sonia seemed distraught
“Are you sure,,,because you seem like you would really enjoy it”
Muna’s jaw tightened
”I said I’m fine ok!,,I don’t need it”
She looked shocked and dissapointed
Slowly she picked up the flask from the table and wrapped it up
“Okay I’ve heard you,,,I’ll be going then”
She stood up from the couch and made for the door
Muna seemed irratated and angry at himself
Sometimes he doesn’t even know why he usually acts like this
He looked at her as she walked away
Something pricked him in his nerves as he watched her figure moving in the faint lightbulb of his room
Out of instinct he stood up and went after her
He held her hands and turned her aroynd
“Hold on ,,,I shouldn’t have spoken look that,,sorry”
She looked suprised but Muna could see a glint of happiness on her face
She smiled a little as she looked up to his face
He took the flask from her and opened it up the stuff smelt so good
“Maybe I’m still a little hungry,,though”
He decided to get a spoon from the kitchen
‘Ill be back ,,” he told her as he dissapeared into the other room
There was only one lightbulb functioning properly in muna’s house so the rest of the other rooms were a little dark
Sonia just stood and watched him try desperately to eat the food she made for him
She had lied when she said it was her mother who made the food,,she prepared it herself to see if she could atleast qin munas heart,,
Or atleast let him know how she felt towards him
She just needed to do something
She couldn’t wait anymore
She has to do something today,,,tonight
She must
“Eh sonia,,how do you open this stew compartment of the flask”
Muna called out from the kitchen
“Hh,,let me help you with it”
She moved to the kitchen to him
It was a little dark so she didn’t notice the small bag on the floor
“Hey careful there is a-”
Before Muna could warn her on time She tripped over the bag
But with sharp reflexes Muna daddled to her side and grabbed her from falling
But in the process he spilled a little stew on his body
“Oh,,oh,, Muna I’m sorry I didn’t know there was anything there,,,ouch,,,the entire thing is on you”
She placed a hand over her mouth
Muna unbottened his shirt to wipe out the liquid entirely
“Its ok sonia ,,I’m fine”
She seemed scared that he might not take it lightly and push her away again
How could she mess up this way
She won’t be able to get another chance
Like this again
She grabbed a paper towel and used it to clean off the stew on his chest
“No its all my fault,,,I’m really sorry Muna,,,I ,,I never meant to”
“I should have been more careful”
She just kept apologising
She was blaming herself thinking she just lost another opportunity
Muna couldn’t bear her thinking like she did something wrong
He sighed then
Then he took hold of her shoulders
And brought her close
He assured her
“Sonia ,,,it is ok,,alright,,,I’m perfectly fine,,,just relax”
Yes he was completely fine,,but she wasn’t ok or fine standing this close to him
It wasn’t okay to be feeling what she felt
As his fingers touched her
They’ve never been this close before
Their faces were just a few inches apart
Sonia’s heartbeat seemed to have increased
Yet she didn’t step away
She knew she couldn’t
Muna noticed her countenance
“Are you ok,,,you look shocked”
He asked her in concern
She nodded her head
It was the only thing she could do
She couldn’t speak
Couldn’t move
Her body was vibrating gently as he held her
**no,,somethings not right**
Her gaze lifted up
Muna wasn’t convinced he brought her close to examine her properly
**this girl is asthmatic,,,if she faints here,,,what will I tell her mother**
He touched her forehead to see if she had a temperature,,,
“Sonia!” He yelled her name
“Yesss!” She seemed amused
“I’m still here,,,why are you so loud” she quizzed him
He heaved a sigh of relief
“You’re the one who’s. Trying to give me a heart attack”
He saw as a smile cracked her lips
He didn’t know when he also smiled
Then suddenly
She dropped her gaze and looked to the floor
Muna noticed her sudden behaviour
“What’s wrong,,, do you feel pain anywhere”
He stepped closer to check her well
But she replied him
“No not that,,,I need ,,I need to tell you something”
“,okay,,,let’s hear it” Muna said
All this while munas hands were still holding her shoulders but neither of them noticed
Sonia took a deep breath then started
“Its,,its about um”
She bit her lip and licked it out of nervousness
But that single act sent a rush of adrenaline through Muna ‘s system
He didn’t know ,,but he suddenly
Cupped her face and lifted her head towards his
**was she always this pretty,,,or have I just not noticed it before**
Muna thought
Sonia was shocked at his sudden behaviour
He dropped his hands on her waist and pulled her closer to him
He slowly lowered his head to her
Sonia felt like exploding
Their lips were only a few inches apart
Was this really happening
Is this really Muna or something else
For a breif second she couldn’t accumulate what was going on
Just as their lips was about to make
Muna’s phone rang interrupting them from the process
He almost jumped from the interlude
As he released her he took a few steps back and took out his phone
Looking at it the caller iD read Yaro
He picked it up
“He -hello”
“Hey Muna,,,I got those gadgets ”
“Oh ok thanks”
“I’m outside now do you want me to leave it here or should I come in”
Muna almost shouted
“No no no!!, don’t worry um,,just leave it by the door,, I’ll pick it up”
“Okay then”
And he hung up the Phone
He turned to look at sonia,,,she still had surprise written all over her
“Uhm , that was,, iasked him to get some stuff” he stated
As if anyone asked him for an explanation
Sonia replied him
Not really sure what to say
The embarrased look on his face seemed to explain a lot
“I’ll just , Go and change”
He told her then left to get a new shirt
“Man,,come on can’t this thing go any faster ” Tobi complained
Mike frowned and replied him
“Look this baby can reach the extreme end of this continent with just one single tank,,,so you better just keep quiet,,I’m moving as fast as I can”
They were on their way to the rendezvous point(which was muna’s house)
Mike was taking Tobi with him on his mini powerbike but they were 30mins
late so Tobi wasn’t comfortable at all
“Gosh its already 7:36,,we were supposed to be there at 7pm sharp,,,drive Mike,,,Drive!!!,,,”
Mike took a sharp turn
“You know this is a residential area,,,I can’t be driving anyhow here like as if its express,,,,the noise the bike is making is enough to cause trouble ”
Tobi widened his eyes and almost screamed
“Who cares if the sultan himself is living here,,,my friend move this thing,,,jam any f**king ,,,goat ,,dog,,fowl even human being,,,just get me there on time!!”
