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Monday, 4 September 2017

Nigeria police are not transparent, I will NOT tolerate police misconduct when I become Oyo State Governor- Kemi Olunloyo

   Nigeria police are not transparent, I will NOT tolerate police misconduct when I become Oyo State Governor- Kemi Olunloyo
Former Governor Olunloyo's daugher, prominently known as Kemi
Olunloyo has expressed her intentions ahead of her 2019 Governorship election to never tolerate nonsense from Nigeria police.
She wrote; One thing in #Oyo state when you vote for me is that I will NOT tolerate police misconduct on the job.
On Sunday 12th March 2017 at 9am, a police constable showed up at the gate of my residencein #Agodi #Ibadan asking for me that the DPO wanted to see me. My driver told him I was on my way to church and to leave a number. Being that I'm a community leader and the one that organizes patrols after the daytime shootings in 2013, it was not unusual. On Tuesday 14th of March 2017 two days later, 14 police officers of the #Abuja task force stormed my mother's house where I live caring for her and surrounding my house with automatic rifles. Their IPO said someone complained about something I wrote about them and it was a non criminal matter plus I was just being invited for questioning. I was WHISKED, KIDNAPPED AND ABDUCTED to #PortHarcourt another jurisdiction. The police lied and in fact set me up for that arrest since that Sunday. After plugging the number, what came out was the photo of the Ibrahim guy aka our new DPO. Fine...but why did Police commissioner Abiodun Odude say he had no idea that Abuja task force entered Ibadan?? #NEXTPOST They came to arrest Evans, an EFCC fraudster, drug kingpin, murderer ? No...a journalist in a former governor's residence too. I am not talking with Odude till he admits the truth.
Our police is not transparent. Police departments cannot be praised the same. Lagos is developed, Oyo is not honest and arrest innocent people and take bribes. Honesty must come from the top. When I win, I will revamp Oyo police. All DPO's will be FIRED, new ones sent to @torontopolice for training. I was a TPS #Toronto police service volunteer and witnessed #Dutch police come for training including #socialmedia law enforcement. I am telling you my mandate now. There will be no surprises. Don't vote for me, I don't need it. APC and PDP are waiting to further ruin your lives. The NPF in Oyo state will be cleansed clean of lies/fraud/corruption! Constable Sarah of the TPS fell asleep on the job too but look, she's at least WORKING. She has her cruiser computer there and the others not working. Sleeping during voting and at a buka?


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