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Saturday, 2 September 2017

There is only one king in Ibadan and that is the Olubadan- Former Governor Rasheed Ladoja

        There is only one king in Ibadan and that is the Olubadan-  Former Governor Rasheed Ladoja
The Punch newspapers in a lengthy interview with Oyo state former Gov. Rasheed Ladoja on the Olubadan crisis. The former
governor spoke candidly that there is ONLY ONE KING and that is the Olubadan . Read full details beneath!

Are you not worried that among all the high chiefs, you are the only one that is opposing the review and have rejected being coronated as a king?

I am not worried at all. Some people have not been able to separate a personality from the office someone holds. Why do some people say that I am fighting Ajimobi over this matter? I tried to explain to them that today Ajimobi is the state governor. Tomorrow, someone else will be there. From John Rankling to Adebayo Alao-Akala and then Ajimobi, there were many people who had occupied that seat. He has only two terms and in less than 21 months, Oyo State will have another governor. Why should I be bothered? I have said it that politicians are funny people. You can misinterpret it to say that in the time of Alao-Akala, he wanted to crown six baales in the satellite towns of Ibadan.

But everybody in Ibadan protested against that. But now that a son of the soil has given out 21 crowns, is that why some elders are not talking again? I am not bothered that my colleagues in the council accepted it because I know – and the governor knows – that his action will be set aside (by the court). Why did he rush to distribute letters on Friday night and do the coronation on Sunday? There is something fishy about the haste. Is it the job of a governor to crown people? He is only meant to give instrument of office. The people crown their king, not the governor. An oba does not rule over the government but the people. What has been done is illegal and (it is) contempt of court. An advertisement was put in the newspaper for everybody to see – that is a notice to the world to show that the issue is in court.


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