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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Monkey Pox; You should tell the Government and army to know when to take a step- Seyi Law slams FG

Written by Seyi Law!
When do we ever address issues as we should in this country? It may be baseless that the military
are injecting People in the South East with the monkey pox, but how do you blame Parents who asked their children to refuse their free medical service.
We must learn to prioritise our duties in this country. The military were sent to the South East for Operation Python Dance and people witnessed young menbeen tortured by them and few days later, you offered the same people free medical service. It is plain stupidity and misplaced priority.
Somebody please tell this government to explain to us why an Aso Rock Hospital with a budget of over N2 billion has no syringe according to Mrs. Aisha Buhari or better still tell them the comic relief with Ibe Kachikwu on the $26billion contracts or loans wasn't funny to us.

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