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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

If you want a renewal and revival.. it's based on how you treat the afflicted, the oppressed and the poor - Actor Cum Pastor Majid Michel

Actor Majid Michel posed with the poor
The Ghanaian Actor cum Pastor who recently gives his life to " CHRIST" has make it up to the
afflicted and poor  in a community.
He wrote;We hear people talk about Renewal and Revival. if you want a Renewal and a Revival, it's based on how you treat the afflicted, the oppressed and the poor. revival is not going to come because you Holla Jesus is Lord BUT because you practice it. In Isaiah 58, we see Gods commitment to the poor. God instructs us to do certain things in this chapter and what God is saying is, if you do these things, then you will call upon ME and I will answer. "If you pull yourself out to the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted then i will answer you when you call ME". GOD says that's worship if you really want to worship HiM. And that the true worship is how you wait on those who don't have. The real issue is that we are contaminated today by a theology called "The Religion of Prosperity". The one that says i used to run around in a 1964 VW beetle and God showed me that I'm a Kings kid and now i have a Mercedes Benz. And this Kings kid philosophy says that if you are really spiritual, God ought to be dumping a lot of good stuff on you, and that if you are really spiritual, God ought to be giving you promotions and a better job and a better income and good grades and great recognition and so the prosperity Gospel says that God owes me something and therefore i will be prosperous if i'm spiritual. Like we hear America is what she is today because she's a God fearing Nation. Nonsense! Absolute Nonsense!, because the other side of that logic says that if people are poor, it's because they are not God fearing and if people are poor it's because they don't fear the lord and if people are poor it's because they are wicked and sinful and if they just get right with God then they will get food. And if that's the truth then i don't have to feed them and i don't have to clothe them and i don't have to bring them to my home because all they have to do is repent and get right with God and therefore i have no responsibility and therefore i can keep piling stuff on myself and try to justify my own prosperity by saying that it's because I'm spiritual. GOD SAYS NO! "WHOEVER WiLL CLOSE THEiR EAR TO THE CRY OF THE POOR, SHALL ONEDAY THEMSELVES CRY OUT AND NOT BE HEARD". 


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