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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Forget about Peter and Ride on: Paul Okoye Fans Comes For Him Over His New Post (Screenshots)

Following the clashes between the two brothers popularly known as P'square after Peter Okoye finally
unveiled that his  immediate family "comes first".
Paul Okoye dropped this post and his followers are seriously criticizing on it.
He wrote:
 eSame voice ..... same music....and still working #music .... been doing this over 18yrs+ 😎 can't stop now
Forget about Peter and Ride on:  Paul Okoye Fans Comes For Him Over His New Post Screenshots
See followers reactions beneath:
mentryr0If una settle settle o..una go court o una go sabi na una money'person no ft tell person on how em go chop em una music b baba @rudeboypsquare @peterpsquare
xyx_mane@latifachuks Hey, stop! From your comments so far, you've chosen sides & clearly favor Peter. You are a young girl & probably don't know how Psquare started. FYI Paul's voice, song writing skills got them this far. Paul was the singer, peter the dancer. Why didn't peter go solo back then? He waited till he got fame, rich of Paul's talent to begin flex? He met his wife, Lola as P Square & not as Peter Okoye. He likes to say he wasn't rich when he met his wife but he was already popular! He wasn't a struggling musician when he met Lola! Wasn't it peter who granted an interview last year calling Paul a weak man & a drunk? Did Paul grant any interview? Did he diss peter back? He exploded recently maybe becos he has been pushed over the edge. Peter and his wife could not post Paul's twins on their IG page. Your own twin brother?! You are either uninformed or a peter-psquare groupie
mhiz_ohge@adanna_oz you better listen to @latifachuks coz I don't know how you will feel if what you are saying is done to you by your husband
mhiz_ohge@adanna_oz don't encourage evil
ekwuchijekwu@xyx_mane both of them are singers, in your effort to sound enlightened you are sounding stupid. Paul sings more, Peter dances more but both can do both. P squares are legends in the game, at a point every group has to break up, wish them luck and stop creating division with your irky analysis
princess_ti4life@flawless_swit Am telling you and people are already taking sides without even confirming whether there is a fight. I tire
xyx_mane@latifachuks How would you feel if your own brother refuses to you post your twins on IG when you do same for him or congratulate you publicly? Peter granted an interview & said Paul was weak & was a drunk. You guys are just enamored by peter's braggadocios, ostentatious lifestyle that you have refused to see the big pic.
latifachuks@xyx_mane y will he accuse his brother's wife of using juju? Why will he bring family issue to public? N wat makes u think Peter is talentless?
latifachuks@xyx_mane from ur information ,I'm in my mid twenties n married too. I know how it feel when my husband don't support me at times.... The wife comes first in a man's life. Read ur bible
pretty_jessy00Jesus U followed back. I'm over star struck right now. I'm Ur die hard fan. This has made my year. LordπŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š
julietnewton33U can never b 100% complete without ur brother go make up with him n behave man a real senior an elder bro to him thanks
mhiz_ohge@valebridgeltd and who told you Paul sang most of the songs. Stop saying things based on " I hear say". Anyways we just have to deal with the change
latifachuks@xyx_mane u av already taken paul sides. Don't I av a choice too?
xyx_mane@adanna_oz My dear, free those groupies. They are clearly smitten by lola's beauty and as such she or peter can never be at fault! It must be Paul lol! Peter & Lola that refused to congratulate paul on his twins birth publicly. Same peter that did an interview calling his paul a drunk and weak man last year. We don't know the real story but paul's voice, song writing talent is majorly the reason Psquare got this far & probably why peter got Lola. Today, he wants to form superstar. Peter is clearly not a nice guy, he's evidently arrogant, ostentatious & has complex issues. The guy's fake! You dey form ajebutter you no be instead of being yourself πŸ˜†
mhiz_ohge@chimajennny don't talk shit about peter's wife cos u won't want your husband doing the same thing to you
micheal_smrtDid 3 of you want buhria to invite you for dialogue but economy is very bad now encased
xyx_mane@latifachuks My dear the juju accusations was this month! We are taking about peter that granted an interview calling Paul a weak man and a drunk! What about Paul's wife, Anita seeing peter disparage her husband like that? If you love peter & lola, it's okay, it's your prerogative but at least be objective & fair in judgement
mhiz_ohge@puritymom you should say that to Paul " the grow up speech" coz he started this
mhiz_ohge@chimajennny stop saying things you don't know for a fact coz if you did, you would know that Paul started this whole drama. Please enough of all this talks
ugocharles50Move on bro God is ur strength no time.
