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Monday, 4 September 2017

Episode 8 | My Adaobi ( Short Story)

The story titled "Adaobi" is pure fiction written for your great pleasures
by our guest writer "Chipappii".
.No part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied
to other sites without the approval of the writer. For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.

Episode 8
It was all happening again..
I came outside the house and it was raining, through the mist i could see Ada, she stood far away in a white gown and looked exceptionally splendid, i went into the rain and walked slowly towards her, i heard the sound of someone sobbing, i looked around and i saw no one, i listened again and this time it came from Ada’s direction, i wiped the rain from my face and looked at her once more, i saw the tears in her eyes, the atmosphere became clearer and i could see blood dripping from her hands and a little smear of it on her chest. Confused, i advanced towards her but the closer I got, the farther she was. I increased my pace but she only moved farther until the mist covered her up again and she disappeared. I fell on my knees, closed my eyes and cried, my heart ached so much i felt it would bust. Then i felt someone touch me, i opened my eyes and my mother was massaging my head. I was having that dream all over again. Finding my mother by my side was a surprise to me. I tried to get up buy felt a sharp pain on my left left leg, all my body hurt and my head pounded.
“Easy, keep your head down” my mom said as i lay back and closed my eyes. I opened them again and i saw my leg suspended in the air in bandages. I took a look around and for the first time, i saw that every member of my family was in the room, my father inclusive. Then i remembered the accident. Remembered Ada and the house.
“Where am i?” I asked as i looked from one person to the other
“You are in a hospital, just rest” my mom said and i looked at her, her eyes were red and i could tell she’s been crying, my sisters too. My father carried Princess in his arms.
I had been unconscious for 2 days, i was told. The car i had collided with was my fathers. He was on his way back for his vacation when i ran into him. He had escaped with a few scratches and had immediately rushed me to the nearest hospital which was the same hospital Ada’s Aunt worked in.
“Where is Ada” i asked after i had been told everything
“Who is Ada? ” my mom asked.
” She was the one i was going to see when i had that accident, where is she and where is my phone?” i asked, i was becoming restless, i was afraid and worried about her more than i was for myself. My mom calmed me down and had my phone brought to me. I had over 40 missed calls from Ada and some other number. I tried calling her back but her number was off. I didn’t know what to do, i cried silently as my whole family watched me in silent expecting some sort of explanation. Then it occurred to me to ask for Ada’s aunt. She came in looking all worked up.
She had been checking on me since i was brought in and when they told her i had woken up, she ran to my ward.
Her husband had been rushed to the hospital by a keke driver who saw him as he crawled out of the house clutching his belly where Ada stabbed him. He had lost a lot of blood and was taken into surgery immediately and moments after, my father had rushed in with me. Her husband had woken up hours later, he told her that Ada stabbed him for reasons he didn’t know. Nobody have seen or heard from her for the past 2 days and she was getting worried. She lamented about knowing Ada as a good girl and couldn’t associate her with wanting to kill her husband. My whole family watched in silence and Amazement as the whole story sounded Greek to them. I wasn’t in the mood to explain anything to them, at least not yet and it seemed like they understood and didn’t press me for details. I cried as i kept calling Ada’s number and it was always switched off each time. Ada’s aunt left after sometime as my family surrounded my bed. I looked at my father, he wasn’t angry, he was worried, i was his only son and nothing else mattered but my wellbeing.
I remembered there were missed calls from other numbers asides Ada’s own. I called the first one on the list, it rang and no one picked. I called the second time and then someone picked.
“Quincy! ” Ada shouted and my face lit…
[]”What happened, where have you been?” she asked in an excited voice
“Ada i had an accident, I’m in your aunt’s hospital, please come there”
“No, i can’t come there, i killed her husband, i can’t come, i will be arrested ” she said
” please where are you ” i asked her
” I’m in a friends house, Quincy i want to see you ”
After much cajoling, she agreed to come. As a measure of reassurance, my father had agreed to pick her up, she came in and ran straight to my bed and hugged me, as we held each other, the pain seemed to vanish from my body, all that existed was the desire to be with her forever. Her aunt was called in, she looked more happier on seeing her than she was angry. She hugged her and they both cried.
Then she told her story..
The knife had always been in her room since the last time her uncle attacked her, she knew he was going to come again and had prepared for it. On that fateful day, her aunt had left for the hospital and she was alone in the house. Her uncle came back some moments after her her aunt was gone and straight for her, everything happened so fast, she left the knife in his stomach and ran out of the house.
Her aunt believed her, she knew Ada wasn’t bad and also knew whom her husband was, they had lived together for years and she knew what he was capable of. The real untold story of his head injury also surfaced, Ada left my role out of it, she covered up for me and had said she pushed him down which resulted in the injury.
My left leg was fractured, a minor one but i wasn’t going to make use of it for some time. Naza didn’t return again after the first day at the hospital and i was worried. Her number was switched off throughout and i couldn’t check up on her due to my confinement in the hospital. I called her number on the third day and it went through. I waited anxiously for her to pick and she picked.
“Ada, where have you been” I asked her
“You didn’t come to see me again, why? ”
” nothing ”
She sounded cold and i didn’t like it.
” why are u sounding like this, are you ok? ”
” I’m fine” she said and sniffed, i noticed she started to sound like she was crying
“Ada, what is wrong? Please come to the hospital, i want to see you”
“I can’t come ” she said
” Why? ”
” I have gone back to the village, i couldn’t stay there again, i had to leave and what you did with Janet Quincy, it’s tearing me apart” she cried and everywhere stood still, i was dumbstruck and my heart banged.
“You didn’t tell me you were going, you didn’t even give me a chance to explain, i was sorry Ada, couldn’t you have told me?” i said as my eyes soaked.
“I didn’t want to see you again, i will hold you and never let you go if i did, i love you Quincy but i need to be away from you, i need to be alone for now, remember that i love you and will never forget you” she said and cut the phone. I tried calling back but her number was off already.
I laid my pounding head down, closed my eyes as hot tears escaped from the shut lids..
What next?


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