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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

UPDATES! MONKEY POX; Nigeria Soidiers are conducting free medical exercise in Ozubulu, Ekwusigo LG of Anambra state

Python dance
Details Received From Ugorji Justy Citizen 
He Wrote; 
"I decided to enquire further on the medical exercise of
the army that led to apprehension.
The truth now is that the army is conducting a free medical exercise in Anambra state as a part of it social services.
The exercise is at Ozubulu, Ekwusigo Local govt.
Due to the mutual suspicion existing between the Igbos and the army, especially during to the Python Dance, and the rumour that it was the Nigerian govt that infected the citizens with monkey pox ( an allegation which the federal government has strongly denied), several parents started rushing to the schools in Anambra state and has been withdrawing their children from school.
They didn't want the army to touch their children.
So few hours ago, the Anambra state govt released a statement explaining the situation and saying that it has directed the army to stop the free medical exercise until the people have been fully briefed of the matter and the consent of the stakeholders obtained.
Right now, the exercise has stopped.
But what is wrong with the Nigerian army?

Is vaccination and medical treatment part of the duty of the military?
Why would the military go to Ozubulu after the bloodbath there to vaccinate or do any medical exercise without the knowledge of the state government and without the consent of the elders and Igwe of Ozubulu?
Who even advised the exercise?
And Ozubulu is the 'wrongest' (if there is any word like that) place to conduct such an exercise especially when some people believe that the Ozubulu massacre was done by herdsmen.
After what the military did in the south east few weeks ago over their Python Dance matter they have the effrontery to come to the South East again over what they termed a free medical treatment.
If the army have enough drugs to give out, let them go to the IDPs in Adamawa and Bornu State and share the drugs and injections to those displaced persons.
I don't think that the people of the south east need it.

Even if the army meant well, the exercise is ill-timed and the mi
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