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Saturday, 9 September 2017

S*x is just an exercise to me cus i engaged in different styles to please my husband- Actress Mosunmola Adeleye

Nollywood actress and producer, Mosunmola Adeleye, dropped her government job as a civil
servant to pursue her career and had no regrets after doing that. Between 2006 and now she has produced more than six films of her own, married a man she dated for more than twelve years, though he lives in the US and only visits 3 weeks in a year, Mosunmola is happy and she is concentrating on her career. In an interview with Vanguard, she speaks about what se*x means to her, how se*x isn't food and the best time she enjoys se*x.

What is sex to you? 

Se*x is not food to me, but I can say it’s an exercise because in the process you’ll need to do some styles and exercise so as to satisfy your man to the fullest, to prevent him from looking elsewhere for such satisfaction. Continue....

Why do you think people shy away from talking about sex? 

Since we are all matured I don’t see any reason we should shy away from the topic. We can even educate each other and extend it to the teenagers, so that they’ll have the right notion about se*x. Take for instance, my soon to be released film is going to educate people on healthy se*x in marriage and child spacing.

What is your own definition of sexual satisfaction? 

Well, I’m satisfied when I ‘come’, anything after that is just a waste of energy. This is because the tension with which you started with will drop the moment the man or woman ‘comes’.

What part of the house do you enjoy s*ex the most? 

(Laughs) Anywhere will do for me, as long as we are alone and there will be no distraction. Our honeymoon was fun, we did a lot of crazy things together and we really enjoyed it.

What time of the day do you prefer having s*ex? 

(Smiles) I prefer very early in the morning; between midnight and daybreak, so that I can relax afterward, shower when I wake up and then start another one.


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