Mike groaned out
“Gosh!,, will you keep quiet,,,we are already there,,,”
He turned left again
This time he slowed down at a small bend then stopped
Muna’s house was just up ahead
Without even waiting for the bike to stop
Tobi jumped of and headed straight for the door
As he was about to reach there he heard his name
“Hold on Tobi”
He looked back and looked carefully into the darkness
He saw two figures moving towards him
It was Dre and john
“What are you guyz doin over there,,,let’s go in now”
Dre placed his finger on his mouth motioning him to be quiet
“Just wait first”
Tobi looked confused
The mischievous look on dre’s face was not entirely clear
After waiting for like 5 mins
Muna’s door opened
And a girl stepped outside
“Hey that’s so-”
Dre grabbed Tobi and pulled him further into the dark
At that moment Mike joined them
Dre waited until sonia had fully entered into her house
Then he released Tobi
John was just chuckling
Tobi just seemed more confused
He opened his mouth to speak
“Look ,,I don Understand what kind of monkey business you guyz are up to”
“But,,,I would like to do this,,,stuff,,,and get back before my uncle realised I snuck out”
Dre just tapped him playfully on the head
“Relax boy ,,,its goin to be a smooth op,,,let’s go in”
They all followed Dre as he approached muna’s door
The time was exactly 9’o clock
The weather seemed to have gotten cooler
Rand high school was empty except for nightguards roaming inside and outside the school
But as at now,,,not only nightguards were around,,,some other unwanted guests were in the school premises
Cleansweep had sneaked into the school
By scaling the fence of the backyard
They were moving as quietly as professional theifs would
Dressed in all black and gloves,,,
With well fitted face masks
Dre led in front followed by Muna and the rest of the guyz.Mike was at rear
They approached the assembly hall and Dre signaled them to stop
By raising one hand up
He slowly peeked into the hall to see if the coast was clear,,,there was nothing there he could see
But to make sure he motioned for Muna to come forward to take a look
Munas eagle sharp eye can spot a needle in the dark( trust me I’m not exageratting,,,the guy is a freak)
Muna scanned the entire area then spotted something in the far corner
He tturned and faced the guyz
Whispering he told them
“There is a nightguard on a chair there,,,I think he is sleepin”
Dre seemed refocused
“,ok but just to be sure ” he told them
He bent and picked up a sma stone,,he threw it into the hall through the window
They heard grunting noises as the guard adjusted on the chair then settled
His soft snoring was a sighn that he was deep in sleep
Then Dre slowly pushed the window wide enough for him to pass through
He entered it and the guys followed him
They tiptoed silently
They had to get to the hallway through this assembly hall
As they reached the door that led to the staff biulding
Mike stepped forward to work his magic cause it’ll probably be locked
The look on his face changed
“What’s wrong,,,can’t you open it” Dre quizzed him
He looked at them and said
“Its ,,its not locked”
Muna revved up
“That’s not possible,,,the staff block is always locked”he said
“Yeah that’s true they can leave anywhere else unsecured,,,but not here” john added
Dre thought for a while
Tobi retorted”should we just go in and check”
Then Dre finally spoke
“No,,no we can’t,,,we need to get in usin another way,,,this seems suspicious for my liking”
Muna looked at Dre and understood what he meant
He motioned to the guys to follow him
And they followed Muna
They stepped outside and Muna looked up
The staff block was a three storey biuldin and the teachers office was the last one
So in other words they had to climb up
“What!,,up there,,,are you kidding me” Tobi asked disbelievinly
John and Mike exchanged looks
Muna hissed
“Unless you prefer to get caught in a possible trap back there,,,come over let me boost you up ”
Muna placed his two hands forward for them to step on,,,and one by one he pushed them up to the second storey and they continued onwards till the top
Dre soon came out
His countenance seemed strange
“Something doesn’t feel right Muna” he told him
“We won’t find out until we get up there”
he did the same for Dre and helped him up like the others
Since there was no one to boost him up
Muna took stepped back a little
Then he briefly ran towards the wall and with like three steps on the wall he launched himself up towards the second storey window and his fingers gripped it
He held tight
Dre looked back for a while and saw some flashlights headed their way
The gyards were probably coming to check this area
“Quick ,,,climb up ,, move it”
He hurried them up as they reached the teachers office ,,,,,
What next?


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