livingstone_ozuehBaba follow home boys nw... Na only girls u just dey follow... Lol. Wish u all the best bro. πŸ’ͺ πŸ’ͺ πŸ’ͺ
xyx_mane@latifachuks I'm married too and as much as i love my wife and kids, I won't jettison my siblings, mom over my wife. That's commonsense & neither will i do choose them over my wife. There should be a balance becos marriage isn't just about your immediate family. We are africans, we aren't westerners who have no culture. The day i start having issues with my wife & her people, who will come to my defense? This is not about yoruba or igbo, it's about peter not being reasonable & ungrateful. Peter is evidently not a nice guy, anybody who isn't attracted to his IG efizi can see that.
mhiz_ohge@mummyking2 Peter didn't get his fans coz of Paul. You want Peter to abandon his wife and kids for Paul's sake abi? How would you feel if your husband does that to you?
mhiz_ohge@mummyking2 He is married and his wife and kids comes first. Paul should learn to deal with that
ella_leon08067142973DM on daily fixed games available
xyx_mane@latifachuks Madam, stop taking this stuff personal. Peter insulted Paul last year in an interview. The sky didn't fall. Paul is married to Anita & she TOOK IT. LOLA ia not a goddess. Stop worshipping ppl. You don't know her or what made Paul say that. One thing's apparent, peter is a showman, he's dating someone who's not in his league & as such he will be dancing to her tune. I don't believe in juju
xyx_mane@latifachuks Anita, her son Andre, also watched peter insult Paul publicly. Are you a friend, relative of of Lola? Or is it just a case of light skinned girl supporting another? Or have you being accused of using juju before? Your in-laws don't like you? Why are you crying more than the bereaved? You wan take another person matter for ya head? Abeg madam yellow, take am easy. You are very biased & thank God u no be judge/magistrate πŸ˜ƒ
queenosexy_Oh yeah
cuteberry29Hmm...Naija panel of judges at work,...iwe nwanne adia'elu na okpukpu...allow them to quarrel and heal, there's no news here....siblings disagree occasionally to make up...Stop tagging , dissecting and analyzing things you know little or nothing about...
telescomarineAttention!!! We psquare fans, we done decide not to attend any fucking solo show Mr P or Rudeboy. We go only buy ticket for Psquare. Make una remember say River wey no know him source go surely dry one day @peterpsquare @rudeboypsquare
mrs_bridget_baker@rudeboypsquare God dey. Coolest
mhiz_ohge@byk_ducci there's nothing I won't hear o..... Lola is manipulating Peter, Lola has scattered the house, Lola this and Lola that... That woman has suffered, may God continue to give her the grace to carry this burden. Nigga stop saying rubbish about people's family ..... You don't expect Peter to abandon his wife and kids for Paul's sake. Peter is married and his wife and kids should come first, so let Paul deal with it. Since day one, you guys have always said that she is the problem. Is Paul and Jude's wives perfect. You guys are just being tribalist.. Just because she's a Yoruba woman. Nigga deal with it o.. You didn't expect Peter to some igbo girl after being with Lola for more 7years.
emekahenry705No woman no cry. Fear them!!!!
byk_ducci@latifachuks cos she hasn't done anything wrong, the same thing with Jude's wife. But Lola is the one that brought the division. A Yoruba woman married to an Igbo man, instead she still refer to herself as PROUDLY YORUBA distancing herself from Igbos. Check her page. She is manipulating Peter spiritually, believe in Juju or not
princessspizy@cuteberry29 God bless you for this comment. Quarelling among or between siblings isn't strange. As human beings it is only natural even among family members but because they are public figures, all the self acclaimed Judges and Judginas are opening and closing them up. Whatever makes them happy is what they will choose and unfortunately the public has no say in it. As for me I will keep enjoying their music.
cece.milaGod blessingsπŸ™
officialobadon@rudeboypsquare bros I hail o.pls you guys should just settle this biko πŸ™πŸΌ.i just notice that your Broda @peterpsquare is no longer following you on IG,but u are still following him.pls end this and come back together as the greatest twins ever.###thelegendtwinsiknow###
naomgygreatYou are not alone
mikiebro@rudeboypsquare being rude is a way of life many people don't understand yet. I feel u bro ride on
I pray they can settle this earlier?


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