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Friday, 15 September 2017

The true confession is that I USED TO LOVE YOU - Actor Yomi Fabiyi Finally Open Up To Toyin Aimakhu

           Image of Toyin Abraham aimakhu and Yomi Fabiyi
He wrote; This cute babe here @toyin_abraham showed me on Tuesday. This is on
e friend dat will prefer to sleep on the couch for me to sleep on her bed on a visit except there is a spare room. She always love to take anything discomforting away from me. Testimonies boku oh.

The sad part is, people only see what I do for her more or my PDA. I see what most don't see and I am honoured Toyin. I must say this out except am ungrateful. Recently one rude, reckless but mischievious element(a pervert) tried to frame me up in what I know nothing about in an apparent attempt to hurt you or our friendship but your words/action that you trust me and know I can never do what she framed me into melts my heart. You are such a support system and friend. A friend that knows you make you. Your approach and composture that day shocked me(until that day, Toyin and I saw last in April or so). "Yomi ignore, aunty tell Yomi to ignore so it will not look like I don't trust him. Those were your words and I will not forget in a hurry". Dear Toyin, you are human, you are prone to mistakes or ugly decisions sometimes but I know how good you are if nobody try to distabilize you mentally and emotionally especially with betrayal. I know what loyalty means to folks like us. The true confession is that I USED TO LOVE YOU and over 9yrs ago after I asked you out and you reacted neutrally with humility, you didnt bruise my ego. I concluded perhaps it's not meant to lead beyond friendship. I maintained that till date.
Love conqueres all and you are always new to me. You have maybe 2% past I do not know of. If I am however unlucky again not to have you as my wife, you sure know I have treated our friendship with everything TRUE LOVE AND A SOULMATE REQUIRES. It means you are still that SPECIAL BEING TO ME and YOUR PAST ARE MY TISSUE PAPERS, I HAVE LONG REVIEWED AND DISPOSED THEM. Keep being good. You are one of my strongest cults. Tnx my ijogbon, my jollof, my friend. Find yourself a good husband or..... Ha Ha Ha. Did I just renewed my toast?


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