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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

THE BRIDE or GROOM I NEVER HAD- Actor Yomi Fabiyi Feeling Lonely

   Yomi Fabiyi lonely picture
   Yomi Fabiyi is a versatile award-winning actor in the Nollywood movies industry. According
to Aynaijablog Playback  online interview by NEWTON-RAY UKWUOMA. The popular Actor recently divorced his British wife and I think he's presently feeling lonely .
He wrote!
Often times they say, BEST FRIENDS make good marriage. I have never seen any truer words but it can easily be misconstrued if the necessary are not well evaluated. In my philosophy, the deepest cult is FRIENDSHIP and you need a friend in a spouse, lover and even a friend, that is sacred.

However, the above premise can easily work if from friendship there is a clear cut possibilities for marriage. I have researched carefully to draw conclusion that "what you can tolerate or overlook in friendship is different to what u can tolerate in marriage". A friend is a lover u don't necessarily get married to.

Friendship that turns marriage are apparently because both individual's ticked each others vital boxes and there are attributes to prove both parties can co-habitat peacefully. A friend will not skip you for another person (max twice) from the inception of your true friendship before discovering the soulmate is actually you, truth be told.

Do not marry a friend you know want exactly your opposite qualities(keep yourself for those who hold your traits in high esteem). If you are not selfish and careless, you are the first to know what your friend's spec are and if you do not fit in, don't force it. Trust me, If you sleep beside each other, the mind and soul will be elsewhere. Someone can choose two folks from same sex, one for friendship and another for love. Do not severe your friendship with marriage proposals, let it flow naturally. And when a friend turns up as a support system, do not get it twisted as signs to conjugate. Candidly it takes some level of emotions to fulfil friendship obligation convincingly but it has limitations if you do not want to loose same as a friend and lover on the long run.
Friends that can turn couple are those who have been there through thick and thin. You even find them more when the ships are down. They respect each other and are deeply sorry for past mistakes and over-sights. No friend should use the other when emotionally vulnerable. It is the worst sin in friendship. Love your friend but be sure it is the right call before taking it to the next level, do not be carried away by external push


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