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Monday, 4 September 2017

Episode 9 | My Adaobi ( Short Story)


The story titled "Adaobi" is pure fiction written for your great pleasures by
our guest writer "Chipappii".
.No part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied
to other sites without the approval of the writer. For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.

Episode 9
[]Moving on was hard, i couldn’t imagine it but i had to and i wasn’t easy. For days on, i kept calling her number which was always off. The days that followed were the saddest in my life, nothing interests me anymore, my siblings would come to the hospital everyday they were free, they would fuss all over me and that lit me up each time. Little princess was my most priced asset at that point in time, the innocence in her face, her eyes and the funny way she asked her questions kept me cheered up.
Janet had snuggled herself back into my life, i was too sad to notice. She was sweet throughout the period i was bedridden. She had been sorry for what she did and had asked me to put myself in her shoes, what would i have done to get Ada back, i would have swam a thousand oceans, walked a million miles and climbed a hundred mountains for her but apparently, i couldn’t even go to my village to see her because one of my legs was useless for the time being. However, i did see things from her own point of view, when you love someone, you just love them and no matter what, you would always want to be with them. I needed company and Janet provided it. We got back to studying together, she kept me busy but Ada was always on my mind and i became moody each time the thought of her crossed my mind.
I soon became able to make use of my legs again which was a big relief. The long stay indoors had added some fats on me, even though i looked cute, i needed to burn it. Janet would take me out for walks in the evening, we would walk hand in hand around our streets, Janet loved me and i needed nobody to tell me.
Everyone had his responsibility in taking care of me, my mother’s was making sure i took my drugs regularly which was a bit of a job cause i hated drugs, who doesn’t?. My father took it upon himself to rid me off the fears i had developed with driving after that accident, i think he too needed to be rid off it himself and so he just used me as an excuse. My sisters didn’t enjoy their own job much but they had no choice, they cleaned my room and did my laundry. Princess, my little princess, there was never a moment of rest with her, disturbing me was her Responsibility and she was never found wanting.
Coming back to school helped bring me back to my former self though not fully. A big part of me was still missing and that was Ada.
Janet had improved, she wasn’t the cocky Janet everyone once knew. The new her looked more attractive. I decided to just stick around with her, she had tried her best and i thought she had earned me. Life had moved on as it used to be before the emergence of Ada into my life.
We traveled to the village once in a year and that was the Christmas period, that was the only chance we get to meet our relatives and know people we were supposed to know. But this year was going to be different. My father was required to come home for the visit of our state Governor to our village. He was the the Junior brother to our King so i wouldn’t call it a visit. He was also coming to perform some marriage rites with a girl of the village and my father had to be there as an important personality. My father had decided to allow me go with him as his first son, he said i needed to know more of my distant relatives. That was cool but it was also none of my business, i was only going there in quest for my long lost love.
My father was a big man and like all big men, he never missed out on any opportunity to show that he was a big man. He was tall and handsome and looked classy.
So it was just the two of us going to the village for the occasion, my mom had this fear about the village filled with people of ill intentions. So she did her best to always keep us far away from the village, she had only agreed to my father going because of the need for him to be there.
As we drove to our destination, the constant thought on my mind was Ada, what she would look like, how she would feel on seeing me and what her reaction would be.
After several hours on the road, we hit our house in the village around 6pm. My father didn’t want much people knowing he was around, i loved the decision, it also saved me the work of bringing kola and others for visitors. We unpacked and soon i was out in the neighborhood, strolling around in hope of seeing Ada. Every footstep, every shuffling of leaves, every breath i tooth and every scent i inhaled seemed like it was hers. I was tempted to go and look for her in her house but i wasn’t ready to face her parents.
The night passed without any sight of her. I only hoped she was in the village.
The next morning was the D-day. The day for the occasion that had brought us home, brought my father home actually, Ada brought me home. I was still asleep when my father left the house, he passed all messages he had for me while i was on the bed. I drowsily repeated “yes sir” to each one. He left some money on the bed for my breakfast.
“Make sure you eat and come over there for your lunch in the afternoon”
“Yes sir”
“And don’t walk all the way to the palace, take the small car, you are a big boy and shouldn’t be seen patrolling the village ”
” Yes sir”
“Yes sir”
“And don’t knock people down”
“Yes sir”
He left and i continued my sleep.
I woke up around nine and cleaned myself up. I took a walk around the house before going back in to change from my pajamas.
Through the back gate, i went out again, i was headed for Ada’s house, i was determined to see her, come what may. I went in through the gate made of rusting aluminum roofing sheets, the fence was thatched.
I walked silently to the front of the building, the door was open and revealed a dark room, i clapped my hands together and called Ada, no one answered. I turned my back to look around the house.
“Quincy, Quincy! ”
I heard my name and turned to see who was calling me, from the direction of the open door, Ada ran like she was mad, her hands flung wide in the air and coming for me.
What next?


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